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torsdag 17 maj 2012

V/A - Blacklisted-Todays real Oi! Movement (2012)

01. Bronco army - Never gonna die (Brazil)
02. Section Saint-Laurent - Fiers Et Vaillants (Canada)
03. Spirit of the patriot - Punks Not Red (Greece)
04. Youngblood - Tattoos and Stories (USA)
05. Ressiduo - Chicos Cervezeros (Colombia)
06. Evil inside - Get Outta My Way (USA)
07. The Fighting 405 - Middle Class (USA)
08. Major disappointment - Dive Bar (USA)
09. Armada Oi! - No conforme (Peru)
10. First Strike - Hipster Skin (USA)
11. 99 Bottles - 99 bottles (USA)
12. Venganza Tatuada - Street Soldier (USA)
13. Zuta Minuta - Vikni glasno Oi! (Serbia)-
14. Combate 49 - Street Violence (USA)

A free online comp released by Brandon from Fighting 84. Thanks to Brandon and all the bands for appearing and giving us free songs.

First thing of i noticed some of the songs where in M4a-files instead of MP3 but this shouldnt pose a problem if you know your way around a computer. Either download the free VLC Media Player or use a converterprogram (tons of them out there).

As much as i loved last years free comp This is our culture this one is a huge step up. Not only are the bands and the songs performed by them better but there are more of them to. This record is a RAC/Oi! compilation and packs all the drama that one would think comes with that. First response i saw on another site was someone shouting about 99 bottles not being racist..... they are not and i dont see why they should be because they perform on a scenecomp with a band that might be (or not). I could have understood the complaints if the record costed money and the money went to funding the rise of the third reich but this is not the situation here. The scene is diverse and so should a comp be so thanks again Brandon.

Since all bands appear free of charge i wont complain but simply highlight the better sides of the album and i guess i'll start with the new band (atleast to me) Bronco army from Brazil. I first heard them on the 3-way split they did with Pridefull & Shaven heads called For the love of rock n oi earlier this year, the vocals and their delivery where simple and genious on the split and the same goes for their skinpride anthem Never gonna die. Top fucking song to open the album with.

Biggest surprise on the comp where Youngblood. Their Final war album from 1989 might be far from "politically ok" but it sure as counts as a US classic if you ask me. Their later albums has all been dipped in some sort of "racial lucky-13" pot and i simply cant stand them any more. This new version of an old Barrom heroes song makes me interested again. The singer seems to be on point again and i am loving the ballad feeling, way better than the aucostic version they had before.

Second us RAC band on on the comp is the singer from Final war's new project Evil inside. Even if you ignore Final war's politics they have always been a mediocre band but one thing they have had going for them is their singer. This new (sounds less political to me atleast) band sounds great and makes me want to hear more.

Fighting 405 might sound like a UK band but are actually from America. I had completly missed this band and noticed they even released a CD back in 2009. Ordered it and will review it in the future. Top song, top band.

First strike, Venganza tatuada and Combate 49 represent the eastcoast and deliver superb brickwall Oi!.

Great fucking comp and way better than most records you would have to pay actual money for. Only problem i can find with it is the lack of Fighting 84 on the playlist and Major disappointments choice of song (the only crappy song from their latest EP)

10 kommentarer:

  1. I like the cover, a very old photo used for a record called "Todays real Oi! Movement", oh the irony...

    1. Yeah, but if you took a picture of those guys now, they'd be fat and old.

  2. "First response i saw on another site was someone shouting about 99 bottles not being racist..... they are not and i dont see why they should be because they perform on a scenecomp with a band that might be (or not)."

    Don't you see? They're a nazi band now because shocking new evidence has emerged from reliable sources that they now have strong, hitherto-hidden links with far-right political movements.

    (translation - I read on a blog that one of their mp3s can be found in a directory with some other mp3s by guys that I or the wider internet says are nazis, or just plain have beef with)

    You know how this shit works...

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


    1. Some guy in Chicago even called me a nazi just because i didnt like a singer in a band (who happened to be jewish).

      Fingerpointing has no boundaries and i cant see how the tables never are turned. You wouldnt hear the scene shouting Condemned 84 are commies because they appeared on a conp with Angelic upstarts (if it would ever happen). Always seems one side of the political scale is more of a crybabie than the other

    2. You know a quick look on discogs tells me that they have.




      There are probably more too, as that site only has on it what people add to it.

      I think that as long as you have at least one track separating the bands, the nazism or communism doesn't spread and infect. Or it takes a lot longer.

  3. My name isn't Jason!


    1. Fuck, fuck, im sorry Brandon. Dont know where my head was. I should know that by now. If it's any kind of patch on the bruise you should know that i even called my girl the wrong name just weeks before our 7 year aneversary.

  4. I thought I was more important! But its ok dude, my ego will carry on, Haha thanks bernando

  5. Evil Inside is not a RAC band. Just punk rock.