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fredag 28 december 2012

2012 a year in review.

¤Best American release of 2012
Yellow stitches - Good times, violent crimes CD
Since i also dubbed them the best new band in 2010 some people might think i have fallen in love with the boys. Well i guess i have, in a manly and heterosexual way that is. Their latest album is nothing but fantastic and in no way a title i give them because the competition was weak (like last year).
We've gotten tons of great releases ranging from the true comeback of Broken Heroes to the superb compilation albums by bands such as Noi!se and 45 adapters. Out of the rumble this album stand supreme so wear this title with honor and pride Yellow Stitches.

¤Best international release of 2012
Bakers dozen - Nightmares in red, white and ablue CD
Still as pissed of as ever. Never back down is the best British Oi!-anthem i have heard since Condemned 84's Gang warfare and that says a whole lot.

¤Worst release of 2012
Klaxon - 100 Celle City Rockers LP
Seems some bands grow up and lose all connection to reality. How could you go from such a great punkact to this jungledrum salsa bullshit? Who still listens to this joke of a band?

¤Most disappointing album of 2012
Evil conduct - Working class anthems CD
As much as i love their old albums it just feels as if ive heard it all before. Might be time for them to evolve the sound because the last year it sounds as tired as the singer looks.

¤Best old album release that i somehow missed until 2012
Ol'cunts - Rock'N'Roll Bastards LP (2007)
Holy fucks and all allowed this album fucking rocks. As if the original '77 Skrewdriver bought a piano and moved to France. No sane person should go through their life without hearing this band.
And therefor i have uploaded it over at Fuck Yeah!!!

¤Best new act(s) of 2012.
In 2011 we meet a surprisingly dry kindergarten of Oi! with oldtimers returning to the scene but 2012 is the complete opposite. Seems  new bands are croppin up all over the states from way down to the cold north. Best acts in my oppinon are the two "wolfbands" from NY The wolverines and Lonewolf NYC. Hope to see a proper release from both bands in 2013.

¤Top 3 US happenings in 2012 (scenerelated)
(1) Wade Page who played in RAC bands Definite Hate and End Apathy went on a complete rampage and started shooting holy men and police officers in a Sikh temple, later turning the gun on himself. Why Sikh, the most peacefull of all "non-western" cultures? Murderer and all atleast he did what he preached which brings us to...
(2) Harley Flanagan old frontman of Cro-Mags stabs old bandmember and bites another one in the groin after an incident at Webster Hall, NY. No matter what the rumours afterwards say and the fact that no one died i am basicly just happy that someone among all these toughguy HC-bands walks the walk instead of writing songs about it. Since when did HC start crying like a bitch after a little bit of knifestabbing, toughen up boys and stop posing for gangpictures.
(3) Blood for Blood's singer Erick "Buddha" Medina was kicked out of the band after being arrested for sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl. The allegations against him is rape of minor but he came out and defended himself by saying "i only kissed her". Either way you are lowlife scum and a predator cunt and need to be taken of the streets for the good of mankind.

¤This years positive trend
Bands and labels putting a digital online-code in their EP's and LP's. More of this.

¤This years negative trend
Bloggers and bands adding a paypal button on the blogg/twitter or inviting advertisements on their youtube channels or sites. Punk is in no way supposed to substitute a dayjob and the day it does it's a bloody disgrace. With all the shit going on in the world these folks are the last fuckers that need your money. Pay money to save the fucking wales, take a retard to Pizza Hut or hugg a tree but dont help some spoiled boy/girl with a computer pay their rent through punk. The only exception to this is if the artists in question give away their albums for free then a paypal transfer is nothing but courtesy if you enjoy their free stuff, but to top the money you give them by buying albums and going to their shows by simply paying for their existence...

¤This year’s addition to my shitlist:
Related to this years negative trend i add the band that makes songs against socialism but at the same time beggs their "fans" for money online so they can cash out their instruments from the pawndshop (spelling). Charity is charity no matter where it comes from and if the world truly follows "survival of the fittest" you guys would be the first to go.

lördag 22 december 2012

Season greetings..

Two videos in the spirit of christmas. Missile toads version of Dead Boys song Sonic Reducer and a brand new song from Toughskins that is available on the "Cashing in on Christmas Vol.4" from Black Hole Records.

Enjoy the weekend however you might spend it. Will be back before new year with the "2012 Year in review".

The missile toads - Santa's a boozer

Toughskins - It could be worse

fredag 21 december 2012

V/A - Cashing in on Christmas Vol.2 CD (2010)

01. The Sheckies - Holly Jolly Christmas
02. 45 adapters - This Xmas
03. CH3 - Blue Christmas
04. Revilers - Winterland
05. Dog company - Merry Christmas, Better New Year
06. Doomed to Obscurity - Yuletide Girl
07. Jukebox Zero - Christmas in the City
08. Hateful - Merry Christmas Everybody (UK)
09. Mean Streets - I Ruined Christmas
10. Fed Up! - The Christmas Song
11. The missile toads - Santa's a Boozer
12. Knocked out cold - Let It Snow
13. Antibodies - White Christmas
14. Nothing But Enemies SCFF - Foul Mouthed Elf
15. Violent society - Merry Christmas I Fucked Your Snowman
16. Pressure 28 - Santa, That's My Wife (UK)
17. Secret army - Fired in Christmas
18. Cunt sparrer - Oi! To the World

Released by Black Hole Records in 2010.

I got this little CD and a drink-coaster sent to me as a gift by Interpunk last year and as much as i hated the original comp that came out in 1998 i sort of (sort of) enjoyed this one. Since then a Volume 3 and 4 has been released once each year so as long as recordlabels keep sending me free shit i might just make this a tradition each year (cause god knows i wouldnt spend cash on these records).

With Christmas punksong covers comes a whole lot of humor that no sane person can enjoy in a sober state. As much as tracks like "Merry Christmas I Fucked Your Snowman" might discourage more mature and well educated persons like myself who isnt living in a trailer the record was suprisingly well balanced and actually has some decent songs on it.

All is not Oi! though and there are some bands that i have never heard about before that sadly enough dont perform well enough to sway me over to they camp. Only band that has been featured here before is 45 Adapters with a really good song in the style of other songs they do. Bands that will be featured in the future like Revilers and Fed Up! all deliver exclusive songs though some do it better than the other in this perticular comp.

Bands that might not be counted as Oi! such as Violent Society and Dog Company are bands that i often enjoy but this time around they do nothing but giving me a headache and i blame the theme of the songs for this.

Most enjoyable thing on the record is Black Hole giving the chicks in Cunt Sparrer a shot at recognition after the last years "hipster-bashing" targeted at them. I like them and get nothing but pissed when reading some selfproclaimed skinheadmasters calling them faggots and whatnot just because they dont cater to the scene itself. People say they are "not punk" and "hipsters" and they are probably right at both points but what they seem to miss is this is a band that doesnt call themselfs anything. Two hot chicks and some bearded man making low-fi piano and acoustic guitar covers of famous Oi!-songs, whats so wrong with that? Me for one will continue to support them not only to be one of the few who gives out an opening embrace to "outsiders" but also because i can see through peoples addiction to fashion when on one hand slagging this band of but at the same time celebrating artists like Jenny Woo. If you ask me these girls do whatever it is they are doing ten times better than Jenny. As a dirty nail in Oi! purists eyes i will also ad one of their songs as a wrap-up. Excellent cover, hipsters or not.

Cunt Sparrer - Because you're young

New band: Concrete

After being blindsided by the return of the East-coast i end 2012's "New band" cathegory in Austin, Texas. The band is called Concrete and some might have heard about them before. Even though the band is fresh out the plastic they have already been busy doing shows with The business and recording songs for their upcomming 12-inch EP that will be released through Nation on Fire Records. After the last years of streetpunk, hardcore and Lars Fredericksens things are starting to look a slight bit brighter in the US of Oi!.
Take a listen and if you like it then visit their cartel-store for merch. Cartel-store

We are all reapers here (Live)

Someting out of nothing

The power (teaser)

måndag 17 december 2012

FBS - They hate you CD (2005)

01. All i wanna do (Is rock & roll)
02. Stand and be counted
03. United we stand
04. Friends so true
05. Trench warfare
06. They hate you
07. Price you pay
08. Something more
09. Another
10. Choice
11. Head held high
12. Battle hymn of the republic

Released by Wounded Records in 2005.

As far as the music goes there is both good and bad sides of this record. Their skinhead rock'n'roll sound they create on tracks like Stand and be counted is really good and the bands version of Battle hymn of the republic is fucking brilliant. On tracks like Trench warfare they start out good but seem to loose me after half the song when they start sounding to RM & The disasters. Where the band completly looses me is when they incorporate metal into their songs like on Price you pay, sadly enough this is something that we will hear more and more of as we go forth in their discography.

The religious propaganda? Annoying as hell but atleast this band lives what they preach by playing biblecamps and so on. Far from the otherwise loose religious affiliation that other "believing" bands like Dropkick murphy throws around in their lyrics. Even though i dont agree with their beliefs i sort of respect them for that.

fredag 14 december 2012

FBS - No fists brougham 7'' (2004)

01. Friends so true
02. Something more
03. They hate you
04. Trench warfare

Self-released by the band in 2004.

I have no idea what the album name means but it contains two songs from the split CD and two songs that would later be on their first full-length. Since the rip isnt the best it means it's a quite unintresting release since all songs are of better quality on other releases.

torsdag 13 december 2012

FBS & The Revenge - Split CD (2003)

01. FBS - Stand And Be Counted
02. FBS - Head Held High
03. FBS - Something More
04. FBS - Choice
05. FBS - They Hate You
06. The revenge - Playing With Fire
07. The revenge - Revisited
08. The revenge - Solution
09. The revenge - Means to an end
10. The revenge - Manifest Liberty

Selfreleased by the bands in 2003.

It often dont take more than a couple of mohawks to make me sceptic about a band and top that of with the singer holding a baseball bat and most of the lyrics being about Jesus and other mythical creatures i went into this album with a "these fuckin cunts" attitude. What saved it? A fucking brilliant vocalist, some superb songwriting and the fact that they sound like a hybrid of Belligerent 86 and First Offense. Just like many other bands FBS has shared vocalduties, one punky and one screamy and it works as brilliant as it sounds.

FBS has a lot of preaching going on and to some that might be an issue but for me who has spent most of my life listening to RAC without being into most of it's more extreme politics turning a deaf ear to hidden messages has never been a problem. Their lyrics didnt convert me and if you turn out a Christian after listening to them i am sad to say that you where nothing but a weak human being to start with. Most of their lyrics can be enjoyed by anyone and a good example of that is their song They hate you which was created as a message to Christian kids that get bullied for their beliefs (didnt know that was an issue in a nation where 77% of the population has a higher belief). This song can be enjoyed by anyone who atleast once in their life has taken the uniform of a misfit or outsider, be it skinhead, punk or whatever.

Stay clear of the second band that i wont even mention and give FBS a chance, you just might like them.

FBS (Fight Before Surrender)/Why?

Since day one this site has tried to stear clear from promoting political or religious agendas and i have made it clear that posting a band who promotes a certain view does not in any way mean that the poster believs that same thing or that he wants you to believe it. As grown fucking men we can all sort out facts inside our skulls and weed out the things we dont like but at the same time enjoy the music. With this said......

For me a person who hates three things above all (1) people who pose with weapons on bandphotos, (2) Rancid bands and the ugly smiling kids that listen to them, (3) religion it might seem wierd that i somehow got into a Christian band who pose with baseball bats and claim Rancid is one of their inspirations. But i did and as i used my heathen viking ears to fend of most of the preachy parts i was able to take in not only a whole bunch of seriously good (and hard) songs but also some quite heavy Oi!-tunes on the way. The band might not really have a place on a site dedicated to Oi! but since this isnt a democracy i can simply tell you all to deal with it and enjoy my comming uploads.

fredag 7 december 2012

Noi!se - Demo (2009)

Writing a band introduction to this band just sounds stupid since everyone reading my little page knows of and about the band as good as i do.
If anyone has never heard of the band or want to know more about the members then please visit the bands own site and read up on stuff you never knew you had to know.

Noi!se Blogger

01. Walk beside us
02. Pushing on
03. Blame
04. Reasons why
05. What happened to the kids

This bands latest CD has been on heavy rotation the latest months so it's nice to go back 3 years and see how i first heard them. The bands streetpunk orientation commes of quite clear when comparing them to Matts old band but streetpunk is not always something negative if done right. Some songs are way to pop-oriented and catchy to be associated with anything subcultural but somehow they still pull it of and i get a more genuine "oi!-feeling" from this band than many other current bands of that said genre.

Something that sways me even more into fandom is Matt and Nate's way off sharing the vocal duties in the band, just like before this done wrong can sound like chaotic garbage but just like Belligerent 86 they pull it of and then some. This way of singing creates some variety and even the weaker songs become intresting. A good example of this is the song Blame where Matt starts the song with his pollished harder voice and then lets Nate come in with his rough and more punky style, the fact that they have a perfect singalong part doesnt do the song any wrong either.

Best song on the demo is What happened to the kids, a song that for some reason got pulled when the band released this demo as a 7''. Lyricly this song is something that i shouldnt like with all the talk about unity and "the scene was better before" preaching. I am 30+ and dont consider myself any more of anything than any freshcut might consider himself, i also dont expect anything to be given for free just because of some punkpoints given to me by a choosen few. With this said the song DOES bring up some stressfull topics such as how the new generation rely completly on the "online scene" (but don't stop visiting me) and seclude themselfs from the real world.

I will upload this bands releases chronologically as the years pass by following my 3year rule.

söndag 2 december 2012

Three live performances by The Antagonizers (Antagoniserz ATL)

First gig with new lineup + Mark Magee on guitar

Unreleased and personal favourite called Believe

A.U cover from earlier this year