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torsdag 13 december 2012

FBS & The Revenge - Split CD (2003)

01. FBS - Stand And Be Counted
02. FBS - Head Held High
03. FBS - Something More
04. FBS - Choice
05. FBS - They Hate You
06. The revenge - Playing With Fire
07. The revenge - Revisited
08. The revenge - Solution
09. The revenge - Means to an end
10. The revenge - Manifest Liberty

Selfreleased by the bands in 2003.

It often dont take more than a couple of mohawks to make me sceptic about a band and top that of with the singer holding a baseball bat and most of the lyrics being about Jesus and other mythical creatures i went into this album with a "these fuckin cunts" attitude. What saved it? A fucking brilliant vocalist, some superb songwriting and the fact that they sound like a hybrid of Belligerent 86 and First Offense. Just like many other bands FBS has shared vocalduties, one punky and one screamy and it works as brilliant as it sounds.

FBS has a lot of preaching going on and to some that might be an issue but for me who has spent most of my life listening to RAC without being into most of it's more extreme politics turning a deaf ear to hidden messages has never been a problem. Their lyrics didnt convert me and if you turn out a Christian after listening to them i am sad to say that you where nothing but a weak human being to start with. Most of their lyrics can be enjoyed by anyone and a good example of that is their song They hate you which was created as a message to Christian kids that get bullied for their beliefs (didnt know that was an issue in a nation where 77% of the population has a higher belief). This song can be enjoyed by anyone who atleast once in their life has taken the uniform of a misfit or outsider, be it skinhead, punk or whatever.

Stay clear of the second band that i wont even mention and give FBS a chance, you just might like them.

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