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fredag 7 december 2012

Noi!se - Demo (2009)

Writing a band introduction to this band just sounds stupid since everyone reading my little page knows of and about the band as good as i do.
If anyone has never heard of the band or want to know more about the members then please visit the bands own site and read up on stuff you never knew you had to know.

Noi!se Blogger

01. Walk beside us
02. Pushing on
03. Blame
04. Reasons why
05. What happened to the kids

This bands latest CD has been on heavy rotation the latest months so it's nice to go back 3 years and see how i first heard them. The bands streetpunk orientation commes of quite clear when comparing them to Matts old band but streetpunk is not always something negative if done right. Some songs are way to pop-oriented and catchy to be associated with anything subcultural but somehow they still pull it of and i get a more genuine "oi!-feeling" from this band than many other current bands of that said genre.

Something that sways me even more into fandom is Matt and Nate's way off sharing the vocal duties in the band, just like before this done wrong can sound like chaotic garbage but just like Belligerent 86 they pull it of and then some. This way of singing creates some variety and even the weaker songs become intresting. A good example of this is the song Blame where Matt starts the song with his pollished harder voice and then lets Nate come in with his rough and more punky style, the fact that they have a perfect singalong part doesnt do the song any wrong either.

Best song on the demo is What happened to the kids, a song that for some reason got pulled when the band released this demo as a 7''. Lyricly this song is something that i shouldnt like with all the talk about unity and "the scene was better before" preaching. I am 30+ and dont consider myself any more of anything than any freshcut might consider himself, i also dont expect anything to be given for free just because of some punkpoints given to me by a choosen few. With this said the song DOES bring up some stressfull topics such as how the new generation rely completly on the "online scene" (but don't stop visiting me) and seclude themselfs from the real world.

I will upload this bands releases chronologically as the years pass by following my 3year rule.

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