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måndag 17 december 2012

FBS - They hate you CD (2005)

01. All i wanna do (Is rock & roll)
02. Stand and be counted
03. United we stand
04. Friends so true
05. Trench warfare
06. They hate you
07. Price you pay
08. Something more
09. Another
10. Choice
11. Head held high
12. Battle hymn of the republic

Released by Wounded Records in 2005.

As far as the music goes there is both good and bad sides of this record. Their skinhead rock'n'roll sound they create on tracks like Stand and be counted is really good and the bands version of Battle hymn of the republic is fucking brilliant. On tracks like Trench warfare they start out good but seem to loose me after half the song when they start sounding to RM & The disasters. Where the band completly looses me is when they incorporate metal into their songs like on Price you pay, sadly enough this is something that we will hear more and more of as we go forth in their discography.

The religious propaganda? Annoying as hell but atleast this band lives what they preach by playing biblecamps and so on. Far from the otherwise loose religious affiliation that other "believing" bands like Dropkick murphy throws around in their lyrics. Even though i dont agree with their beliefs i sort of respect them for that.

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