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tisdag 31 augusti 2010

CL1 band-introduction.

A bluecollar punkband from Toledo, Ohio that has been around since 2003. It started out as a 4-piece band with young punkveterans from the Ohio scene who's goal was to put together a band that blended the best of old British oi! and mixing it with more modern American streetpunk.
Original lineup was Erick Kinney on guitar and vocals (also played in PKM and Slave March), Sam Potts also him on vocals and guitar (Sam also played in Anit- and Social Angst), Marc Barbour on bass (used to play in Left For Dead and also in PKM with Erick) and Jenn Moffit on drums also member of BroadZilla and The Ballistic Idiots). Jenn wasnt in the original lineup and on their first release most drums was played by Kurt that later left the band.
This is a bluecollar band all the way from the bandname to their lyrics and only thing that seems to be bigger then their workingclass pride is their love for their hometown Toledo, naming their first release Life in the 419 and their second was called Riot in glass city (hows that for hometown love).
Even if most bands they say they are influenced by isnt among my favourites (Rancid, The business etc) i find a lot of charm in their songs even though Rancid mumbeling and Dropkick chants are very frequent.
They released a split with First offence some time ago but i will try to upload their complete discography that i dont think many knows exists.

söndag 29 augusti 2010

Pist'n'broke releasing new cd.

Coverart for Pist'n'broke's new cd that will contain 6 old but re-recorded songs and 5 completly new tracks. If its as good as their old record is still to be revealed.

lördag 28 augusti 2010

Riotgun & Bullet treatment - Strength to endure (2002)

Riotguns side (Motörhead covers)
01. Ace of spades
02. Stay clean
03. (we are) The road crew
04. Iron fist
05. No class
06. Rock n roll
07. Killed by death
08. Sex and outrage
09. R.a.m.o.n.e.s.

Bullet treatments side (Ramones covers)
01. Havanna affair
02. Commando
03. Teenage labotomy
04. I don't wanna go down to the basement
05. Carbona not glue
06. I don't want you
07. Listen to my heart
08. Rockaway beach
09. Now i wanna be a good boy
10. You should have never opened that door
11. Go mental
12. Glad to see you
13. Today your love, tomorrow the world
14. We're a happy family
15. 53rd and 3rd

Released by Basement records in 2002.

Damn i hate this record........
Motörhead and Ramones are both classic bands and i understand that these bands have had a big influence on both Riotgun and BT but please leave them alone if your not planning to do something productive with their songs.
Riotgun walks away with some pride since they honor Motörhead with good musicianship and they also pick their better songs and actually sound almost as good as the original version at some points but why????? This is a tribute album and just copying the original artists is not a tribute in my world. Its an easy way to make easy money.
Bullet treatment on the other side is awefull and absolutely trashes the band we know as Ramones. I have listened to Ramones way before i was even into punk so i know most of their songs like the back of my hand and even so its hard to even decifer their songs from the noise that BT delivers. And where the hell ae classics like Beat on the brat, KKK tock my baby away, I wanna be sedated and Sheena is a punkrocker?
Do like i did, download this album and save your money for the upcomming release with Riotgun cause we all know that they can make good songs without copying old bands.

torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Riotgun & Brassknuckle boys - With friends like these... 7'' (2002)

01. Brassknuckle boys - Until that brother dies
02. Brassknuckle boys - Thousands are sailing (Pogues cover)
03. Riotgun - Glory
04. Riotgun - Missinformation

Released by Haunted town Records in 2002.

Riotgun is here teaming up with one of my favourite American bands so there is not much that can go wrong. Brassknuckle boys is a band that i guess most of you already know about and i will get to this band in the future.
The release was made as a sort of a 9/11 deidcation but the songs has nothing to do with that event.
Brassknuckle delivers one track from their full-length the year before called Until that brother dies that has a bit of a early Dropkick sound. Great track with very honest and truthfull lyrics. Second song was at the time of this release exclusive but was in 2006 released on a split with British Deadline. I often have a hard time with Irish influences in punk but this one is great and i have to admit i had never really given the song a chance before this cover.
Both of Riotguns songs are old but damn its a good selection.
This record is well worth getting at:
Dim records
Reckless records

Riotgun & Scaredycat - Split CD (2002)

Riotgun side:
01. Missinformation
02. Built to last
03. Don't wanna know
04. Too many mutha fuckahz
05. Reclaimed
06. Apology
07. Propaganda

Scaredycat side:
01. Where's the nearest Wall Mart?
02. Whatguy
03. Rambis
04. T Ball's big adventure
05. You're your biggest fan
06. One minute cleaning
07. Existentialist Shtomp
08. Relaxing at the mayfair
09. Hot pants!
10. Hoedown
11. Dark haven
12. Vault
13. How many times
14. Scaredycat
15. Ivy
16. Your kingdom will crumble

Released by Mad skull Records in 2002.

Atlast some time of from work and other pittyfull mortals to do some reviews.

First off all me doing this review isnt really fair since my view on punkbands like Scaredycat is nothing but neutral. Here we have a great streetpunkband that has a bandmember (T Ball) playing in a hardcore/punk/skatecore sideproject and that is all fine but why the hell do they have to go and do a split with them.
Riotguns side is all good and would have made a great 10'' or a Mini-CD. Some old tracks like the great Reclaimed and some good new one's like Misinformation and the To many mutha fuckahz (yoyo songtitle and popchorus aside) this record would have gotten a good review but then Scaredycat comes in and ruins it all.
Scaredycat delivers 16 tracks on this split but like most bands in this genre most songs are under 1 minute and doesnt even get started before it ends. The band seems more intrested in making "funny" songtitles then actually producing solid tracks. The band is not generic in any way though since one off their singers sounds like some old glamrock singer from the 80's and the band mixes everything from pure hardcore to some elements of 90's skatepunk but its basicly all noise to me. If i have to pick one song that is good its Rambis that is more melodic and a bit slower then the other tracks.
If your into Oi! or streetpunk then you will probably not like this one a bit.

måndag 23 augusti 2010

Riotgun - Bound & gagged 7'' (2000)

01. Sonic reducer (Dead boys cover)
02. Reclaimed
03. Doin' my time
04. Hemicuda
05. Built to last
06. Good band down

Released by Mad skull records in 2000.

Last bandsolo release to date (they released 3 splits after this) and probably my most favourite release by the band.
They start off with a great Dead boys cover and even if the cover is a bit to simulair to the original Larry's vocals stand out enough to make it a good song.
Reclaimed is my alltime favourite by the band, its a workingclass anthem with Larry on top, great guitars, drums.... all good. Also dont miss a great instrumental track called Hemicuda.
This release can still be bought at:

söndag 22 augusti 2010

Riotgun - Shortcuts to nowhere (2000)

01. You're right im wrong
02. Rollin' donuts
03. Just for Michelle
04. Moral liberation
05. Choice
06. Glory
07. A better nation
08. Face your lies
09. Gonnabe
10. Never follow
11. 4 bolt main
12. Barkesto
13. Crime
14. Riotgun.

Released by Psychotribe Records in 2000.

If your a collector like me you hate records like these since i often buy them without knowing i already had all the songs featured on it but to be honest this was the first release by the band i found and later got the other albums to complete the collection. If you never heard of the band before this is the record you should get since its a collection of their first cassette and their 7''s and also some songs from comp albums.

There isnt really much to say about this album since i reviewed the songs already but it is well worth download for the comp tracks and most songs on this cd are of better quality then the once i ripped from vinyl.
A good collection of hard streetpunk from 94-97.
This cd can still be found for sale at Riotguns own homepage for 8$ or at Gemm.com for the ripoff price of 40$ haha i know wich one i would buy.

fredag 20 augusti 2010

Riotgun - Return to ruin... 7'' (1997)

01. 4 bolt main
02. Crime?
03. Rollin' donuts
04. A better nation

Released by Final vinyl Records in 1997.

The group has adopted a little bit harder sound for this record (a bit more Oi! sounding atleast).
Just like their first EP this one would later be featured on their full-length cd in 2000 so basicly this is for all the hardknocks that would like to hear the songs through a vinyl rip.
They are now a 4-piece band and it might be a good explanaition to their somewhat different sound. Anyway 2 excellent and somewhat simulair sounding songs in 4 bolt main and A better nation.
I took photo of the inside sleeve so anyone looking for the lyrics to any of these songs its all included in the download.
This EP was only released in 250 handnumbred copies (my one being nr:195). They are sold out from all shops but i found a used copy for 10€ on Ebay if anyone is intrested.

torsdag 19 augusti 2010

Riotgun - Brau (1995)

01. Choice
02. Barkesto
03. You're right (I'm wrong)
04. Just 4 Michelle
05. Glory
06. Moral liberation
07. Riotgun.
08. Gonnabe
09. Face your lies

Released on cassette tape by Psychotribe Recordz in 1995.

Thanks to Jay ICR for sending me this tape and also one of their splits from 2002.

The bands first "full-length" and on contrary what most would expect from a cassette by a band that only has released an EP before this one has some really good productions on it.
Starting of the record is a good track with awesome drums to back it up. The theme of the song is versatile and you can basicly choose what you want it to be about. If your a rebelious teen this song could be targeted at your parents, if you just broke up it might be a finger pointing at her or if you feel like if your a persecuted patriot or whatever this one might be for you.
Another good track is the one called Just 4 Michelle that basicly is a lovesong to Larry's wife. A nice theme that is not often seen in this uber-macho subculture.
My favourite one in the bunch is Glory and its a patriotic anthem with lyrics like "You dont like politics... oh well/if pride is a sin then send me to hell". Glad to see a "skinheadfree" band sticking up for their country.
As far as i know this one is nowhere to be bought. (I couldnt atleast)

Riotgun - Even out the odds 7'' (1994)

01. Moral liberation
02. Riotgun.
03. Face your lies

Released by Psychotribe recordz in 1994.

Their first ever release and at this point they where still a 3-piece band. All the tracks on this release was on their later cassette tape but since i payed top dollars for this old gem and had already taken the photos of the cover i thought what the heck and ripped it anyway. If your not a big fan of the band then wait and download their cassette instead but for you fans and vinyl nerds this is a musthave. Not only because of the fact that it was their first real release since they started the band in 1993 but this is also the first release by the label Psychotribe.

The record itself isnt really my favourite one by the band but it contains one of the most popfriendly punktracks i have heard namely the selftitled track Riotgun. The other two tracks are all good but a bit to soft for me as an old Oi!-head. Anyway this is a classic record by a classic streetpunk band. Dont know if Joey Ramone ever heard this band but if he did i think he would be proud of the sound of this band.
This record has been sold out for some time now. Dont even think ebay has one left.

tisdag 17 augusti 2010

Interview with Larry "Lugz" Hernandez

After a long time away from the scene Riotgun is getting ready to release a new record. I got the honor to talk to Larry "Lugz" Hernandez who is one of the founders of the band.

¤Hello Larry first of all thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Could you please introduce yourself and your position in the band.
Hello and thanks for talking to me. I'm the lead singer and lead guitar player in the band. If you consider my style singing and guitar playing, more importantly I am the lead beer drinker in the band. I prefer stouts and porters but consider myself very adventurous and try to to seek and a try a new beer regardless of style daily.

¤I heard you are about to release a new record. Is there a said date yet and what label?
Thanks for asking that. We are releasing a series of releases six at a time. We're calling it the 6-pack series. The first 6-pack slated for release will be titled "Stout". The idea is to release 3 six-packs a year, for a total of 18 songs and then release a "case" 24 songs at the end of the 12 month period with the recorded 18 songs and add 6 bonus "live" tracks of both old and new material, kind of like a mini-concert at many of the punk and dive bars we play throughout the country (and maybe even Europe as we hope to be playing out there very soon). As for Labels releasing it, we have long standing relationships with many great labels who release in a variety of formats. Great labels like Madskull (Netherlands), Last Punkrocker (Germany), Barhulo (Brazil), Basement (USA), Haunted Town (USA), PyschoTribe (USA) and hopefully a few asian labels. The goal is to have it released on vinyl first then follow up with CD and digital download after. Vinyl is still my weapon of choice. As far as release date, we are still mixing, so hopefully in the next couple months. Any swedish labels out there, give us a call. We would love to have a proper release in that region.

¤You havent released an album since 2003 much must have happened. Is the old lineup still going strong or can we expect some new blood?
Matt "Bone" Merrow is still the drummer, 11 years now as the powertrain for this band. I owe it all to him. He keeps the power and timing constant. Pond for pound (no pun intended) he is the best drummer in our part of the world. Probably the only musician that I truly see eye to eye with. He understands my song writing and has incredible ideas for songs, lyrics and arrangements. What drummer can do that. Without him, there would be no RIOTGUN. He keeps me motivated and inspired, plus he's a great partner in crime when it comes to beer drinking and exploration. We have recently added a kegorator (beer dispensing machine) to the studio. So we are always inspired. (B:haha i look forward to hear your new beerinfluenced songs)
We recently lost long-time guitarist "T-Ball", he works for Gibson guitars and he was transfered to Nashville Tennessee. He may be returning in 2011 for 5 months as he will be back in California then as he moves to the Pacific Northwest. Plus we have another 6-pack we recorded with him and then bassist Anthony Victoria which is slated for release (after we mix and master) after "Stout" (beer flavor unannounced at this moment) is official released. So you see we have been real busy. We have two new guys in the band, they are a little green with the touring but are solid players, so hopefully all the long time supporters we have acquired world wide will openly embrace the new guys. On Bass we have Graham "Theft" Otto (his brother Doug Carrion was bass player in the Descendants), an old friend and high energy player and Alfred Cruz on Guitar. Alfred and I have been friends since 3rd grade, we're in our 40s now, so we've been playing in bands together since 1981 off and on. The chemistry is there, we're excited.

¤Why a record now all of a sudden?
We've always recorded, releasing songs as needed for compilations and stuff. Last Punkrocker Records in Germany is going to re-release "Shortcuts to Nowhere" on 12 inch vinyl. So we said we should get off our asses and record all the new stuff and head to europe to play. I'm sure there are beers out there we haven't sampled. Small regional breweries that don't import to the U.S. We owe it to ourselves to seek out those tasty beers and drink with other supporters of streetpunk and oi!, and to have fun while we can. I guess it's selfish reasons, but we do appreciate beer and music.

¤Could you give us a short (or long) history of how Riotgun got started?
In 1993, I was tiring of the politics of the band I was presently in and wanted to start a band based on the principals of "Beer and Revolution". In 94/95 we recorded and released "Even Out the Odds" as a 7 inch and started touring the US, northern Mexico and parts of Southern Canada. We started releasing 7 inch e.p.'s on a number of labels, then doing a lot of compilations. The intention initially of RIOTGUN was to create a social situation where like minded musicians could share their interests in beer, music and strange views on cinema, politics and cars. I think we have managed to do that. RIOTGUN is like a family and/or a club in many ways. We have friends in many bands (Bonecrusher, Social Task, Brassiac, Haters, etc.) that will often join us onstage to sing, play an instrument or just hand us beers mid-song that we consider part of the band/family and the door is always open to all who feel the need to participate. In fact, because of this ever growing family we have developed, Matt "Bone" (drummer) and I have started a side project called "Broken Patron Saints" that incorporates many of the extended family members (Disregard, Cell Block 5, Etc.) and will be closer to traditional Oi! than RIOTGUN, but will still have the intensity of the band.
It's still all about "Beer and Revolution" my friend. As long as there is beer and seedy punk dives (bars/pubs/etc.), we'll be playing and playing our hearts out.

¤Was this the first band for you or where you in any other bands prior to this?
My first band i was in was called "Morbid Face" in 1981 with Alfred Cruz. I remember our symbol was a Ronald Reagan (then president of the USA) face with Crossbones. Musically we were a cross between Ramones, Cockney Rejects, DOA, Black Flag. We probably didn't sound like any of those bands, but those were our influences back then. I then was in a band called Flesh Weapon (84-85) with a Oi! meets Stooges vibe going. Then I was in Sikky Velvette (86-87) with a sound that mixed Sham 69 with the Deadboys and little bit of early Cocksparrer style. In 1988 (fall 87) I started Motorpsycho (not to be confused with the hippy Scandanavian band who would start up in the 90s), very Ramones meets Motorhead sound, with classic OC punk stylings. We toured way too much and had to deal with corrupt management and record label.
Matt was in Crucial Fix prior to RIOTGUN and they were probably the best hardcore band in The OC/LA area. Matt is a Machine! Best drummer I have had the pleasure to drink and create chaos with. He is Riotgun!
Alfred has played in Morbid Face, HVY DRT, Doggy Style, Motorpsycho, Famous Last Words, Bondage Fairies.
Graham used to tour manage us and got drafted to play bass.

¤I hear a bit of Ramones mixed with harder streetpunk in your sound. What bands has been the biggest influences to your sound?
Ramones, Motorhead, Naked raygun, Effigies, Black Flag, Cockney Rejects, Oxymoron, Cocksparrer, Business, Turbonegro, DOA. The list is endless. I have been collecting punk/oi! religiously since 1978. I have many influences that also go beyond music, Bukowski, Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson (B:To wierd to live, to rare to die). But the Ramones are my biggest influence. Saw them for the first time in 1979 and that is when I knew I would be playing music. It was intense. To this day, they are my most favorite and influential band.

¤Hailing from California how is the scene there now? Any new bands we should keep our eyes on?
California has a rich scene with some great bands. There is Bonecrusher, Shooting Lucy, The Haters, Brassiac, Hard Riders, ADZ, Yeastie Boys. We have scattered scenes, but they are all very good and range from oi! to hardcore, some even mix them. Great high energy stuff.

¤Being a "punk" back in the days and being one now. What has changed in the industry and the scene over the years?
Good question. Though there some good bands out there that create our scene (world wide), there are some imposters out there playing punk that don't really care about the culture or the history of it. They are along to cash in on the commercial aspect of what the industry dictates what punk is. Sad to say, a lot of labels (both independent and commercial) that are picking these bands up for the sake of soley making money. I find that as sad. No commitment to the rich history or aesthetic of punk. Punk was designed to save rock n' roll, break barriers, challenge the status quo, be creative and original. It's still out there, you just got to search it out now. The underground will always be there. RIOTGUN is proof of that. We've been around for 17 years plus, we've played every divebar, pub, hall from Tijuana Mexico to Toranto Canada and all points in between (USA). we've played in front of 5 people to 5000 people. It doesn't matter. As long as a band stays true to their beliefs and doesn't try to follow trends, supporters will continue to support and you'll pick up new folks along the way. I'm old, but very opinionated.

¤This is probably the most important part of the interview. What do you know about the almighty great country of Sweden?
Well, i remeber when I was kid (early to mid 80s) there was a great band called the Bristles (B:Actually they are STILL around and you get A+ in Swedish punkhistory for namedropping that band). Cool English sounding punk. Perkele and Bruce banner I have heard in the recent years. Both very good bands. I'm not sure if the Cliche's are still around. Mellincollin I enjoy. I do really like listening to the Hellacopters while BBQing and drinking beer on the weekends. I know we did a couple comps with the Satanic Surfers on point break records in Italy, there were several Swedish bands on that comp. I know Sweden produces some of the finest looking supermodels. How is the BEER out there? (B: Awefull)

¤Any last comments?
I really appreciate all the European support we have received over the years, especially from the Northern European punk/oi! communities. If I had my way, we would have a release out there every 4 months. we'd tour twice a year, but I know times are tight for everyone world wide, but the time will come. Thanks to everyone who supports underground music, not just punk, but all kinds of underground music. If we take the power away from corporate labels/radio and put it back in the hands of the people, our community would better set for consumer and artist. PUNK is empowering. Punk is community. Punk is a theology that inspires, incites and creates unity. The streets are ours, the music is loud, the beer is cold. Lets party hard and live for the future. Cheers friends. You can contact us at:

torsdag 12 augusti 2010

Various artists - East coast Oi! attack Vol.One 7'' (2010)

01. Vanguard - Die with my boots on

02. The hooliganz - ICJ4
03. On trial - Subculture kids

04. Maddog surrender - Ms. Dishonesty

Released by Boots n' booze Records in 2010.

Just like Neck records this is a label working for the artists and not the profit. I never upload anything this new unless i have permission so show some respect and buy this album i promise you wont regret having this in your collection.

First band out is Vanguard that delivers an all exclusive track called Die with my boots on. Those who have read my blogg for a while know all the praise i have given this band and this new song is all in the same standard as their old. One can guess the theme of the song from the title. Its a skinhead anthem about taking it to the streets with good drums, vocals all in that slow hardhitting tempo that US Oi! is known for.

Second band out is Ross and Luke from Vanguard's second band called The hooliganz. Their song is not bad but its the weakest track on the record and i cant get by the fact that their singer is named Britt (its an old lady name here in Sweden haha). I look forward to seing a release with these guys though since i have only heard a couple of demo songs exept for this track.

Third band out and delivering the best song on the compilation is On trial. Before this release i had never heard them before and thinking it was a new band i found out they had actually released 3 records (homemade and sold through myspace but anyway). I will try to give you all some more with these guys but they never seem to get their thumb out the ass and actually deliver me the cd's i want.
Anyway their song is brutally good and i can hear some Templars influences as well as some parts borrowed by Agent bulldog (dont know if it was deliberately or not but it worked).

Last band is another of my favourites. Maddog surrender delivers a song that is featured on their full lenght. Like always with this band its very singalong friendly with a good melody. To my knowledge the only track that isnt new for this compilation.

A "soon to be" classic compilation serie that has understood the value of promoting unknown bands and releasing exclusive songs.
Now all i can do is wait for volume 2 and those records that On trial never seems to send.

Support this new label and the groups appearing on it by picking up a copy at these stores:
United riot records
Dim records
Tagadagadag mailorder
Adler versand
Common people
Beatdown records

Interview with Doug Sloan.

Hello Doug. First of all thanks for taking the time to do this interview for my site. Could you present yourself and what you do to the readers.

I started the Boots and Booze Record label and put out East Coast Oi Attack Vol. 1 about six months ago featuring Vanguard, On Trial, The Hooligans and Maddog Surrender. Currently I am looking to do several additional volumes to East Coast Oi Attack.

Where are you from and how is the scene there?

I'm from Washington DC. Currently there is not much of a scene but there are still a decent amount of skins. The younger generation hasn't taken up the culture and many of the older guys are too busy with work and starting families to hang out much. And then of course many people in the scene hate each other for silly reasons. There is also a lack of venues willing to put on oi shows and currently there are not any skinhead bands that are active in DC. Mostly the skinhead scene in DC is just the same old guys having cook outs and going to bars.

Being a smalltime labelthug doesnt pay the bill i guess. What do you do for a living?

I'm a superintendant for a construction company and involved in real estate. I can't say the label has really made any money but I have a distro as well and make a little extra drinking money off of that.

What made you decide to start the label Boots N' Booze?

I wanted to start a label because of the lack of American oi labels. I'm glad to see that European labels like Dim are willing to put out so many American bands but its kind of sad there's no labels to do it over here.

Boots N' Booze... is it inspired by the old song by Pressure point in any way?

No, unless it's a subconsious thing. I'm really not into Pressure Point at all. Sorry, guys.

I know its a DIY label but have any distro's or other labels helped you with the release in any way?

No other labels helped me with the production of ECOA but many labels have helped me with distribution such as United Riot, Dim, True Force, Bronze Fist and many more.

Is this your first "move in the subculture" or have you been active in anything else before. Zine's, band's, other labels?

I was in several lazy and unsuccessful punk and oi bands when I was younger but nothing worth mentioning.

On your first release East coast Oi! attack you feature 2 of my favourite Oi! bands Vanguard and Maddog surrender and also the excellent "up and comming" On trial. How did you get such good taste in punk ;)

I remember seeing Vanguard in Richmond Va. about five years ago and thought they were great. After that I went to see them in NC several times and became friendly with the members. When I decided to put out ECOA they were the first band I talked to. I have been listening to Maddog Surrender for years and they seemed like a natural choice to me. On Trial contacted me about getting on a release and when I listened to them they were surprisingly good. They are a hard working band and I think they have a bright future in the oi scene.

Will there ever be an Westcoast Oi! attack or even perhaps a group release instead of a compilation?

I wouldn't rule it out, but not anytime soon. Unless California develops more bands in the vein of Toughskins, The Revolt or Boot Party.

I understand you are planning a Vol.2 of the Eastcoast Oi! attack. Is the lineup complete or are you still searching for bands?

The line up isn't set in stone at this point but most likely First Strike and Offensive Weapon. The Iron City Hooligans might be on it, and maybe one more.

Could you name your alltime favourite American Oi! band?

If I had to pick just one I would say Best Defense. Some of my other favorite bands are The Anti-Hero's, Arresting Officers, Niblick Henbane, New Glory and The Templars.

Favourite European Oi! band?

That's hard because its so general but maybe Brutal Combat.

Whats your thought on:
There for sure are some good RAC bands but racism is completely ignorant and un-American.
A bunch of PC hippies.
¤Irish streetpunk disguised as Oi?
It's for frat boys and pre-teen pop punks.
¤Barack Obama?
A whole lot of hype.
¤The rapper callin himself Skinhead Rob?
Complete blasphemy. An abomination. He should be shot.
¤People like me doing a site about a country he doesnt even live in?
It's a great site, although I can't say I agree with all of the reviews. I guess you just have to be a Yankee to enjoy the vocals of bands like The Allegiance and The Siege.

This is probably the most important part of the interview. What do you know about the great, glorious, beautiful country called Sweden?

You guys are direct descendants of the Vikings so its definitely cool in my book. There are some great bands from Sweden as well.

The word is free.

I would like to thank all the record labels who have helped me and Grant Gang Up for all of his help and Mike H. (First Strike) for drawing the label logo

Thanks for taking the time.

onsdag 11 augusti 2010

Garage rats & Spat and the guttersnipes - Split 7'' (1998)

01. Garage rats - Fuck everybody
02. Garage rats - Human rats
03. Spat and the guttersnipes - I believe
04. Spat and the guttersnipes - You drive me crazy

Released by F.U.G. Records in 1998.

First of all some one should shoot the guy that recorded Garage rats songs for this split. I have never heard such bad recordings before and i could make it better with a single broken headphone reversed as a recordingdevice. Second guy that should be shot is the guy called Spat.... just download the record and take a look at the backcover and you'll know what i mean (the Misfit one).

That out of the way Garage rats actually has an ok trak thats tarts the split off. Only thing is that thed drums are none existent (they had a new drummer called Derrik at this point, dont know maybe he's made up) and the rest of the instruments are so distant one could think this is Stefan standing in the streets screaming outside a punkconcert. This is to garage even for me sorry.
Spat and the guttersnipes........ forget about it.
This EP is sold out from all distros i know of.

Garage rats - Selftitled 7'' (1998)

01. Fuck everything
02. Raise your fists
03. Boot 'em in
04. Better off

Released by F.U.G. Records in 1998.

A skinheadband from Lady lake, Florida that had a short "carrer" in 1998 releasing this EP and a split EP the same year. The band consisted of Stefan Meisse on vocalsand his brother Justin on bass, Jarrod Lorenz on guitar and Jeremy on drums. The band was friends with Dead end kids and they were also heavily influenced by their sound. The bandname couldnt be more correct because this is a pure garageband and the quality of the songs might not be high but dont go thinking this is some crusty screamonoize band though cause they actually make some singalong friendly song on this record.

This was a hard band to find out about since no one else seems to know of them (let alone had one of their records) but finding their records was surprisinly easy (actually bought them both from interpunk). The sound is pure gutter oi! but their second track Raise your fists is one hell of a track with handclapps and bootstomps (all missing is some piano to spice it up hehe). I never really care about if the band recorded their stuff in a basement or in a Sony penthouse studio i actually like the rougher punk sound over some managed "pure" sound. Dont worry though thisis not one of those bands where you cant hear the lyrics cause their vocalist has a clear voice and it lacks the cookiemonster mumbling that seems to be so populair today (naming no names).
This record is still availible 12 years later at Interpunk.

lördag 7 augusti 2010

Bricks & bottles - Demos 96-98 (1998)

01. Old school
02. Police state
03. Rafter man
04. Deport
05. Slag
06. ACAB (4-skins cover)
07. Raise your glass
08. Bricks & bottles
09. Safe
10. Rock & roll
11. I dont like you (Skrewdriver cover)
12. Old school (live)
13. Astro zombies (Misfits cover)

Released on cassette by Hang 'em high in 1998.

Update 11 Aug 2010: I was wrong about the members not being racist during this bands activity from reliable sources but my standpoint is still that this is no racist band. No of their lyrics are racist and if the members decided to choose crossburning and ghetto bashings for a lifestyle that is no concern of mine. Sure their lyrics are a bit extreme but nothing more then your average redwhitebluepatriotic band and thats why i still label them as a rightwinged nationalistic band (damn i hate branding but its mostly to help you people sorting outany political stuff you dont want to have on your computer). Thanks to gulfcoastlee for setting the record straight though.

(NOTE: The picture shown above is their 7'' from 1997 and not a wierd looking flat cassette)

This Florida band started in the mid 90's by Dennis Chance that is more known today with his affiliation in the extrem right wing movement. This band was far from a liberal band and where always out on the right wing but it was never anything more then a nationalistic skinhead band. They had a short but intense "carrer" releasing their first 7'' in 1997 (tracks 7 & 8) through Hang 'em high records. In 1998 they where supposed to release a 10'' but the band came into conflict (like most rightwinged bands with members moving to far out) and the band broke up. So basicly they crammed alltheir tracks into this cassette and it includes the "in the making" 10'' their 7'' and some demotracks.
After this breakup Dennis Chance went on to play for the naziband Platoon 14 in 1999. He also later started the WP band Red, white & black and to my knowledge that band is still active.

This cassette is one hell of a collection if you can look past some political stuff (sad fact is those songs are actually the best). If you are politically picky when listening o music then stay away but dont worry there is nothing racist in their lyrics.
Even if the soundquality is abit of on some tracks there is whole heap of songs that should be classics (but somehow they have been overlooked). Starting with the Cuban imigration song Rafter man that takes away the whole open arms attitude you would expect an anticommunist band would have. They turn the tables and basicly tells the immigrant to go back and fight for their land instead of running away (easy to say when living in a land that hasnt been invaded since the first european immigrants started shooting indians). Continuing on the immigration subject on Deport that basicly putts the bands beliefs on the tables with the lyrics "Deport those who wont support themselfs". Fun thing is this is the most extreme song on the tape but at the same time it shows a view that most people share, only thing is this band makes a song about this touchy subject.
Those songs out of the way they deliver a couple of great non-political tracks like Slag, Rock & roll, Bricks & bottles, Raise your glass and the great cover of I dont like you.

A sad thing what happened to this band and my list just gets longer and longer with good rightwing bands that turn to racism. I hope the new bands show me wrong in the future.

torsdag 5 augusti 2010

Dimension 7 records

Found a nice little site online tat i have neve seen before. Just like Toonorthrecords they deal in old rare vintage vinyl with a broad inventory. Unlike Toonorth they are a bit more advanced and have search options (less online cratedigging for you). I found some albums i didnt even know existed like a split LP with Time bomb 77 & Klasse kriminale, some strange EP by Last Laugh and two very rare old 7''s by Riotgun. Go visit them and see if you find something on your list.

I have also updated my wantedlist with some new records and deleted some of the once i have found or gotten sent to me by you readers so check it out at the bottom of the page.

tisdag 3 augusti 2010

We came to score Tour

If you would happen to be around Essex, New england in Aug 13-14 you could go fishing in the Winooski river and camp in the beautiful forests OR you could watch beautiful skingirls wrestle and box followed by a wet t-shirt contest, beer & great bands from all over the states. Its all up to you.

Basement boys - Basement Oi! DEMO (2009)

01. Intro
02. Tower skins
03. It's endless
04. You're a saggy tit
05. A change is gonna come (Sam Cooke cover)
06. Outro

Selfreleased demo from last year.

A brand new band from Cleveland, Ohio. After playing the part of being the Oi! wasteland for many years there seems to be a whole new breed of great bands ready to change that fact. Rustbelt is back.

The band consists of Alex Kellar on vocals, Shaun and Greg on guitars, Anthony on bass and Eddy on drums. They play hard Oi! without trading in their humour for toughguy respect and their vocalist fits the genre perfect. First song Tower skins is a sort of love/hate song for their hometown/collegetown Cleveland. A great track and it sort of reminds me about Fatskins.
None of the tracks are bad but the only one that really got my attention is their Sam Cooke cover. As chaotic as it may sound its still soulfull like the original and im glad to see that there is a group hat has understood what making covers is all about. Most times you will find a halfass cover of some old tired skasong (Skinhead girl) or an attempt to make a cover of old british groups (Last resort, 4-skins or Combat 84) or even worse making an exact cover of some old HC band (Warzone, Agnostic front) and most oftenly making them sound exactly like the original only not as good. This band has taken an old classic song and made their own thing with it just like a good cover should be cause if i would have wanted to listen to Crucified or Violence in our minds i would have listened to the original song wouldnt i? My biggest dream is to once hear an Oi! cover of this song or maybe even a speeded version of this song haha (ok maybe not that last one).
I am looking forward to seing a real record by this band (Lars fredericksen here is your chance at making up for all your past mistakes)

söndag 1 augusti 2010

Limecell & Hammerlock - Tribute to Venom 7'' (2002)

01. Hammerlock - Die hard
02. Limecell - Buried alive
03. Limecell - Live like an angel, die like a devil

Released by Baloney Shrapnel Records in 2002.

ATLAST!!!!! Many foreign orders and some hard searching around the globe my Limecell discography is now completed! There is probably some rare compilation album somewhere with a Limecell track i dont own but for now i am satisfied.

These tracks where all featured on the Mad Skull records Venom tribute release in 2004.

To be honest i have never been a big fan of Venom or bands like them but they have surelly been a big inspiration on a lot of bands that i like and that is clear when i hear Limecell's coversongs.

Hammerlock delivers an ok song that is close to the original but not really any good.
Limecell sounds as they always do. Mental and pissed. Buried alive is one of those typical "whispering" metal tracks by Venom but Limecell makes it rise up from its grave. Awesome drums and Kevin as pissed as always it just cant go wrong. Kicking it up a notch on the last song with blazing guitars and a heavy drumbeat they end up putting Venom to shame instead of making a tribute to them.
Great 7'' that was sold out years ago.

US roughnecks - Twenty bucks and two black eyes (2004)

01. Weekend
02. 5-29
03. Saturday
04. Serve and protect
05. No justice
06. Roughneck noise
07. Summer of 96
08. Midtown nights
09. Lost paradise
10. Outcast
11. Sactos alright
12. Short haired rock'n'roll
13. Skinhead blues
14. Dirty river

Released by Hellcat records in 2004.

Band from Sacramento, California that claims to be the last authentic American hardcore band left in existence?!?!?!?!
That starting statement is enough to get a bullet in the back of your head and add to the fact that the bass player is one of the big wannabees in Lars fredericksen and The bastards and you can just see where this review is going.
"We're all about bringing the toughness back to punk" says their bassplayer "Big Jay". Where the hell has he been the last years? Listening to their labelmates playing "streetrock" probably cause in my reality there has always been tough punk its just a matter of what bands you choose to listen to.
Living in Sweden i dont want to seem like some "internet toughguy" trashtalking bands that i will never meet on the streets. Thats a cowards move but this band really ask for it.
First of all they are friends of Rancid and choose to release an "Oi album" through Hellcat records. Thats all ok since music is whats important. But this band sounds like shit and dont stand out in any way and slaggin off all other bands as wankers and then releasing this generic streetHC crap just fuels to my hate.
Anyway all hate aside this is an atempt to make some sort of an bandintroduction.

The band started under the bandname Knuckleheads back in 1997 with Mike Hennessey on vocals (and other loose members that i dont have the time or feel like searching up) but changed their name in late 97' when Big Jay joined the band on bass (he also plays in Lars fredericksen and the bastards).
Changing members back and fourth they finally got Mike G & Kemal on guitar and Gabe Van Dyke on drums for this release. Lyricaly they say themselfs that "the songs are about street fighting and getting arrested" (WTF!?!?!?!) lets just hope that they where the givers and not the recivers when they went to jail. They base these lyrics on the fact that Big Mike was harrased by the cops a lot when he grew up (WTF!?!?!?!) and unlike the rest of the worlds population that makes him a badass toughguy.
Basing their lyrical content completly on a fat fuck bragging about his "tough childhood" and blending it with your typical runofthemill HCpunk and you basicly have this band in a nutshell.

First time i heard this band was on the Give em the boot Vol 4 compilation with their Motörhead influenced song Lost paradise and i was really psyched on hearing more by the band. This is their only release and thank good for that cause the good songs can be counted on one hand on a retired lathe operator.
Dont really want to spend much time reviewing this shit and i know that these guys are highly respected among other bands around Cali and all but the base fact is the members act like a bunch of ignorant creeps, their music is bland and boring and when there is all these great Oi! groups around a major label like Hellcat decides to release this shit! Yet again shame on you Lars.
Give tracks 9 and 12 a chance but for your own sake leave the rest of the songs.
If you by any chance might like this stuff then its still availible at Interpunk.