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torsdag 19 augusti 2010

Riotgun - Even out the odds 7'' (1994)

01. Moral liberation
02. Riotgun.
03. Face your lies

Released by Psychotribe recordz in 1994.

Their first ever release and at this point they where still a 3-piece band. All the tracks on this release was on their later cassette tape but since i payed top dollars for this old gem and had already taken the photos of the cover i thought what the heck and ripped it anyway. If your not a big fan of the band then wait and download their cassette instead but for you fans and vinyl nerds this is a musthave. Not only because of the fact that it was their first real release since they started the band in 1993 but this is also the first release by the label Psychotribe.

The record itself isnt really my favourite one by the band but it contains one of the most popfriendly punktracks i have heard namely the selftitled track Riotgun. The other two tracks are all good but a bit to soft for me as an old Oi!-head. Anyway this is a classic record by a classic streetpunk band. Dont know if Joey Ramone ever heard this band but if he did i think he would be proud of the sound of this band.
This record has been sold out for some time now. Dont even think ebay has one left.

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