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lördag 7 augusti 2010

Bricks & bottles - Demos 96-98 (1998)

01. Old school
02. Police state
03. Rafter man
04. Deport
05. Slag
06. ACAB (4-skins cover)
07. Raise your glass
08. Bricks & bottles
09. Safe
10. Rock & roll
11. I dont like you (Skrewdriver cover)
12. Old school (live)
13. Astro zombies (Misfits cover)

Released on cassette by Hang 'em high in 1998.

Update 11 Aug 2010: I was wrong about the members not being racist during this bands activity from reliable sources but my standpoint is still that this is no racist band. No of their lyrics are racist and if the members decided to choose crossburning and ghetto bashings for a lifestyle that is no concern of mine. Sure their lyrics are a bit extreme but nothing more then your average redwhitebluepatriotic band and thats why i still label them as a rightwinged nationalistic band (damn i hate branding but its mostly to help you people sorting outany political stuff you dont want to have on your computer). Thanks to gulfcoastlee for setting the record straight though.

(NOTE: The picture shown above is their 7'' from 1997 and not a wierd looking flat cassette)

This Florida band started in the mid 90's by Dennis Chance that is more known today with his affiliation in the extrem right wing movement. This band was far from a liberal band and where always out on the right wing but it was never anything more then a nationalistic skinhead band. They had a short but intense "carrer" releasing their first 7'' in 1997 (tracks 7 & 8) through Hang 'em high records. In 1998 they where supposed to release a 10'' but the band came into conflict (like most rightwinged bands with members moving to far out) and the band broke up. So basicly they crammed alltheir tracks into this cassette and it includes the "in the making" 10'' their 7'' and some demotracks.
After this breakup Dennis Chance went on to play for the naziband Platoon 14 in 1999. He also later started the WP band Red, white & black and to my knowledge that band is still active.

This cassette is one hell of a collection if you can look past some political stuff (sad fact is those songs are actually the best). If you are politically picky when listening o music then stay away but dont worry there is nothing racist in their lyrics.
Even if the soundquality is abit of on some tracks there is whole heap of songs that should be classics (but somehow they have been overlooked). Starting with the Cuban imigration song Rafter man that takes away the whole open arms attitude you would expect an anticommunist band would have. They turn the tables and basicly tells the immigrant to go back and fight for their land instead of running away (easy to say when living in a land that hasnt been invaded since the first european immigrants started shooting indians). Continuing on the immigration subject on Deport that basicly putts the bands beliefs on the tables with the lyrics "Deport those who wont support themselfs". Fun thing is this is the most extreme song on the tape but at the same time it shows a view that most people share, only thing is this band makes a song about this touchy subject.
Those songs out of the way they deliver a couple of great non-political tracks like Slag, Rock & roll, Bricks & bottles, Raise your glass and the great cover of I dont like you.

A sad thing what happened to this band and my list just gets longer and longer with good rightwing bands that turn to racism. I hope the new bands show me wrong in the future.

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  1. Actually, I hate to correct you but Bricks & Bottles were not from California and neither were Platoon 14 or Red, White, and Black. Bricks & Bottles formed in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and they were always a Racist band. I know because i was and still am Friends with Dennis and he used to hang out with members of South Florida Hammerskins & American Front. They palyed alot gis in South Florida back in the mid 90's and S.H.A.R.P. Skins would get beat down all the time. They always preached white power and the original Hang 'Em High Records logo actually featured a black man hanging from a tree, but was changed due to the fact that no pressing plant would print the covers. Dennis and most of his crew now reside in Tampa & Ocala Florida.

  2. Now thats what you get for having a viking writing about the American Oi. Thanks for correcting me i'll update the info.

  3. hello, any idea, there to find the tape? regards

  4. American Southerners do know a thing or two about being invaded.