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tisdag 31 augusti 2010

CL1 band-introduction.

A bluecollar punkband from Toledo, Ohio that has been around since 2003. It started out as a 4-piece band with young punkveterans from the Ohio scene who's goal was to put together a band that blended the best of old British oi! and mixing it with more modern American streetpunk.
Original lineup was Erick Kinney on guitar and vocals (also played in PKM and Slave March), Sam Potts also him on vocals and guitar (Sam also played in Anit- and Social Angst), Marc Barbour on bass (used to play in Left For Dead and also in PKM with Erick) and Jenn Moffit on drums also member of BroadZilla and The Ballistic Idiots). Jenn wasnt in the original lineup and on their first release most drums was played by Kurt that later left the band.
This is a bluecollar band all the way from the bandname to their lyrics and only thing that seems to be bigger then their workingclass pride is their love for their hometown Toledo, naming their first release Life in the 419 and their second was called Riot in glass city (hows that for hometown love).
Even if most bands they say they are influenced by isnt among my favourites (Rancid, The business etc) i find a lot of charm in their songs even though Rancid mumbeling and Dropkick chants are very frequent.
They released a split with First offence some time ago but i will try to upload their complete discography that i dont think many knows exists.

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