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onsdag 1 september 2010

CL1 - Life in the 419 Mini-CD (2004)

01. Die on the line
02. One night
03. Are you gonna fight?
04. Everythings alright
05. Livin' my life
06. 419

Self-released by the band in 2004.

This is basicly their first demo released as a minicd.
Not as good and as much Oi! sounding as they where later but still an ok demo.
Out of these 6 early tracks there is basicly only one that is worth mentioning and that song is Livin' my life. Its a fastpaced song with a fuckyou attitude and nice drums.
Basicly just download this and make up your own mind.
Only way to get this record is ordering it straight from the band. You can do so on their myspace.

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