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söndag 19 september 2010

Niblick henbane - Go away (2000)

01. One in a million
02. Bonehead
03. Go away
04. Happy happy Oi! Oi!
05. Wake up
06. Dont't tread on me
07. Grin & bear it
08. Where's Lew?
09. How it goes
10. Old hat
11. Dreamin'

Released by TKO Records in 2000 and later re-released in 2005.

Nothing new in the lineups here but about a year before this was released Harpo injured his leg really bad and didnt do any shows with the band for a while but as far as i know (and hear) its him singing on all tracks.

This is a bit of a matured record with a bit of a more "mainstream" sound. With mainstream i dont mean radiorock or collegepunk its only a bit clearer sound with less aggression and more Happy Happy Oi Oi songs.

The best song on the record must be Go away that has a nice antisocial attitude that i now i can relate to many times (to be honest i often turn of my phone when i get home from work).
The musicaly best song is Wake up with great guitars and just like most of the other songs i get reminded about Patriot on some parts.
Who's Lew? I dont know but the hatelove track they did about him sure is good.
Record is availible for purchase at these distros:
TKO Records
CD Universe

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