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fredag 3 september 2010

CL1 - Riot in the glass city (2007)

01. Detroit woman
02. Don't fall down
03. Here come the boots
04. Rock n' roll
05. White flag
06. Riot in the glass city
07. Yesterday

Released by Roughneck records in 2007.

The bands first propper release and a big step up from their democd. Its the same lineup as before but this time Jenn plays drums on all songs.
I still think some of the tracks are a bit weak but Here come the boots takes the Nr. 1 spot. Dont know what they where thinking when they recorded this song. Drums are weak the lyrics are stupid and its actually physically hard to listen through the song from start to end. The last 3 songs are of a whole different breed though. White flag is a fast battle-anthem and its hard to hear that its the same band playing as the previously mentioned song. Best on the record is Riot in the glass city and its probably also the one with the best lyrics.
I really liked this album even if there only was about 3 good tracks on it. Good punkmusic that somewhat reminds me about A.P.A.
Only way to get this album is to order it directly from the band at their myspace.

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