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söndag 12 september 2010

Niblick henbane (introduction)

When i think of the punkscene in New Jersey i always think about The wrethed ones, Headwound & Niblick Henbane. Not only did these bands share label and sound they also shared members at different times and most importantly they where friends and shared the same "we will never blow up so fuck all" attitude.
NH started out in early 1987 and like most other Oibands they started out from a mixture off borredom and alcoholic confusion that made them believe they sounded better then they actually did (lets be true the first demo songs by this band are charming but not really fitting for the rocknroll hall of fame).
The founding members where Harpo on vocals and Mike on guitars. They drafted Andy Skovran that already had a bit of fame from playing bass on Pleased youth's 1986 release Dangerous Choo-Choo. Andy brought along a friend called Larry that was the last member in for the first lineup but would become one of the members that stayed with the band 'till the end.
The bandname Niblick Henbane means Poison golfclubs. Niblick=Heavy iron golfclub and Henbane=Foul smelling plant poisonous to small animals and birds. I dont know how they ended up with that name but i remember hearing something about a bandmember seing some caddy on acid or something (who cares).
The bands first appearence was on a Headache records comp called NJ & You that they got on through their first demo called Fuck you get drunk go die. All these early recordings will be uploaded later thanks to Disconnected records that put out a great collection off all their early songs some years ago.
Like most oldfart Oi!bands from USA they didnt grow up on no Tattoed Mother Fuckers or none of that, their main influences where The clash and Blitz but if you ask me they sound nothing like any of those bands (not in a bad way). Unlike their friends in The wretched ones and Headwound this was always more of a skinheadband then a punkband (even if i dont think they wouldnt ever call themselfs a skinheadband) both in their sound, lyrics and "appearence".
Being a working man's band they didnt really do many shows as they got old and grey but stories from their first gigs are many. Their absolutly first gig was them playing in the rain through a generator with only the promotors watching but it didnt take long untill they got themselfs an audience (more then 10 atleast) but thanks to singers puking and passing out and kids setting fire to the concertroom most gigs didnt make it through the first 4 songs. Not all shows where short or bad and they soon established themselfs as one of Americas top skinhead bands by doing notorious gigs at CBGB's and at The pipeline.

This is a hard band to do the discography for since members left, came back, guested, fucked another members girl or did drugs and got kicked etc etc and this resulted in the band having 12 diffrent drummer through the years but i will try to name the important changes in the bandlineup.

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