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torsdag 30 september 2010

Cut throat - American nightmare

01. The executioner
02. Dead or alive
03. Shed no tears
04. Grips of fear
05. Lost control
06. Fugitive
07. Loaded dice
08. Forever sail away
09. Darkest hour
10. Cut throat

Released by Resistance Records in 2003.

In no way does this band have anything to do with Bohdans band from Cleveland that has the same name. The people that know about Resistance Records can probably guess what kind of persons are in this band and as i have said before there will be no extreme political bands (right/left) on my page unless they really have something to do with the scene history. This most because i am from Sweden and the site being about American punk i have no place in putting a political label on any other nations scene.
The label aside and the members political beliefs aside this record is nothing extreme. The band was started by Tom and Roy that are behind such bands as Final war, Warfare 88, Aggressive force, White knuckle driver, The old souls and Powerhouse. This is the only release they had before going back to making songs about killing blacks, keeping the most racially diverse country purely white and othernot so intellectual lyrics that can be found in the US hatepunk scene.

The sound is far from RAC or Oi! and can probably be best described as a mix of Brutal attack and Misfits (really, really simulair to Danzig in the vocal department) but mixing it with uptodate modern "skinheadlyrics" and it all feals really innovative and fresh. Sure from a band that has facist and nazi members (or whatever they are i really dont care) it has some nationalistic lyrics and a lot of critical lyrics to todays political climate but not any more then your runnofthemill US Oi!band.

Both the first and the last songs are a bit harder with really violent vigilante lyrics and this is where i like them the most. On other tracks like Shed no tears and Fugitive they sound more like a punkier Danzig (also being one of the few bands that actually pull it off without sounding retarded). Darkest hour and Grips of fear they have some lyrics that can be interpreted in many ways depending on the listeners political views but to me they are just great songs.

Since Resistance Records probably wants to exterminate "niggerlovers" and "ZOG-slaves" like me i wont do no promotional work for the distros that sell it but be sure to download and listen to it i promice this aint no brainwashing scheme by the right just a great record.

8 kommentarer:


  2. That was pretty painful to listen to, sooo cheesy!

  3. Great record i say

  4. I don't think any of these guys but Roy have shit to do with wp anymore

  5. This band has nothing to do with White Knuckle Driver. Its the mebers of the former Final War. Recorded i think back on '02

  6. Roy hasnt done anything WP since 2004. I have every album hes done. And as far as I recall there was only 3 guys in this band

  7. The last record these guys did together was called Powerhaus- Let the new era begin and it was not political. As far as new music I have the latest from Roy, an band called Evil Inside- Those Bastards Will Destroy You. There is no politics at all. And the other guy Tom has a band called Philth Collins that released a split with some punk band from Italy I think awhile back.