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söndag 5 september 2010

CL1 - The bottom of the lake sessions (2008)

01. City girl
02. Drinking class heroes (Full flavor version)
03. Friend or foe
04. Katey
05. L.A.C.
06. My way
07. No piece of mind
08. Stand strong
09. Work hard, die young
10. Wrong side of the track
11. Drinking class heroes (Aucostic version with Larry Love)

A bootleg released by the band in 2008.

These are all songs that where recorded in the summer of 2008 when the band had turned into a 3-piece band with Andy Sutter now playing drums together with Erick and Sam now sharing both guitar, bass and vocal duties.
Does this make an impact on their sound you might ask your self? Deffinetly not. This is the best sounding CL1 i have heard since they started in 2003. Dont get me wrong though this is still more streetpunk then Oi! in my ears but its good music nevertheless.
A damn nice initiative by the band releasing this CD (even if they only sell it from the back of their trunks) and the reason why it existed is that they grew tired of the split with First offence pended for over 2 years and they needed something new to play for the girls at the bar hehe.

The album contains the 5 songs that where on the split released earlier this year and it also contains 6 songs that has never before seen the light of day.
If they sounded like A.P.A. before i would say they have more of a Hudson Falcons sound now and also a bit of a Dropkick Murphy's sound at some points. The most 7'' friendly song on the album is the punkversion of Drinking class heroes that has a hard working class theme and a chorus that can easily be missunderstood (my girl listened to the aucostic verion of this song and thought they where singing We're drinking bad, we're dinking placebo hahaha thats almost worth a placebo-version of the song).
One thing that often pisses me of when it comes to streetpunk is their inabillity to do something new (not that Oi! is the most creative musicform out there) but this band actually tries a whole lot of new stuff. Track 3 is one of those songs where they mix in a bit of hardcore, its not a good song but they have to get points for trying atleast.
Other good tracks are Wrong side of the tracks, Work hard die young and No piece of mind.
Since they released a new album this year my guess is that this isnt the last we have heard from this band. Nice to see Ohio getting into the game.
This bootleg can be bought from the band at their site.
But if you really want to support the band then buy their new album at these stores:
Dim records
Pure impact

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