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tisdag 31 januari 2012

Offensive weapon (introduction)

New York band that unlike most other new US bands actually is a household name in the Swedish scene (well most know who they are atleast). The band picked up arms in 2005 and rose from the inbreed but great NY scene with Lee on vocals, Julio (Carnage Crew) and Mike (played in Frontline soldiers i think) on guitars, Tynan (Fed Up!) on bass and Alex (Oxblood, Fed Up!, Carnage crew) on drums.
The band recorded a CD in 2008 that didnt get release until early 2010 by Crowbar/Pure impact. This CD was later re-issued on vinyl in early 2011 by the new label WAR. The band was in the making of releasing a demo from 2006 through Crowbar but since the label defunct it never got released.

The band plays a pro-patriotic Oi! with obvious influences from their other bands like Fed up! but also other NY bands like Skin disorder.

måndag 30 januari 2012

The trouble - Nothing left to say 7'' (2010)

01. Panic fit
02. Self destruct
03. Short song
04. Brighton roof

Released by Painkiller Records in 2010.

Another old band that gets their lost songs released in 2010.

The a-side consists of rare compilation tracks and the b-side consists of previously unreleased songs that where recorded in the late 90's before the group split up.

The band is one of my favourite US acts and their Nobody laughs anymore is one of the best soft-oi! releases in the 90's. This is why i was a bit dissapointed when i heard this release. Sure it's nice to get anything new from this longgone group but it just doesnt keep up with the bands old standard.

Brighton roof is a killer track and stands tall with their old songs but other than that i could have lived without this EP.
The record was limited to 360 copies and has as far as i know been sold out from all the distros.

Youthful offenders - The parole tapes 7'' (2010)

01. Never hurts to try
02. For us
03. Face up to it (Warzone cover)
04. Iron chin (The bruisers cover)

Released by Dim Records in 2010.

This Connecticut band is since long gone but these lost songs found their way out of the darkness. The sleeve claims the songs where recorded back in 2000 and it's nice to see them finally get released.

Youthful offenders are far from my favourite band but for a HC/Oi! hybrid (something i am not that attracted to) they always sounded good to me.

For us is by far the best song on the album and their cover of Face up to it is a solid song. A good album but also probably a record i will never listen to again.
Be sure to buy it if you like it at these distros:
Dim Records

söndag 29 januari 2012

Better rips of old records.

First of all sorry to anyone who has mailed me about re-uploading albums. I dotted them all down on a list but deleted the list by accident. If you want an album that cant be downloaded anymore please comment here or send me an email about it.

Will start to review new stuff next week.

Uploaded better rips and full covert-arts of:
The pillage - We bear arms (2007)
Pissed on arrival - Here we go again (2004)

Thanks for the rips Hagbard.

fredag 27 januari 2012

Musicvideo for Living in America by Wellington arms

Another one sent in by the band but a proper video this time. Killer song!!!!!

Wellington arms wierdness featuring Eric

Have no idea what he is doing here but i guess thats what bordom does for you. The actual song starts at 3:30.

torsdag 26 januari 2012


Due to the lack of any real life and the recent problems with uploadingsites i put some time in creating a new site. It's called VHS-PLOITATION and is something i never really got around to back when i had the Fuck yeah site. It was supposed to be on there but i just never got around to it so now i give it it's own site. I will add new content on that site about once a month.
Anyone up for a good laugh give it a visit.

tisdag 24 januari 2012

Waiting for better days

After the recent federal takedown of Megaupload over 15 other uploadingsites has either been taken down or have disabled themselfs to avoid lawsuits. I had half of my albums posted on these sites (mainly Megaupload, Wu-upload and Filesonic) and i think most of them are lost forever.
Both Rapidshare and Mediafire are still up and remain unaffected by recent events but for how long? I will simply wait and see what happens or wait for an alternative site that is 100% secure from government involvment (i have heard that the hackers in Anonymous are working on a site like this as an answer to the whole Megaupload event).
Why? I simply dont want to re-upload the albums every single week because the site i used got shut down.

måndag 23 januari 2012

Killroy musicvideos of songs that still hasnt been released.

Hope these songs will get a release since they all are top songs. If all songs sound like this maybe we can finally se a proper comeback from the band. (Yeah the videos are still full of pornactresses)

Two videoversions of Killroy's song So what?

The girl dancing on stage is called Tori Lane and is a known pornactress to anyone who's been single for atleast two weeks in their life. After seing her "acting punk" and "dancing" and only having her skills of sucking dick to compare to i can easily say she shouldnt quit the cocksucking business.

Killroy - Football chants & angry rants CD (2006)

01. Fighting in the stands
02. Rush the door
03. D-generation
04. 99 bottles
05. So what?
06. Here we go
07. Last resort
08. Late again
09. Heads kicked in
10. Out of control
11. Gas mask
12. Say it with soul
13. Al's favourite song
14. Bad man (Cockney rejects cover)
15. West end kids

Released by Mental Records in 2006.

The comback after more than 20 years of silence near to completly original lineup with the addition of a new drummer named Gene Trautman. Even if most songs on the record are from old releases they have all been remade for this release.

I cant really shit on this release just because it isnt as good as their old stuff. Take in to consideration that the members have 20 more years under the belt and might not sound that current in the 00's. A lot of my old favourites are here and even if they might not be as good as the old versions songs like D-generation and Gas mask still packs a heavy punch of oldschool punkrock. New tracks like Out of control and Rush the door might both sound a bit to friendly to classify as anything else than streetpunk but are still great songs. And on to the not so good things with the cd....

Their Sham 69 tribute (or steal) called Heads kicked in is nothing but a bunch of old guys trying to make Oi! like it used to sound, having a gangchanting chorus going "Gonna kick their fucking heads in" requires atleast a bit of aggro from the vocalist side. The whole song is a rip-off (or tribute to) Borstal breakout but just doesnt sound good in any way.
The price of turdiest song must go to the "icehockey fightsongsounding" song Here we go. Words cant describe how awefull it is and has to be heard to understand.

All in all its nice to see a classic band like this get together but during their years of producing porn it just seems as if something got lost on the way.
The record can be bought at most big recordcompanies like Amazon and CD universe. Just google and you cant miss it.

söndag 22 januari 2012

The laaand of the freeeee and the............ wait they did what?

Megaupload has now been taken down by the forces of freedom. Never again will the citicens of the free world unknowingly take part in the criminal activity against recordlabels and the pornindustry that takes place every day online.
Since half my uploads where on megaupload there is not a chance in hell that i will upload them all again so please just send me a reupload mail or comment on the post and i will write down the album and reupload them sometime in the future.

fredag 20 januari 2012

Video for Rush the door by Killroy

When the band got back together in 2006 theyrecorded this song and made this video as a tribute to the old days. Some nice footage from old tours etc and a good song.

Killroy - Believe in the ruins 12''EP (1984)

01. Say it with soul
02. Last resort
03. Believe in the ruins
04. Red alert
05. The battle
06. No more tourists

Released by Upstart Records in 1984.

I have never actually seen this record in real life and all i have is this digital format so i cant say much about members etc. Dont even know if Peter test tube is actually featured on the record or not as the front claims.

The sound is more of what was on their first EP. Even if it's not quite as good as previous one it's still a really good record. Best song on the EP is Believe in the ruins.

torsdag 19 januari 2012

Killroy - Selftitled 7'' (1983)

01. 99 bottles
02. D generation
03. 66 big build up
04. Gas mask
05. West end kids

Released by Ghettoway Records in 1983.

One of the first Oi! bands in the states. The band was from California and was started by Tom De Spain on vocals, Eric Troop on guitar, Jim Lane on bass and T-Bone on drums. They where only around for about two years and after releasing their second album in 1984 they went out on a big tour that later resulted in the breakup of the band.
Some of the members went on to other bands while bassist Jim Lane went into producing porn. Under the name Jim Powers his company Powersville Entertainment even made a hardcore flick based on the classic punkmovie Suburbia called Little runaways. that is said to feature some of the original Suburbiacast.
The band got together again in the mid 00's with frontman Jim still in the pornbusiness and released their first proper fulllength in 2006. As far as i know the band is still together and Jim Powers is probably still making porn (400 movies under his belt now).


Even if the band claims to be one of the first Oi! bands (and i dont have the strenght to say anything against that) their sound is more of a laid back punk reminding me about Effigies and US Chaos with some UK influences like Anti-nowhere league and Sham 69 thrown in here and there. The sound is quite catchy and most songs on the EP stand out in their own way. My own personal favourite is D generation.

onsdag 18 januari 2012


Another month another dollar spent on records. But this month is differant since i have finally found and bought the uber-rare LP by The deacons called In the company of dogs + their even more rare 7'' called Greetings from Brooklyn. So since i am free this whole week i can probably squeeze in some rippin time and finally get the Deacons discog on the page that i have been trying to do these last years.

Everybody poops (Bill McFadden) - Random songs

01. Never run
02. Hanging up
03. Rikki Rae

Thanks to Allen Brewer for sending the songs.

Bill McFadden from Beltones and Pink Panzer's latest project before restarting the Beltones. None of the songs ever got released and it all seems like a way for Bill to do what he does best, namely making music and doing shows. Thought it would be cool to upload these songs since his old band is back and playing and hopefully recording some new stuff anytime now.

Just like anything else Bill has been in this is amazing and it still seems like he creates songs for me (i know it sounds emo but thats just how it is). Basicly the only artist who can create lovesongs that means anything (Rikki Rae), still to this day he is one of my top 3 vocalists and songwriters.

tisdag 17 januari 2012

Blue collar criminals - Warrior poets CD (2009)

01. Stand tall
02. We'll fight
03. There's no escape
04. Anything will do
05. What never comes to mind
06. Jimmy hooligan
07. Madison Avenue
08. Mothers little helper (Rolling stones cover)
09. Our way
10. Drunken twice today
11. Warriors (Blitz cover)
12. Tucson city streets
13. The pressure
14. Sid Hatfield

Released by H8-Piece Records in 2009.

A new drummer and second guitarist since both Max and Jeff quit the band inbetween the two releases. Not much improvement on the sound though to be honest. Seems like they pulled all their cards out on the first album and stressed this album to have something to release during their hype after the first album (a hype that was far from deserved).
Dont really know why i have bought both albums since i dont really like any of them, it's not awefull but far from the music i otherwise listen to. Guess it's the conveniance of the record and the fact that they could be bought from nearly every single online-store when where released. Basicly the perfect filler of tiny online shopinwagons (shipping is what costs when ordering from US).

The more i listen to this album i am getting more and more sure that i actually like the band but they seem to be playing all the wrong music. On this album there are around 4 what i would consider good tracks. One is a Blitz cover with a hardcore twist, the other one is a tuned down cover of Mothers little helper by Rolling stones, the third is the aucostic song Sid Hatfield. The fourth song is What never comes to mind and even though it leans more to the hardcore side than anything Oi!ish it's the only punksong originally by the band on the whole record that doesnt give me the feeling that i could be doing something more creative with my time like masturbating or playing PS3 than listening to this shit.

If they ever release a third album i will not buy it unless its an aucostic singalong record cause thats something they actually do good.
With all that said and the grade aside be sure to check out their Rolling stones cover. It is really quite adictive.
The record can be bought at:
Pure impact
Adler versand

Check your spamfolders.

Got some messages lately wondering why i dont answer my emails any more. Well i do.
The thing is my account was hacked a few weeks ago and the person who hacked it sent out tons of spammails to people in my contacts (guess the risk is quite high when psoting my email on this site). Anyway someone reported it as hacked and i had to remake passwords and all that bullshit. Yesterday a friend told me that i now end up in his spamfolder when sending emails so if our online conversation is deadly important then check your spamfolders and find out im not a prick that ends conversations or interviews in the middle of conversations.
(Oh and i also updated my wishlist at the bottom of the site)

söndag 15 januari 2012

Blue collar criminals - Kindred spirits & unheard cries CD (2008)

01. Intro
02. A way of life
03. Aggravated assault
04. Just cant win
05. Carry on strong
06. No such thing
07. Walk of life (Dire straits cover)
08. Drunken phase
09. You made me
10. Working away
11. Just a love to true
12. Goodbye for now
13. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)

Released by H8-Piece Records in 2008.

After the fall of Last laugh Mike and the guitarist started this band. Mike is still on vocals (wich is quite hard to miss), Chas and Max both play guitar, Juan plays bass and Jeff plays drums.

When this record was released i thought it was superb but after listening to it a couple of times it turns into more of a mess or atleast the broken pieces of various things that could have made a great album but not really put together in the best way.
The all-around sound is more than ok but somewhere on the line i just loose intrest in most of the songs. Most of the songs all sound the same wich is ok at most but then here and there some gems can be found. The song Aggravated assault is a good example of how great this band can sound when it's done right. The song has a catchy bassline some good guitar-spots and a catchy melody all mixed in with a great chorus and cliché but fun lyrics. The song No such thing is a whole other story though. The highs and lows in the song feel as if they where arranged by a mongoloid. One of the longest verses (add on that Mike's monotone frogvoice) leading up to one of the most forced singalong choruses i have ever heard. The lyrics are just childish and Mike almost raps in some parts of the song.... and dont get me started on the whole "yo-kid-muttafukka-lingo" that opens up the song.

Their cover on Dire straits song Walk of life is one of the best crossculture covers i have ever heard and for those who cant imagine that song working in a punk/oi kind of way really need to download the album and take a listen. (Duck and cover Vol.2 just found its opening track)
The record can be bought at:

onsdag 11 januari 2012

"Musicvideo" for Cant reach me by No resistance.

No resistance are currently recording new songs.

A raw demoversion of one of their latest recordings called "$4.50". Sounds r,n,r and good as fuck, lets hope the songtitle is the price for their next album.

No resistance - Gentlemen prefer bombs CD (2010)

01. Hate really isn't that strong a word
02. Just want action
03. All i know
04. Nobody
05. Can't reach me
06. Gentlemen prefer bombs
07. I'm surprised you don't remember the last time?

Released by Koi Records in 2010.

Brand new band from Houston Texas and a part of the stream of highly creative bands that has come out of the south these last years.
The band consists of Scott on vocals and bass, Jones on guitar and backing vocs, Chad Brickwall on drums. They play a sort of punk that is shitstained full of candycoated poprock elements but they mix it up with some heavy 80's Oi!drums and a bit of SoCal HC. The end results sound like some wierd cross between Cock sparrer/The germs/Foo fighters. Sounds like a wierd mixture but think a skinhead variety of The buzzcocks and you are almost there.

The band are just like their friends in Roots of exile members of the Brickwall football firm and loyal supporters of Houston Dynamos.


I found out about the band when i bought the split they did with S.S.S.P. in 2011 and was blown away by their song Dont turn to me (can be heard here). Went straight out and bought this full-length but was a little disapointed when i noticed the "full-length" only featured 19 minutes of music but as soon as i put it on that all went away.

As i mentioned before i sometimes get the impression this is Foo fighters growing up on SoCal HC with an Oi!-drummer but i mean that in the nicest way. The songs are sweet but they still have a lot of attitude weaved into it (last song is a good example of this). As soon as they go a bit to sweet in the choruses i loose my intrest bu then they pitch it up in the following verse and bring me over to their side again.

Even if i love most of the songs some of them dont really hit home. I am talking about the song Nobody that just sounds a bit overproduced for my taste and even if this is the song that most people not into oi! will like the most but i just dont understand it.

Best songs on the album are Gentlemen prefer bombs (football drums!!) and Cant reach me, both those tracks are good enough reasons to buying this album.Länk
Lets not forget that this is a debut album. Bottom line is this band does great music but has the potential of doing even better music in the comming years. Looking forward to comming releases.
The record can be (and should be) bought at these stores:
Koi Records

måndag 9 januari 2012

Ukkos jumala - Selftitled 7'' (2001)

01. Kansansankari
02. Julma kohtalo
03. She dont need me

Released by Boards De Seine in 2001.

One of Carl from Templars many sideprojects. This time he traveled to Finland and meet up with the members from Fist season. The meeting only resulted in these three songs as far as i know.

Carl's fetish for Skandinavian culture is well known (the guy even learned to speak Swedish) and it shines through here with all the viking estetics and not to forget the heavy influenses from Swedish band Ultima Thule that can be heard on the first track Kansansankar. Even though i grew up in an area surrounded by a lot of Finland immigrants i can easily say i dont have a clue what any of the 2 finnish-speaking songs is all about. As long as finnish people dont threaten to stab me with a knife or ask me if i have any vodka to offer them i dont have a clue what they say in their native language (sounds racist but it's actually true).

First song is heavily influenced by Swedish vikingrock and even though i was never a huge fan of Fist season i must say that the vocalist does a great job in this song. Sounds brutal and powerful in that "Oden-standing-on-a-hill-with-crossed-arms" kind of way that most vikingsongs do.

Third track has Carl on vocals and has English lyrics. The song is far from viking and reminds me most about the kind of sound that Carl had on his solo-project Stamford bridge. Superb song and all in all an intresting EP worth checking out.
Found one copy for sale at Ebay but other than that it seems to be all sold out.

lördag 7 januari 2012

Maddog surrender - Bethlehem steel CD (2008)

01. Gangbusters
02. Miss dishonesty
03. Nosebleed
04. Slow me down
05. Viva tradition
06. The butcher
07. Sober living
08. Anthem
09. Union strike
10. Something's gotta give
11. Going out in style
12. War machine
13. Not my problem
14. Going down the bar (The wretched ones cover)
The following track was only on their 2010 re-release
15. Fuck 'em up (After the fire cover)

Released by Neck Records in 2008 and later re-released with proper artwork by 4Subculture Records in 2010.

A great record from one of my favourite 00's American Oi! bands. I got their 2008 version sent to me by Neck Records and later bought the re-release so both versions artwork is featured in the download. The re-release is also the reason why i waited with uploading it until now.

It might seem a bit ridiculous that a band of this caliber that has been around since 1999 dont get a proper full-length until 2008 but i guess thats how it often goes.

For those only familuar with the bands old EP's the sound is pretty much the same even if some members fell of on the way. Brent's brutal vocals still intact though. They deliver a slow and rhytmic Oi! with quite many European influences (mainly British) and i can even hear simularitys to later Swedish bands on some tracks. Most songs are about drinking (Going out in style, Going down the bar, Sober living) and they also have a couple of "scenesongs" (Viva tradition, Anthem) but the song that caught me the most is their version of Dutch band After the fire's song. The original was good but i didnt think any of the bands in US liked this "one-ep wonder" enough to do a cover of the song let alone make it even better than the original.

Singalong friendly album of the highest quality by a band that deserve more respect than they have today.
The album is still up for purchase at:
4Subculture records
Dim Records
Pure impact
United riot
Bandworm Records
Rebellion shop
Step-1 Records
Skandinaver kan även slänga iväg ett mail till prettyshittytown@hotmail.com då dom har några ex till salu.

fredag 6 januari 2012

Deadscene - We are the wardogs CD (2010)

01. Timebomb
02. System breakout
03. Never again
04. Ultraviolence
05. Chelloveck one
06. Deadscene forever
07. Force of nature
08. The poor tax
09. It's all for skinhead rock & roll
10. She loves the violence
11. Suits & boots
12. The droog
13. Vengeance
14. We want freedom
15. System breakout (Live 1994)
16. CDMFSOB (Bad posture cover Live 1994)

Released by Skinhead Records in 2010 (not the British label).

A sharp-band from Chicago that supposedly has been around for atleast 16 years now but still i dont know a single soul who has ever heard about them except me. This makes it quite hard to make a bandinfo based on that.

The record was released and recorded by Natassja from Bleach battalion and has that echoing feeling that works so well for her band. It works anything but fine for this band though and the whole record leaves a bad feeling that might explain why no one has ever heard of the band during their 15 year career. Some songs reminded me about old NY bands but only in the way that the NY bands like Oxblood did it soooo much better.
I love underground bands with a dirty sound and some of the bands i review demo's from dont sound much better than this stuff but the only differance is that these bands have been together for about 2 years and they release demo's not fullprice CD's.
I think it's the singer that really gets to me and all the "droogy clockwork orange" bullshit and screamocrap stuff aside it's his complete lack of skills that makes me pissed when listening to this recording (serously listen to track number 13 and tell me you dont want to shut him up).

I dont go out hard towards punkbands anymore since i cant even ride on a small horse let alone a high one. Dont want to hurt anyones feelings or talk shit about any band but:
The record was recorded in 2010 by people that has been playing since 1994. This means that they must be atleast 35 something years old and if nobody in even the underground scene knows you i think its time to throw in the towel or atleast take some time to play punk properly.

Download the album and see for yourselfs what i mean. The score is increased one additional point for the advanced and artisticly creative album-cover though.
Since skinheadrecords.net was hijacked by some anonymous hacker and since it was the only place that sold this album you money is forever saved unlike mine.

onsdag 4 januari 2012

The Aggro-Vators - Discography (1998-2009)

01. Tony Montana
02. Beauty in my twisted mind
03. DVP
04. Hate this place
05. Quarter of a century
06. Goblin
07. Fucked up situation
08. Kilmo's aggro
09. We came for the beer
10. What the fuck?
11. Keep on stompin'
12. All for one
13. All the same to you
14. Sober Contemplation
15. Had To Get On Johnny
16. Feeling The Aggro
17. Aggro Billy
18. New Song
19. Still Pist
20. Spazz Juice
21. Let Down
22. Peeing On An Electric Fence
23. O.D. 300
24. Addiction
25. Binge
26. 2 a.m. Last Round
27. Beauty (live)
28. Hate This Place (live)
29. Please Go Away (live)

Thanks to Brandon from the band for sending me this album.

The band was formed in 1998 by Rhonda on vocals, Jaymi on bass + backup vocals and Luke (ATF, Vanguard, The Hooliganz and Blockhead & the 454's) on guitar. They didnt really have a dedicated fulltime drummer and seemed to change it for every liveshow they did. The band took a timeout in 2002 after recording a demo and some livesongs.

In 2004 the band came back with Rhonda and Jaymi on their old positions but Luke had switched to drums and picking up the guitar in his place was John. This lineup recorded the Strike back CD (tracks 20-26) before John left the band.
The same year Luke's other band Blockhead & the 454's ended and Luke brought with him the bassplayer Brandon to fill the gap that John left. Brandon (also played with Luke in ATF) had never played guitar before but was an old fan of the band so he actually lied and said he could play guitar. Understanding what he had just done he ran out to the nearest pawnshop and bought himself a guitar. After just a week of practice he joined them for the first recordings and the result was We came for the beer CD (tracks 1-9) that wierdly enough are the best songs by the band.

The band did some shows adn in 2006 they recorded their selftitled album (tracks 10-19). The band stayed together and played a couple of liveshows but never recorded anything new. The band split up in 2009.

Since i am a huge music-nerd i love these sort of records compiling the big recordings, something many bands have started doing lately and last year we had both Squiggy, The outsiders and Immoral discipline releasing simulair records. Brings information and fills the gaps and is something that a normal "greatest hits" record could never do.

So what do we have here exactly? A female-fronted punkband with elements of screamo crustieness ey? Hate both things so imagine my surprise when i first heard the band and actually bloody loved it. What is even more strange is that it's the screamo parts that i enjoy the most.

First thing that struck me when listening to the album was the intense and catchy bassbeating on the songs made by Jaymi. I fucking love this girl. She does the backup singing to (or more of screaming) and sounds like a drunk beggarlady that we have in my hometown called Skrik-Åsa. Just like Skrik-Åsa she sounds completly mad and mentally instable but to be honest i would rather hang out and chare a beer with this two Aggro-Vator than Jenny Woo anyday.

The main vocalist Rhonda does a decent job to and doesnt fall into the same trap of retardednes as many female punk vocalists before her has done. She delivers and she does it dispite her genital handicap.

The bands ability of mixing in quite rhytmic sections among all the Jaymi-madness is something that you will notice allready on the second track. The track has some simple yet catchy guitarsparts provided by Brandon and its hard to hear that he only had one week of playing guitar in his resume when recording this.

As great as the band idea and sound might be it gets a bit tedious on the 20+tracks. This only showed that the band got better and more experimental in their later "carrer".

Best track on the record are Beauty in my twisted mind, Keep on stompin, We came for the beer (where Jaymi sounds like my friends 3-year old girl on an aggro sugar rush) and Fucked up situation.
9/10 (since it contains songs from real CD's i treat it like a real release and grade it)

måndag 2 januari 2012

Old glory's bandhistory.

Ever since i got my hands on their untitled demo and some livefootage i have wondered about the bands history and possible future. The band noticed my huge questionmark when writing about them and provided me with some bandhistory. If you missed them when i uploaded them early last year than just click Old glory in the tag's section.
The following text was writen by the band themselfs//Bernando

Old Glory was formed in north Jersey in January 2007 and the founding members of the band were Sean, Jimmy, Nick and Ian.

A bit of history first: Jimmy and Nick had previously played in the local hardcore/thrash band Nicky Shitz and the Slutty Nuns and had then joined Ian to back our friend Erik’s Danish Oi/Psycho band the Wrecking Dead (which was based out of New Jersey at the time). Jimmy, Nick and Ian then helped to co-write and recorded the Wrecking Dead’s demo CD “The New Breed” and played local NYC/NJ shows and eventually did a 2 week tour of the western part of the US in 2006. This partnership ended when Erik relocated to Los Angeles – he has since continued on, releasing a full length entitled “Viking Rock n Roll” in 2011.

It was after the end of our tour of duty with the Wrecking Dead that we met Sean, a bassist who wanted to revive the NJ scene and begin a band. Sean came from an Army background, having been a tanker for 4 years, and brought that discipline to the band. We began jamming in January, 2007 and pretty quickly created a set entirely of originals and had the first show on April 27th with our friends the Turnpike Wrecks. We had known Ed, their bassist, for many years, as he was active in the NYC/NJ underground music scene.The Wrecks gave us our start, helped us to get shows with other quality bands (Hub City Stompers, Wretched Ones, Lousy Break, Armed Suspects, Step2Far, Band of Felons, Murphy’s Law, Razorblade Handgrenade, Joe Coffee, Stigma, etc.) and always had a spot for us to play, they were really a massive help and good guys as well. We played 18 shows – including the East Coast Oi Fest of 2008 - our last show being January 24, 2009 with Ian on bass and vocals. Along the way, with help from our friend Quincy (now drumming for Murphy’s Law) we had recorded a rough demo with the early songs in 2008 which was given away to our friends and to other bands we played with. It was a good run and we made a lot of friends and had some great times along the way.
In the new year 2012, Jimmy, Nick and Ian are currently starting to play as Arsenal 76, carrying on a few of the songs from the Old Glory days plus a bunch of brand new material that hasn’t yet been played live. Looking to also record a full-length in 2012.

Those interested may reach us at the below email address: