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måndag 9 januari 2012

Ukkos jumala - Selftitled 7'' (2001)

01. Kansansankari
02. Julma kohtalo
03. She dont need me

Released by Boards De Seine in 2001.

One of Carl from Templars many sideprojects. This time he traveled to Finland and meet up with the members from Fist season. The meeting only resulted in these three songs as far as i know.

Carl's fetish for Skandinavian culture is well known (the guy even learned to speak Swedish) and it shines through here with all the viking estetics and not to forget the heavy influenses from Swedish band Ultima Thule that can be heard on the first track Kansansankar. Even though i grew up in an area surrounded by a lot of Finland immigrants i can easily say i dont have a clue what any of the 2 finnish-speaking songs is all about. As long as finnish people dont threaten to stab me with a knife or ask me if i have any vodka to offer them i dont have a clue what they say in their native language (sounds racist but it's actually true).

First song is heavily influenced by Swedish vikingrock and even though i was never a huge fan of Fist season i must say that the vocalist does a great job in this song. Sounds brutal and powerful in that "Oden-standing-on-a-hill-with-crossed-arms" kind of way that most vikingsongs do.

Third track has Carl on vocals and has English lyrics. The song is far from viking and reminds me most about the kind of sound that Carl had on his solo-project Stamford bridge. Superb song and all in all an intresting EP worth checking out.
Found one copy for sale at Ebay but other than that it seems to be all sold out.

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  1. Please, PLEASE re-upload this. I can't find it anywhere else.