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måndag 2 januari 2012

Old glory's bandhistory.

Ever since i got my hands on their untitled demo and some livefootage i have wondered about the bands history and possible future. The band noticed my huge questionmark when writing about them and provided me with some bandhistory. If you missed them when i uploaded them early last year than just click Old glory in the tag's section.
The following text was writen by the band themselfs//Bernando

Old Glory was formed in north Jersey in January 2007 and the founding members of the band were Sean, Jimmy, Nick and Ian.

A bit of history first: Jimmy and Nick had previously played in the local hardcore/thrash band Nicky Shitz and the Slutty Nuns and had then joined Ian to back our friend Erik’s Danish Oi/Psycho band the Wrecking Dead (which was based out of New Jersey at the time). Jimmy, Nick and Ian then helped to co-write and recorded the Wrecking Dead’s demo CD “The New Breed” and played local NYC/NJ shows and eventually did a 2 week tour of the western part of the US in 2006. This partnership ended when Erik relocated to Los Angeles – he has since continued on, releasing a full length entitled “Viking Rock n Roll” in 2011.

It was after the end of our tour of duty with the Wrecking Dead that we met Sean, a bassist who wanted to revive the NJ scene and begin a band. Sean came from an Army background, having been a tanker for 4 years, and brought that discipline to the band. We began jamming in January, 2007 and pretty quickly created a set entirely of originals and had the first show on April 27th with our friends the Turnpike Wrecks. We had known Ed, their bassist, for many years, as he was active in the NYC/NJ underground music scene.The Wrecks gave us our start, helped us to get shows with other quality bands (Hub City Stompers, Wretched Ones, Lousy Break, Armed Suspects, Step2Far, Band of Felons, Murphy’s Law, Razorblade Handgrenade, Joe Coffee, Stigma, etc.) and always had a spot for us to play, they were really a massive help and good guys as well. We played 18 shows – including the East Coast Oi Fest of 2008 - our last show being January 24, 2009 with Ian on bass and vocals. Along the way, with help from our friend Quincy (now drumming for Murphy’s Law) we had recorded a rough demo with the early songs in 2008 which was given away to our friends and to other bands we played with. It was a good run and we made a lot of friends and had some great times along the way.
In the new year 2012, Jimmy, Nick and Ian are currently starting to play as Arsenal 76, carrying on a few of the songs from the Old Glory days plus a bunch of brand new material that hasn’t yet been played live. Looking to also record a full-length in 2012.

Those interested may reach us at the below email address:


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