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måndag 30 januari 2012

The trouble - Nothing left to say 7'' (2010)

01. Panic fit
02. Self destruct
03. Short song
04. Brighton roof

Released by Painkiller Records in 2010.

Another old band that gets their lost songs released in 2010.

The a-side consists of rare compilation tracks and the b-side consists of previously unreleased songs that where recorded in the late 90's before the group split up.

The band is one of my favourite US acts and their Nobody laughs anymore is one of the best soft-oi! releases in the 90's. This is why i was a bit dissapointed when i heard this release. Sure it's nice to get anything new from this longgone group but it just doesnt keep up with the bands old standard.

Brighton roof is a killer track and stands tall with their old songs but other than that i could have lived without this EP.
The record was limited to 360 copies and has as far as i know been sold out from all the distros.

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