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tisdag 17 januari 2012

Blue collar criminals - Warrior poets CD (2009)

01. Stand tall
02. We'll fight
03. There's no escape
04. Anything will do
05. What never comes to mind
06. Jimmy hooligan
07. Madison Avenue
08. Mothers little helper (Rolling stones cover)
09. Our way
10. Drunken twice today
11. Warriors (Blitz cover)
12. Tucson city streets
13. The pressure
14. Sid Hatfield

Released by H8-Piece Records in 2009.

A new drummer and second guitarist since both Max and Jeff quit the band inbetween the two releases. Not much improvement on the sound though to be honest. Seems like they pulled all their cards out on the first album and stressed this album to have something to release during their hype after the first album (a hype that was far from deserved).
Dont really know why i have bought both albums since i dont really like any of them, it's not awefull but far from the music i otherwise listen to. Guess it's the conveniance of the record and the fact that they could be bought from nearly every single online-store when where released. Basicly the perfect filler of tiny online shopinwagons (shipping is what costs when ordering from US).

The more i listen to this album i am getting more and more sure that i actually like the band but they seem to be playing all the wrong music. On this album there are around 4 what i would consider good tracks. One is a Blitz cover with a hardcore twist, the other one is a tuned down cover of Mothers little helper by Rolling stones, the third is the aucostic song Sid Hatfield. The fourth song is What never comes to mind and even though it leans more to the hardcore side than anything Oi!ish it's the only punksong originally by the band on the whole record that doesnt give me the feeling that i could be doing something more creative with my time like masturbating or playing PS3 than listening to this shit.

If they ever release a third album i will not buy it unless its an aucostic singalong record cause thats something they actually do good.
With all that said and the grade aside be sure to check out their Rolling stones cover. It is really quite adictive.
The record can be bought at:
Pure impact
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