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onsdag 11 januari 2012

No resistance - Gentlemen prefer bombs CD (2010)

01. Hate really isn't that strong a word
02. Just want action
03. All i know
04. Nobody
05. Can't reach me
06. Gentlemen prefer bombs
07. I'm surprised you don't remember the last time?

Released by Koi Records in 2010.

Brand new band from Houston Texas and a part of the stream of highly creative bands that has come out of the south these last years.
The band consists of Scott on vocals and bass, Jones on guitar and backing vocs, Chad Brickwall on drums. They play a sort of punk that is shitstained full of candycoated poprock elements but they mix it up with some heavy 80's Oi!drums and a bit of SoCal HC. The end results sound like some wierd cross between Cock sparrer/The germs/Foo fighters. Sounds like a wierd mixture but think a skinhead variety of The buzzcocks and you are almost there.

The band are just like their friends in Roots of exile members of the Brickwall football firm and loyal supporters of Houston Dynamos.


I found out about the band when i bought the split they did with S.S.S.P. in 2011 and was blown away by their song Dont turn to me (can be heard here). Went straight out and bought this full-length but was a little disapointed when i noticed the "full-length" only featured 19 minutes of music but as soon as i put it on that all went away.

As i mentioned before i sometimes get the impression this is Foo fighters growing up on SoCal HC with an Oi!-drummer but i mean that in the nicest way. The songs are sweet but they still have a lot of attitude weaved into it (last song is a good example of this). As soon as they go a bit to sweet in the choruses i loose my intrest bu then they pitch it up in the following verse and bring me over to their side again.

Even if i love most of the songs some of them dont really hit home. I am talking about the song Nobody that just sounds a bit overproduced for my taste and even if this is the song that most people not into oi! will like the most but i just dont understand it.

Best songs on the album are Gentlemen prefer bombs (football drums!!) and Cant reach me, both those tracks are good enough reasons to buying this album.Länk
Lets not forget that this is a debut album. Bottom line is this band does great music but has the potential of doing even better music in the comming years. Looking forward to comming releases.
The record can be (and should be) bought at these stores:
Koi Records

4 kommentarer:

  1. Amazing band!!! Can't wait to hear split with S.S.S.P.!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. just bought the sssp split. great band

  3. American football firms, so it has come to this...

  4. check: http://www.emptyhandspvd.com/2010/12/sssp-no-resistance-split-7-review.html

    but yeah - this release, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", is the greatest thing. I am still playing it in heavy rotation 1 year later after buying it. The sound is so cool. just perfect. BUY IT!! stoked to hear some new stuff will be coming out