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torsdag 19 januari 2012

Killroy - Selftitled 7'' (1983)

01. 99 bottles
02. D generation
03. 66 big build up
04. Gas mask
05. West end kids

Released by Ghettoway Records in 1983.

One of the first Oi! bands in the states. The band was from California and was started by Tom De Spain on vocals, Eric Troop on guitar, Jim Lane on bass and T-Bone on drums. They where only around for about two years and after releasing their second album in 1984 they went out on a big tour that later resulted in the breakup of the band.
Some of the members went on to other bands while bassist Jim Lane went into producing porn. Under the name Jim Powers his company Powersville Entertainment even made a hardcore flick based on the classic punkmovie Suburbia called Little runaways. that is said to feature some of the original Suburbiacast.
The band got together again in the mid 00's with frontman Jim still in the pornbusiness and released their first proper fulllength in 2006. As far as i know the band is still together and Jim Powers is probably still making porn (400 movies under his belt now).


Even if the band claims to be one of the first Oi! bands (and i dont have the strenght to say anything against that) their sound is more of a laid back punk reminding me about Effigies and US Chaos with some UK influences like Anti-nowhere league and Sham 69 thrown in here and there. The sound is quite catchy and most songs on the EP stand out in their own way. My own personal favourite is D generation.

4 kommentarer:

  1. No one from the suburbia cast was in that movie, according to IMDB Collaborations and Overlaps.
    Could have used a different name, but it was 10 years later so they might not have needed the money.

  2. Ghettoway was a subsidiary of Mystic Records and this thing has Doug Moody written all over it (including the insert). These guys are 100% certified Mystic slop and that stuff never gets old with me. The guy owned his own studio and all the bands that came out of there had that "Mystic sound" to them, whatever the style. The guy allegedly also recorded porno soundtracks in that studio, as well. Plenty of similar stuff posted at my blog, as Mystic is one of my all-time favorite labels.

  3. The band DI is in Suburbia and Little Runaway and their singer, Casey Royer, gets a blow job in the end of little runaway.