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tisdag 29 november 2011

V/A - American skinheads armed with the truth LP (2006)

01. Nation of suspects - S.Y.C.
02. Last laugh - No truce be drawn
03. Last laugh - A night out
04. Nobody's fools - Bomb the Taliban
05. Nobody's fools - Hooligans in the night
06. Second to none - Brigate morte
07. Second to none - Lost cause
08. Lonesoldier - Wonderful world (4-skins cover)
09. The offensive - Reaction rock
10. The offensive - American defense
11. Straight laced - Pride & freedom
12. Straight laced - Violence on the streets
13. Working class soldiers - Gay bash
14. Working class soldiers - Patriot
15. The pillage - Workin' man's despair
16. The pillage - Theme

Released by American Defense Recordings in 2006.

A record overlooked by most people because of the not so comfortable messages being portrayed on the album but at the same time it's probably the only compilation even comming close to the same attitude and standard that the classic The spirit of Oi! - American style records had.

This first LP is far from as good as the second volume was but it still has some great bands and some of what i believe where the best around at this time.

The album is dedicated to the spirit of American imperialism and the ideals of John O' Sullivan. For those out there that know their American history or are as much of history nerds as i am will know what to expect from the record.

It starts of as weak as any record can possibly start of, namely with the band Nation of suspects throwing of one of their few not so awefull songs. Never understood the thing with this band and i dont tend to do so lets skip to the second band on the comp.
Last laugh that nowdays go under the name of Blue Collar Criminals serve up two exclusive songs of high quality. This is a band who's vocalist you either hate or love and as hard as it might be to hear the lyrics i think No truce be drawn is one of the better songs on the album.

Nobody's fool that would later become Call to arms where one of 00's most overlooked bands. Both songs where on their EP and both are good in their own way even though Bomb the taliban might sound a bit extreme this far after 9/11.

Holding the banner for all the streetpunks is Second to none on another quite skinhead-oriented record. Not the best band though.

Lonesoldier (whatever happened to them by the way) is a great band but go the easy way and make a cover of a song that is much better in it's original state.

The big mystery on the album is the rightwinged rockers of The offensive. They did a song for the second volume as well and i never really found any information or other material by the band. Their sound is a quick and raw Oi! sound with far from happy lyrics. Their first track is about beating up leftwinged punks closely followed by a song about killing terrorists.... and i love every second of it. Not for the politically incorrect lyrics (kill that dirty Saudie) but more for the fact that they remind me so much about the "fuck all" attitude and sound of older and greater bands.

Straight laced trying to blend in is like Obama trying to blend into the exterior of the whitehouse but even though their sound is a bit odd on a comp like this they will still manage to charm or piss off the listeners with their fake British accents.

A superb record with a few shortcommings. The classy design and plentyfull information on the bands appearing that comes with it is reason enough to pay for a physical copy. My only question is what the hell where they thinking when they put Nation of suspects first and The pillage last?
The record can still be bought at:
Diehard Records

måndag 28 november 2011

V/A - This is our culture (2011)

01. Bleach battalion - Hatred
02. Bleach battalion - Loyalty
03. Ressiduo - Cabeza Rapada (Colombia)
04. Ressiduo - Nuestra Tierra (Colombia)
05. Youngblood - Fist City (After Hours Version)
06. Armada Oi! - Orgullo Skinhead (Peru)
07. Armada Oi! - Anos De Dolor (Peru)
08. Spirit of The Patriot - Fuck It
09. Combate 49 - Flagburner
10. Combate 49 - Somos Patriotas
11. Sangre X Sangre - Mato comunistas por diversion (?)
12. Sangre X Sangre - Traicion a la patria (?)
13. Fighting 84 - Black Power
14. Fighting 84 - Class Rage
15. Fighting 84 - Love Handles
16. Major dissapointment - Tax Is Control
17. Major dissapointment - Working Poor

Released as a free online compilation by A Dying Breed Records in 2011.

Cheers to Brandon from Fighting 84 and A Dying Breed Records for sending me this compilation and also thanks for compiling it and distributing it for free.

The record consist of current and active Oi! and RAC bands from both North and South America. All of them are sharing their songs without any money comming back to them from the comp. You see this is the way you have to go when you are a struggling band in an underground scene. No matter what ideas some freshcrops in their 40's might have given you the last year it's not as easy as simply saying you are a skinhead then later getting a phonecall from Oi! the boat Records telling you they will release 3 ep's in a year with a thousand pressings each. No you actually have to do demo after demo and juggle the role as your own manager and being a punk rockstar with your everyday 9to5. Some actually have to struggle for their piece of the cake.

The band called Major dissapointment got thrown in last on the comp but should have been put first if you ask me. They popped up from nowhere last year and released their superb Squiggy sounding CD. I will try to make an interview with the band in the future to find out who they really are.
Combate 49 has dropped their Spanish songs and are yet again focusing on making music everyone can understand. The song Flagburner is freakishly simulair to First strike's sound both in lyrical content and delivery and that is always positive in my book.
Armada Oi is a new acquaintance to me. Great sounding and unpollished Oi! from Peru.

Have no idea what the band called Sangre X Sangre is trying to do but it doesnt sound good at any point of the songs they have here. A female with questionable vocals that gets raped and sodomiced musically by some smurfsounding backupvocalist in the choruses.
Youngblood is up there with Arresting officers as a band that looses me PC points in my US recordcollection. Their Final war record is a living legend with a perfect sound but i must say i dont really understand what the hell they are trying to sound like here. Sounds soft and disgusting like a playboy teaseflick filled with 50 yearold crackwhores.

No matter what you might think about the record and the bands appearing on it it's a showcase of the modern crop of bootboys that dont really get a showcase in the modern scene. Secondly it's totally free so who can complain really.

lördag 26 november 2011

Straight laced - All laced up CD + more (2004-2006)

01. Street bussines
02. Violence on the streets
03. Punch drunk
04. Code of conduct
05. Pride & freedom
06. In the city
07. Working class kids
08. Power & glory
09. The alleys
10. Ideals
11. New hair do
12. Fuck you!
13. Baba o'Riley (The who cover)
14. All the day and all the night (The kinks cover)
15. My generation (The who cover)
16. Paint it black (Rolling stones cover)
17. Tuff guys (Cock Sparrer cover)
18. Violence in our minds (The last resort cover)

I think this is the complete collection of what the band recorded. The upload contains their All laced up CD (was never released though) and also their EP of covers.

(Update April 7 2012: Since Megaupload went dark and brought this album with them i have now uploaded it again.)

The band came from Kentucky and consisted of Shadwick Wilde on guitar and vocals, Graham Goff also he on vocals and guitar (but he played drums on liveshows) and Adam Buntain on bass and backup vocals. Unlike most other band looking into the US hardcore scene this band looked overseas at what wetn on in UK during the 70-80's. The band was featured on some comps and was well liked by most but never got a serious shot at releasing their songs.
The band is currently not active.

When someone is talking about being stuck in the 80's this is the band that plays in the background. If you would have just heard the songs there would be no chance in hell that you would pinpoint them into a garage in Kentucky in 2005. They sound like a mixture of early Cock Sparrer or Cockney Rejects mixed with Rolling stones and Skrewdriver. Some might slag them of as trying to be British but in my oppinion it is more of a great tribute to the old scene.

The band borrows more than most bands do though... so much to the point of me actually refusing to believe that Violence on the streets and New hair do are their songs. It's like a timemachine back to the glorydays of soft-Oi! in UK when Oi!bands where climbing the charts against all odds.
Even if every single song has parts stolen from old songs it's done so good that i dont even care. Even most songtitles are stolen and the albumcover is a straight steal/flirt with Skrewdriver.

The fact that they also pay tribute to early rocklegends like The who and The kinks just makes me like them more.

torsdag 24 november 2011

Strong island boot boys - Guilty demo (2005)

01. S.I.B.B. stomp (intro)
02. Scared of no one
03. Guilty
04. United skins
05. Pitbull breed

Update 5 December 2011: United Riot Records just mailed and told me they where going to release this demo as an Ep in 2012. They did not in any way TELL ME to take down the link but i will do it so that the ep can sell some copies. The label has always been fair about old uploads so i do this out of respect.

A demo by a young skinheadband out of New York that deadcomedian sent me way back (thanks). Also thanks to Jay IRC for converting the files.
The band are no longer together since one of their members moved to Chile but the rest of the members are still in the scene from what i understand though they never got to release a proper record. They claim a crew called S.I.B.B. that i never heard of nore do i care but i know they move around the same circles as Offensive weapon, Fed Up! and Skin disorder.

Just like Skin disorder they play a sort of take no prisoners rough Oi! heavily influenced by the rightwinged UK Oi! of the 80's. I first heard the band on a compilation United Riot put out in 2006. Liked them straight away and their song Pitbull breed is the kind of heavy sound i love in US Oi!. The rest of the songs might not be ass great but it's damn sure better than most other bullshit that got record deals around this time.
Link removed because of a re-release in 2012.

Pist'n'broke - Detroit cassette (1993)

01. Skinhead 4 life
02. Fridays children
03. A new day
04. I've been
05. Ireland
06. My girl
07. Pist'n'broke
08. Living in the ghetto (live)

Released by Sonic Aggression Records in 1993.

Thanks to Roughcut85 for this one.

Classic cassette by classic band. All songs where on their discography LP that i uploaded last year but someone might want this one to.
Few bands have gotten the combination of saxophone and punk as solid as this band did. Solid lyrics, great vocalist and quite dancefriendly from start to finish.
Last year i heard rumours about a reunion and a new album was supposed to be released. Anybody know what happened?

måndag 21 november 2011

söndag 20 november 2011

Trailer for upcomming Compilation.

Dying Breed Records will release an Oi!/RAC compilation next week with bands from both north and south America. Some of the bands are Youngblood, Fighting 84, Combate 49, Suckered in and Spirit of the patriot. The cd will be entitled This is our culture and will be completly free to download here on USofOiofSweden. Keep your eyes peeled for it during the upcomming weeks.
Cheers Brandon!

lördag 19 november 2011

Jack the lad & Les partisans - Clockwork anthems Vol.2 LP (1996)

01. Jack the lad - I believe
02. Jack the lad - Wardreams
03. Jack the lad - Shot em up
04. Jack the lad - Never forget
05. Jack the lad - Lovers lane
06. Jack the lad - Burning cities
07. Jack the lad - Jack the lad
08. Jack the lad - Business man
09. Jack the lad - Let down
10. Les partisans - L'an 2000
11. Les partisans - Génération inutile
12. Les partisans - Sous la pluie, Rude Boys
13. Les partisans - Nouvelles frontières
14. Les partisans - 1000 couleurs
15. Les partisans - Réalité
16. Les partisans - Les jeunes dragons
17. Les partisans - Télésurveillance
18. Les partisans - Partisans

Released by Mad Butcher Records in 1996.

Thanks to Hans-Olivier for the great ripping of the record. You saved 40 minutes of my time since i only had to photo the cover.

When i reviewed volume one i questioned what they where thinking with the coverart. Just guess how happy i was to see the exact same coverart being used again for volume two. Not only did the personel over at Mad Butcher posses extremly bad taste but they where also a bunch of lazy fucks.

Another issue i had with volume one was the lack of any exclusive songs by the band. Since i have a bit of a hate/hate/hate relationship with Les partisans i cant speak for those songs but the Lads songs are basicly their 2 EP's + one new song.

Jack the lad is one of those bands you just cant disslike. their music dont really stand out but they always had a good quality on the stuff they released. Plus having Mark Magee (Condemned 84 and Anti-heros) on guitar just cant go wrong.
Their only new song called I believe is superb with an anti-government patriotic message. Their songs about the raceriots (Burning cities) and staying true to the scene (Let down) are as good as i remember them and saves an otherwise doomed album.

Les partisans are just plain bad if you ask me. They could have been good and by god do they try. They end up failing big time on most songs though when they skip and jump like a kindergarden schoolband everytime they go from verse to chorus. Two of their songs are decent but the rest of them i turned of after a minute in. Just not my kind of music.

fredag 18 november 2011

Live footage with Hammer and the nails.

Footage was shot earlier this year. Thanks to SmokeSignalsFTR for the footage.

Sleeping giant

Kept alive

Set to ruin

Warheads (UK Subs cover)

Legistation not rehabilitation

Ten fingers


Hammer and the nails - Set to ruin DEMOCD (2009)

01. Product of this modern age
02. Dirty cop
03. Legislation not rehabilitation
04. Set to ruin

(Updated 15 April 2012: Uploaded the album again.)

Demo released and sold by the band through Rock'N'Roll Disgrace Records. As usual when dealing with R'N'R Disgrace it was handnumbred and extremly limited to 15 copies (i actually have a T&The Terrors Lp that is handnumbred to 30 copies haha).

A Boston band consisting of Brian on guitar and vocals, Lance on leadguitar, Greg on bass and James on drums. All members come from old Boston band such as Close Call and Fit For Abuse but unlike those bands this one is more of a rhytmic Oi! project.

The band has been around since early 2001 but never really found the energy to take the band out of the garagestage untill now. They released their debut last year and from what i have heard they are currently recording new songs for upcomming releases.

The band relies quite strong on their vocalist who has a battleram of a voice. Add to that superb and catchy drumming and solid guitarplay.

Wont upload their EP because of the fact that it's still under heavy rotation in distros. But pick it up... you wont be dissapointed.

torsdag 17 november 2011

Lyrics for Rabid dogs by Pistol grip

Make way from the underground comin' like a pack of rabid dogs
Gypsies plunder for your loot like a pack of rabid dogs
Political seats compete like a pack of rabid dogs
Skinheads puttin' in the boot like a pack of rabid dogs

Everybody on the run, gonna make 'em all bleed
Blood runnin' over me from a rabid way to go, get it, gonna get you
Gonna make em' all bleed

Contras fighting for their rights like a pack of rabid dogs
Soldiers killing on the sly like a pack of rabid dogs
Catholics foaming at the mouth like a pack of rabid dogs
Fundamentalists flying through the sky like a pack of rabid dogs

Ollie ollie oxen free come step outside
Don't delay the inevitable ripping of your hide
Just like a pack of rabid dogs devoid of aim
We're gonna be quick to erect a crypt that bares your name

Pistol grip - Machines of string theory in C#M DIGICD (2007)

01. Rabid dogs
02. Night will fall
03. Hallucination hallway
04. Doran
05. Reeperbahn
06. No romance
07. Smoke
08. 7647060
09. Ordinary world
10. Somebody kill me
11. Cuervo night resurrection
12. Even the wicked
13. Decade pt.I
14. Decade pt.II

Released as a digital download by the band on their myspace page in 2007. The label was titled the same as their selfreleased EP, namely Lotus Limited. The band later added the album to I-tunes and Amazon's digital market in 2009.

After two quite bad albums the band stoped dreaming about MTV fame and delivered a genious album if you ask me. Many people claim it sounds like their first album but i beg to differ. If their first album was a good showcase of how streetpunk actually can sound when made right this is more an album showcasing what a bastard child from Tiger army, Joy division and Badlands could sound like if it lived in Stockholm and listened to Dim's rebellion.

As those who have listened to my posts at Down underground know i have a quite large and broadminded musical taste (as well as political) so Pistol grips broad influences on this album are welcomed with open arms.

The band still delivers great streetpunk anthems like they did on their first album and the best one here is the song Rabid dogs (piano!!!!). But the strength of this album lays in the exact same place where they failed misserable on their Another round CD, namely the slow and acoustic songs. They deliver 2 super campfirey songs (Smoke and Ordinary world) and goes completely mad on the song Reeperbahn where they use handclaps, piano and it has a great lounge feeling to it.

My personal favourite and probably their biggest step in a new direction is the new wave street experiment Hallucination hallway that reminds me a bit about early 80's new wave/postpunk bands from Australia and England.

When the band calls their minister and borrows the local church choir on the last song i start to question where these great ideas where hiding during the last two albums.

I know this is an Oi! site dedicated to Oi! and the only connection this band has to the scene is a few gig's, a split and the fact that some of the members used to be skinheads but even with that in mind this one gets the full score. Gotta atleast give the record a chance!
Since it only got a digital release this upload is basicly the real release but if you like it as much as i do then go in to I-tunes or Amazon and send them the few bucks it costs to support them.

tisdag 15 november 2011

Pistol grip - Tear it all down CD (2004)

01. When the ink runs dry
02. ...for i have sinned
03. Never be another
04. Give in
05. Rusted lining
06. Dog in Prague
07. The network
08. Stained and destructed
09. Can't keep us silent
10. Word of mouth
11. Closing time
12. Lead the way

Released by Better Youth Organization Records in 2004.

Just like their record from 2003 it's only worth picking up for a few songs that rise above. The majority of the songs on the record are so bad that it doesnt take more than the first verse before you'll turn it off (Rusted lining, Word of mouth). The band doesnt even manage to deliver a slow acoustic song on Closing time. I am often a sucker for this sort of songs but their singer cant really deliver whathe probably wants to.

Some good songs can be found even though. Both For i have sinned and Stained and destructed works fine in a steetpunk/punkrock way.
The record can still be bought at Interpunk.

Mediafire....filemaking made hard

Mediafire has now decided to go down the same road as Rapidshare did wich is making filesharing harder. If you want to download anything i upload on Mediafire from now on you will be asked to always have the latest browser update etc etc. Its just not userfriendly for people who just want to click on a link and grab the upload.
Will now go back to using Megaupload like i did in 2009 instead. Only differance is that you cant download 2 albums at the same time like you could from Mediafire but it still has the same interface as it used to.

söndag 13 november 2011

Pistol grip - Berlin PicEP (2004)

01. For i have sinned
02. Runnin from the gun (live)
03. Broken radio (live)

Selfreleased by the band on Lotus Limited in 500 copies.

Thanks to Martin from Last punkrockers Records for sending em this one.

The A-side has one of the songs from the Tear it all down CD and the B-side features two old song from a gig they did at Wild At Heart in Berlin in January 2004.

I dont really like their 3rd album but the song For i have sinned is one of the best one's from that album. Both livesongs are good songs and greatly performed by the band in this liveversion.

Not really much to offer by a EP more than being a collectors item with a good picking of songs from a point in the bands career that i am not so found of.
The EP is available for purchase through:
Headline Records
Northeast Records

Pistol grip - Another round CD (2003)

01. Sweet & sour of a knife
02. Empty shells
03. The unwanted
04. Black heart
05. 1997
06. A murder of crows
07. Marshburn Ave.
08. Gypsy
09. Broken radio
10. From the arches to the end
11. Damned of tomorrow
12. Another face to hate
13. The rebels are dead

Released by Better Youth Organization Records in 2003.

If their first album was a good showcase of what can be great in streetpunk this is probably the showcase of the exact opposite.

It all sounds way to produced and on most songs it feels as if the singer doesnt really fitt in with the instruments playing. Probably recorded completly separately and it gives the whole album a wierd feeling. It's also way to happy for being punk and somehow it feels as if they went to much for radioplay when they recorded it.

All is not bad though. There is some great guitarplay on most songs and a couple of the songs rise above and are more than listenable. I like the song The unwanted for it's great chorus and the song Another face to hate is simply just a great song.
The record can still be bought at Interpunk (and reading the reviews of the album there i start to question the state of punkmusic).

fredag 11 november 2011


Most of my 2009 uploads that hasnt been downloaded for a while has started to remove themself from Mediafire so if you cant download any of the old uploads just send me a mail or comment in the post.

I re-uped Anti-pacifist - St 7'' by request and also added the proper scans of the covers (dont think i owned a scanner back then).

Been a bit slow on the site the past week but in two weeks i will pick up the pace again. I accidently put my courses at school wrong and now they are clashing wich means that this week and the next i am studying 200% fulltime wich basicly is fulltime schoolsceduale and then after that 6 hours of online schoolstudies.
I miss my forklift.

lördag 5 november 2011

Pistol grip performing P.O.W. live.

Thanks to BlankTV for the clip.

Pistol grip - Shots from the Kalico rose CD (2001)

01. Cruxcifixion politix
02. Runnin' from the gun
03. Aristocratic state
04. Adrenaline
05. Claustrophobia
Get up to get shot down
08. P.O.W.
09. Fuck the P.M.R.C.
10. Scoundrels
11. Missionary
12. Righteous vigilante
13. LA city jinx

Released by Better Youth Organization Records in 2001 on both LP and CD.

My relationship with streetpunk is a releationship built on hate and loathing and if there is anything worse than streetpunk it's American streetpunk (also add Irish folkmusic if you want to piss me of for real). The first thing i think when i hear the word is dirty rockers with chains and bandanas hanging from their chino's acting as if they have been to jail in bandphotos. But the scene itself (if there even is one) has a lot to offer actually. The thing with this band is it takes all the positive elements of streetpunk and actually deliver great music.

The band started in Los Angeles around 1997 with members from various underground bands (one member played in The authority i think) that wanted to reclaim streetpunk from the MTV generation. If you ask me it was much like attempting to reclaim loose handshakes from gay men or lipgloss from emo's, nobody really needed it.

I reviewed their split with skinheadband Fully loaded last year and still to this day it's one of my favourite records. Most of the songs from that split are present on this record as well so it's a given victory from the getgo.

They start the record with Cruxcifixion politix that has a lot of X's in the title and sounds like the grandfather of poppunk. Everything with the song is catchy from the chorus to the guitars and drums. A wellwritten song.

On Claustrophobia they reach an alltime high when they get me through my fetish for piano in punksongs and later on Missionary they fill the song with handclaps i get orgasmic.
The album also has lot's of great songs relying more on good lyrics than handclaps and pianoclinking like the songs Righteous vigilante, Aristocratic state (though a bit to teenagerevolt for me) and P.O.W..

Sure the record has a lot of halfass songs and at times it sounds a bit to cheesy but actually hearing a streetpunk band that doesnt annoy me is fantastic.

Later on they did some halfass albums but later returned with an almost equally good album in 2007. If you should own one Pistol grip album this first album is the one to buy.
The record can be bought at:
Piccadilly Records

Oil! - Red, white and...... 7'' (2003)

01. Red, white & boots
02. Bills to pay
03. Pulling on the boots

Released by Noma Beach in 2003.

Thanks to Brian Guy for sending me this EP.

The last release by this quite ok jokeband (atleast when compared to bands like Jewdriver) with songs that where featured on their The glory of honor CD.

I know Oil! consists of punkrockers with only a minor involvement in the Oi! scene poking fun at skinheads and the ideals (plus making Oi! out to be a neo-facist movement while their at it) but the music is just to good to be ignored. My question is when will we see a skinheadband wearing rockerwiggs and poking fun at the crybaby liberal leatherwearing emoboyband "lucky 13" patches on the knees scene that is punkrock today.

The bruisers & The randumbs - I got my dirts 7'' (1998)

01. The bruisers - Nation on fire (Blitz cover)
02. The bruisers - Greed
03. The randumbs - Gas pumper
04. The randumbs - Noma pride

Released by Ultra-Sound in 1998. Very limited edition and DIY quality to be a Bruisers release.

Cant believe i bought this for somewhere around 1-2 dollars. If anything would make an underground release gain value it's if (1.) members from one of the bands go on to platinum selling bands, (2.) the release is limited and unknown or (3.) it's more than 10 years old. Guess people dont care OR buy albums anymore...

Bruisers bring two songs that was recorded live at Fishtraks in New Hampshire. Both songs are great but what really makes the record is The randumbs.
I know that almost 2 years ago now i promised to add this band to the site when i uploaded their split with Pressure point but since one of their EP's is near impossible to get ahold of i never really got to it (so if anyone have their split with Dead tree from 1994 please dont hold back).

Unlike The bruisers they bring exclusive songs to the split that where recorded at a radiostation in California. The randumbs play sort of all-out pure punk with a trashy edge and their song Gas pumper is as good as it is hard. The sort of song you just make a grin of brutallity in your face when you hear it.
Check out for The randumbs on the site in 2018.

torsdag 3 november 2011

Templars & The beltones in Florida

Both bands on the same night...... this could be fucking epic!

onsdag 2 november 2011

The wretched ones - Rut/Lady boss 7'' (2007)

01. Rut
02. Lady boss

Released by Headache Records in 2007.

Another one that doesnt have any exclusive songs. This one was actually even released as a sample sort of EP to promote their full CD called Make it happen. Just like that CD my main problem with The wretched ones is that they are a bit to childish. This is the ONLY problem i have with the band though. After all they are the goodfathers of the New Jersey sound.

None of the songs are that strong but the A-side is the better. The B-side is quite fun though in it's own childish and sexist way, gotta love the backsleeve to (i think i have seen that girl somewhere before).
The album is still up for sale at Interpunk.

tisdag 1 november 2011

The sussed - No escape 7'' (1994)

01. Toy soldier
02. Spirit of Oi!
03. No escape
04. Working class reality

Released by Sta Press Records in 1994.

Time to upload some ep's i either ignored or didnt feel the necessity to rip for an upload the first time around while doing their band on the site.

This EP was the first proper release by The sussed but also the first one released by Bohdan and his partners at Sta Press Records. They later released this bands complete discography on CD where this EP was included.

I always thought The sussed sounded better on their demo's but with that said this is far from bad. The whole A-side with Toy soldiers and Spirit of Oi! is killer and i know most out there have already downloaded their CD but some of you might enjoy the original EP artwork and the sparks and jumps that comes with vinyl like this.