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torsdag 24 november 2011

Strong island boot boys - Guilty demo (2005)

01. S.I.B.B. stomp (intro)
02. Scared of no one
03. Guilty
04. United skins
05. Pitbull breed

Update 5 December 2011: United Riot Records just mailed and told me they where going to release this demo as an Ep in 2012. They did not in any way TELL ME to take down the link but i will do it so that the ep can sell some copies. The label has always been fair about old uploads so i do this out of respect.

A demo by a young skinheadband out of New York that deadcomedian sent me way back (thanks). Also thanks to Jay IRC for converting the files.
The band are no longer together since one of their members moved to Chile but the rest of the members are still in the scene from what i understand though they never got to release a proper record. They claim a crew called S.I.B.B. that i never heard of nore do i care but i know they move around the same circles as Offensive weapon, Fed Up! and Skin disorder.

Just like Skin disorder they play a sort of take no prisoners rough Oi! heavily influenced by the rightwinged UK Oi! of the 80's. I first heard the band on a compilation United Riot put out in 2006. Liked them straight away and their song Pitbull breed is the kind of heavy sound i love in US Oi!. The rest of the songs might not be ass great but it's damn sure better than most other bullshit that got record deals around this time.
Link removed because of a re-release in 2012.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Good Demo, the bass is turned up pretty far, but good stuff.



  2. Here it is in MP3 @320...I converted it real quick. I didn't listen, so hopefully I didn't fuck it up. ;)


  3. Cheers Jay. I often upload these wierd flacfiles cause i know how much you like fiddeling with formats.

  4. Glad you enjoyed.

    - thedeadcomedian

  5. Who the hell is the dead comedian?

    Hey B, thanks for the band review, I wish I could recover the original one so you could hear some better songs. I always thought Guilty was our best song, but Pitbull breed's got the chant "fuck the rules, fuck the law..."

    "Guilty" was written by me, Al 211, and our first guitarist, this Koraean guy Joon, back in 2004. Back then I was the drummer, and we had no one else really, except for Dan who sang every once in a while. Joon disappeared after he was being charged with A&B, and gave the cops my name and address... (Fed up has a song called "Gonna Get Yours"... dedicated in 2005 by me and SIBB to this same prick at a show).

    I later joined Fed Up, and at the same time met three dudes at an Agnostic Front show in Long Island.
    We were there to fight a crew from Huntington. I though it was them, when this guy Chris says "you guys BKN?" I replied "yeah, you guys the huntington assholes?", he said no, that they had heard of us fighting some guys in L.E.S. ther guys were Tynan (Who Dennis from fed up named Tyson; Current Bass player of Fed Up!) and Tommy... eversince I almost burnt his dad's house down, he quit the band and became some metrosexual.

    Anyway, we got together and became SIBB, and Brass Knuckle Negotiation was put to sleep.

    At the same time, offesnive weapon had emerged after Aggressive Threat disbanded. These guys were WCT, from Westchester and played a mean Oi, Lee, who is mentioned in another review, was in a band with the rest of the guys back in '01, whose name I can't remember, but Lee wasn't the singer. I Think it was Mike Poppa from Frontline Soldiers or his cousin Anthony.

    Anyway, I see that you review a ton of American Bands... a good one was the Ivy league from Wilmington NC... don't know if they're still around, but we played a big show with them in '05, when we traveled to NC.

    By the way the bass being loud thing was based on us trying to have a sound as raw as Battle Cry, but also as neat as our favorite band, Oxblood.

    Cheers from the ass end of the world.

    Al 211

  6. Thanks for the info Al.
    Always nice to hear some streetlevel gossip haha. Never really understood who played in what band before and after. Thanks for clearing that up.