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lördag 5 november 2011

The bruisers & The randumbs - I got my dirts 7'' (1998)

01. The bruisers - Nation on fire (Blitz cover)
02. The bruisers - Greed
03. The randumbs - Gas pumper
04. The randumbs - Noma pride

Released by Ultra-Sound in 1998. Very limited edition and DIY quality to be a Bruisers release.

Cant believe i bought this for somewhere around 1-2 dollars. If anything would make an underground release gain value it's if (1.) members from one of the bands go on to platinum selling bands, (2.) the release is limited and unknown or (3.) it's more than 10 years old. Guess people dont care OR buy albums anymore...

Bruisers bring two songs that was recorded live at Fishtraks in New Hampshire. Both songs are great but what really makes the record is The randumbs.
I know that almost 2 years ago now i promised to add this band to the site when i uploaded their split with Pressure point but since one of their EP's is near impossible to get ahold of i never really got to it (so if anyone have their split with Dead tree from 1994 please dont hold back).

Unlike The bruisers they bring exclusive songs to the split that where recorded at a radiostation in California. The randumbs play sort of all-out pure punk with a trashy edge and their song Gas pumper is as good as it is hard. The sort of song you just make a grin of brutallity in your face when you hear it.
Check out for The randumbs on the site in 2018.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I liked this little split EP to and I think I spent about the same amount of money on it. Both bands I think are great. I think I like the Randumbs a little more than the Bruisers at this point but not by much.

  2. Only liked early Bruisers but i count both songs on the EP into the pre "lucky 13" era.

  3. Dead Tree / Randumbs split:


  4. Thanks for that link. Will place an order today