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lördag 5 november 2011

Pistol grip - Shots from the Kalico rose CD (2001)

01. Cruxcifixion politix
02. Runnin' from the gun
03. Aristocratic state
04. Adrenaline
05. Claustrophobia
Get up to get shot down
08. P.O.W.
09. Fuck the P.M.R.C.
10. Scoundrels
11. Missionary
12. Righteous vigilante
13. LA city jinx

Released by Better Youth Organization Records in 2001 on both LP and CD.

My relationship with streetpunk is a releationship built on hate and loathing and if there is anything worse than streetpunk it's American streetpunk (also add Irish folkmusic if you want to piss me of for real). The first thing i think when i hear the word is dirty rockers with chains and bandanas hanging from their chino's acting as if they have been to jail in bandphotos. But the scene itself (if there even is one) has a lot to offer actually. The thing with this band is it takes all the positive elements of streetpunk and actually deliver great music.

The band started in Los Angeles around 1997 with members from various underground bands (one member played in The authority i think) that wanted to reclaim streetpunk from the MTV generation. If you ask me it was much like attempting to reclaim loose handshakes from gay men or lipgloss from emo's, nobody really needed it.

I reviewed their split with skinheadband Fully loaded last year and still to this day it's one of my favourite records. Most of the songs from that split are present on this record as well so it's a given victory from the getgo.

They start the record with Cruxcifixion politix that has a lot of X's in the title and sounds like the grandfather of poppunk. Everything with the song is catchy from the chorus to the guitars and drums. A wellwritten song.

On Claustrophobia they reach an alltime high when they get me through my fetish for piano in punksongs and later on Missionary they fill the song with handclaps i get orgasmic.
The album also has lot's of great songs relying more on good lyrics than handclaps and pianoclinking like the songs Righteous vigilante, Aristocratic state (though a bit to teenagerevolt for me) and P.O.W..

Sure the record has a lot of halfass songs and at times it sounds a bit to cheesy but actually hearing a streetpunk band that doesnt annoy me is fantastic.

Later on they did some halfass albums but later returned with an almost equally good album in 2007. If you should own one Pistol grip album this first album is the one to buy.
The record can be bought at:
Piccadilly Records

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