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tisdag 1 november 2011

The sussed - No escape 7'' (1994)

01. Toy soldier
02. Spirit of Oi!
03. No escape
04. Working class reality

Released by Sta Press Records in 1994.

Time to upload some ep's i either ignored or didnt feel the necessity to rip for an upload the first time around while doing their band on the site.

This EP was the first proper release by The sussed but also the first one released by Bohdan and his partners at Sta Press Records. They later released this bands complete discography on CD where this EP was included.

I always thought The sussed sounded better on their demo's but with that said this is far from bad. The whole A-side with Toy soldiers and Spirit of Oi! is killer and i know most out there have already downloaded their CD but some of you might enjoy the original EP artwork and the sparks and jumps that comes with vinyl like this.

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