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fredag 11 november 2011


Most of my 2009 uploads that hasnt been downloaded for a while has started to remove themself from Mediafire so if you cant download any of the old uploads just send me a mail or comment in the post.

I re-uped Anti-pacifist - St 7'' by request and also added the proper scans of the covers (dont think i owned a scanner back then).

Been a bit slow on the site the past week but in two weeks i will pick up the pace again. I accidently put my courses at school wrong and now they are clashing wich means that this week and the next i am studying 200% fulltime wich basicly is fulltime schoolsceduale and then after that 6 hours of online schoolstudies.
I miss my forklift.

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  1. And I am sure that your forklift misses you, but look at it this way when you are done you'll have a degree.

    Hang in there!


    Brian Guy