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lördag 5 november 2011

Oil! - Red, white and...... 7'' (2003)

01. Red, white & boots
02. Bills to pay
03. Pulling on the boots

Released by Noma Beach in 2003.

Thanks to Brian Guy for sending me this EP.

The last release by this quite ok jokeband (atleast when compared to bands like Jewdriver) with songs that where featured on their The glory of honor CD.

I know Oil! consists of punkrockers with only a minor involvement in the Oi! scene poking fun at skinheads and the ideals (plus making Oi! out to be a neo-facist movement while their at it) but the music is just to good to be ignored. My question is when will we see a skinheadband wearing rockerwiggs and poking fun at the crybaby liberal leatherwearing emoboyband "lucky 13" patches on the knees scene that is punkrock today.

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