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fredag 18 november 2011

Hammer and the nails - Set to ruin DEMOCD (2009)

01. Product of this modern age
02. Dirty cop
03. Legislation not rehabilitation
04. Set to ruin

(Updated 15 April 2012: Uploaded the album again.)

Demo released and sold by the band through Rock'N'Roll Disgrace Records. As usual when dealing with R'N'R Disgrace it was handnumbred and extremly limited to 15 copies (i actually have a T&The Terrors Lp that is handnumbred to 30 copies haha).

A Boston band consisting of Brian on guitar and vocals, Lance on leadguitar, Greg on bass and James on drums. All members come from old Boston band such as Close Call and Fit For Abuse but unlike those bands this one is more of a rhytmic Oi! project.

The band has been around since early 2001 but never really found the energy to take the band out of the garagestage untill now. They released their debut last year and from what i have heard they are currently recording new songs for upcomming releases.

The band relies quite strong on their vocalist who has a battleram of a voice. Add to that superb and catchy drumming and solid guitarplay.

Wont upload their EP because of the fact that it's still under heavy rotation in distros. But pick it up... you wont be dissapointed.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Fuck yea....THIS is Oi!

  2. Please re up thank you!

  3. Rebellion released not too long ago this demo & the EP on CD as part of their collector series. Great stuff.

    - thedeadcomedian

  4. Minor correction: Matt is on drums, not James.
    Great band.

    1. James is back on drums now.

  5. Also, about a year-and-a-half ago, Brian moved to vocals, and Joe is on rhythm guitar. Lineup is:
    Brian- vocals
    Lance- guitar
    Joe- guitar
    Greg- bass
    James- drums