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tisdag 29 november 2011

V/A - American skinheads armed with the truth LP (2006)

01. Nation of suspects - S.Y.C.
02. Last laugh - No truce be drawn
03. Last laugh - A night out
04. Nobody's fools - Bomb the Taliban
05. Nobody's fools - Hooligans in the night
06. Second to none - Brigate morte
07. Second to none - Lost cause
08. Lonesoldier - Wonderful world (4-skins cover)
09. The offensive - Reaction rock
10. The offensive - American defense
11. Straight laced - Pride & freedom
12. Straight laced - Violence on the streets
13. Working class soldiers - Gay bash
14. Working class soldiers - Patriot
15. The pillage - Workin' man's despair
16. The pillage - Theme

Released by American Defense Recordings in 2006.

A record overlooked by most people because of the not so comfortable messages being portrayed on the album but at the same time it's probably the only compilation even comming close to the same attitude and standard that the classic The spirit of Oi! - American style records had.

This first LP is far from as good as the second volume was but it still has some great bands and some of what i believe where the best around at this time.

The album is dedicated to the spirit of American imperialism and the ideals of John O' Sullivan. For those out there that know their American history or are as much of history nerds as i am will know what to expect from the record.

It starts of as weak as any record can possibly start of, namely with the band Nation of suspects throwing of one of their few not so awefull songs. Never understood the thing with this band and i dont tend to do so lets skip to the second band on the comp.
Last laugh that nowdays go under the name of Blue Collar Criminals serve up two exclusive songs of high quality. This is a band who's vocalist you either hate or love and as hard as it might be to hear the lyrics i think No truce be drawn is one of the better songs on the album.

Nobody's fool that would later become Call to arms where one of 00's most overlooked bands. Both songs where on their EP and both are good in their own way even though Bomb the taliban might sound a bit extreme this far after 9/11.

Holding the banner for all the streetpunks is Second to none on another quite skinhead-oriented record. Not the best band though.

Lonesoldier (whatever happened to them by the way) is a great band but go the easy way and make a cover of a song that is much better in it's original state.

The big mystery on the album is the rightwinged rockers of The offensive. They did a song for the second volume as well and i never really found any information or other material by the band. Their sound is a quick and raw Oi! sound with far from happy lyrics. Their first track is about beating up leftwinged punks closely followed by a song about killing terrorists.... and i love every second of it. Not for the politically incorrect lyrics (kill that dirty Saudie) but more for the fact that they remind me so much about the "fuck all" attitude and sound of older and greater bands.

Straight laced trying to blend in is like Obama trying to blend into the exterior of the whitehouse but even though their sound is a bit odd on a comp like this they will still manage to charm or piss off the listeners with their fake British accents.

A superb record with a few shortcommings. The classy design and plentyfull information on the bands appearing that comes with it is reason enough to pay for a physical copy. My only question is what the hell where they thinking when they put Nation of suspects first and The pillage last?
The record can still be bought at:
Diehard Records

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