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fredag 2 december 2011

The dead end boys - Boys in the city 7'' (2004)

01. Just another fucking day
02. Boys in the city
03. Baltimore blues
04. In the fire
05. Trained to kill
06. Too much trouble
07. Pride no shame

Released by Malfunction Records in 2004.

A Baltimore band that was started in 2000 by friends Noah (vocals), Chris (guitar), Eric (bass) and Steve (drums). The band plays a melodic Oi! mixed with harcore (what scenesters call Oi!core) and they do it damn good. The band always took a hard stance on the leftwing and even gives a "fuck you" in the sleeve to the band Counterattack who they claimed where "fencewalkers" (damn i'm tired of that word). They released this EP, 2 CD's and did a whole bunch of shows with larger bands in various spots like CBGB's etc.
They recorded a couple of new songs in 2009 but from what i know the band isnt active today.

Cliché bandname, cliché coverart and a somewhat homoerotic name on the EP. Add to that the fact that the band probably hates me for being a "fencewalker" but i cant really disslike the band.
Their sound on the EP dont really bring anything distinctly new to the table but it serves up a wholesome meal of old singalong chants and allthrough solid vocals and music.
Best songs on the EP are Baltimore blues and Trained to kill.
The EP can be bought at Vinyljunkie for less than 2 dollars.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Saw them about a year or two ago with Iron Cross and The Business they put on a good show


  2. These guys are a bunch of dick heads who play crap ass street punk. No ones gives a shit about you fag sharps outside of Bmore.