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måndag 5 december 2011

The allegiance - Rough justice/Never stop the violence 7'' (1989)

01. Rough justice
02. Never stop the violence

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1989.

Some of you have been complaining about my old reviews of this band and the way i completely trashed them. Sure i might have been a bit rough by giving them a 1/10 since there has been lots of worse bands who have gotten a higher grade than that afterwards.

So sitting down to review this EP i tried to be as openminded as i could possibly be. But listening to the EP over 20 times now i cant really see whats so great about it. Sure the last track is ok but the standards for an ok Allegiance song isnt that high in my books.

Still i know a lot of you out there like it so i'll just shut up and deliver the score instead.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Not as bad as you make them out to be but i see your point though

  2. Haha, you really do hate them. Ah well