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måndag 19 december 2011

Burden of proof - Selftitled 12'' EP (1988)

01. Refusenik
02. Throw that switch
03. Blame someone else
04. Beat the clock
05. Faceless youth

Released by Union Records in 1988.

"Skincore" band from New York that was around in the late 80's glorydays of hardcore.
The band only released this one EP but recorded a couple of other songs to that never got released. The band consisted of Pete on vocals, Brian on guitar, Mike on bass and Jon on drums.

Thanks to Brian Welsh for sending me the EP.

Me and modern hardcore dont really go together at all but i often like the pre-90 hardcore bands that lacked in the noizy crust-department. This being one of them.

The sound they bring is hardcore but actually quite melodic though with Pete "Sketch" on vocals it sounds like a clusterfuck of brutality in a RACish sort of way.
The best song is by far the opening song Refusenik. Why dont they make hardcore like this anymore?

5 kommentarer:

  1. Great post! Any chance you'll be able to get your hands on those unreleased songs for us?

  2. Sorry dont have them.
    Simply know that they had a couple of songs that wasnt on this release. Can probably be found on some obscure and rare compilation or something. Have no idea.

  3. This was the only material the band ever released and the only studio recordings, though we did have a few more songs that exist on an "off-the-board" tape from a matinee at CBGB's along with various things recorded at rehearsals. There's more info on the band on our Facebook page and those unreleased songs will eventually be posted.


  4. any chance for a re-up