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fredag 9 december 2011

V/A - Southland skinheads-Armed with the truth Vol.2 CD (2007)

01. ATF - All seing
02. ATF - Suffer the children
03. ATF - On the hunt
04. The pillage - Immigrant song
05. Smash points - Eye for an eye
06. Smash points - The rules
07. Smash points - Right to choose
08. The offensive - The price
09. Vanguard - Stick together
10. Vanguard - Greatest nation
11. Vanguard - Way of life
12. The stouts - Skinheads broke the bar
13. The stouts - Land of the free
14. BDTR - Carry your banners
15. BDTR - For those who fight and die
16. Vaticans - Fighting force
17. Vaticans - One fight to many
18. The sluggers - Running scarred

Released by American Defence Recordings in 2007.

One of those records where i question if i made a drunken call to the label telling them what bands i wanted to see on the next release. American Defence has managed to cram in the majority of my favourite US bands from this time and also managed to present new and unknown acts of the same high quality.

Since i have already written about American Terror Force, Vanguard, The pillage, Smash points, The stouts and Better dead than red on the site i redirect you to my old posts about them and focus on the less known bands from the comp. All i can say is all of these bands deliver superb songs and even though BDTR and Smash points are far from my favourite bands both of them surprised me with a great selection of songs. What is more shocking is how many great southern bands there is out there. Not only these more patriotic bands but also the new crop of more politically comfortable bands out of Texas like No resistance, The broadsiders, Roots of exile and Belligerent 86. My question is what the hell do they put in the beer down there to make grown men sing such sweet songs hehe.

The mysterious band The offensive is back on Vol.2 with a brutaly hard and raw veteran song. Not as good as their songs on Vol.1 but still more than decent.

Another band that was completly new to me even though i have been forcefeed the Swedish band by the same name on various houseparty's (more than i would like to be honest) was The sluggers. This band is from South Carolina..... and thats basicly all i know about them. Anyone know if they ever released a demo or anything of the sort?

Greatest band on the comp is the greatly overlooked Vaticans. Both songs have an old rac'n'roll sound with military drums and one of the best vocalists i have heard in a long time. What strikes me when listening to them is how easy they make it seem and i even get the feeling that the band is actually having fun while recording. A distinct and fresh sound in modern Oi!. I want more.

The comp feels a whole lot more relaxed and even than the earlier record, both in the political and musical department. Just like previous volume this one also came with highly professional B/W inserts serving good info on the bands appearing.
Salute to American Defence Recordings!
The record can be (and should be) bought at these stores:
Interpunk (US)
Pure Impact (EU)
Freedom fighters (Sweden)

5 kommentarer:

  1. The Sluggers last show, they had a few better recordings I am still trying to get a hold of some.


    1. Nice, havnt seen those clips before. If you ever find those songs then let me know. Would love to hear something else with the band

  2. Could we get a re-up of this at some point?