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tisdag 6 december 2011

The system - Last stand 7'' (1995)

01. Barstool
02. Reckless
03. Warriors (Blitz cover)

Released by Vulture Rock in 1995.

From coverart to the actuall music this is by far the worst EP that Vulture has ever released. Sure the rip is awefull since i did it 2 years ago before i bought my fantsyprantsy Stanton player but believe me it doesnt sound much better in the new player.
Their sound is the same as it was on all those comptracks but with one exeption... the EP is completly lacking of any good songs or even a good part within a bad song.
Two forced and painfull songs followed by a weak Blitz cover on the B-side (because that song hasnt been covered before right).
You can easily live without this one but download it anyway if not for the photos on various pittbulls featured on the backcover. The only enjoyment i got out of importing it.

6 kommentarer:

  1. By far the worst Northeast skinhead band ever. The singer now is a whigger with a full chrome grill in his mouth. Sweet.

  2. this EP is product in 1994

  3. I'm not agree with you , I like this EP , street rock'n'oi style. Recorded in Rochester 11/december/1994 and the line up was Greg Halley on vocals , Scott Vieira on guitar , John Hobbs on bass and Jason Lara on drums

  4. I know the ep was recorded in 1994 but it was released in 1995. If songs recorded in 1957 gets released in 2010 is the record from 1957 or 2010?

  5. That Ep is fucking horrable. The rest of the band had little or no imput as to the lyrics and no clue as to the cover art. G Halley took apon himself to put that out and keeped any money for himself. This was the last straw and the end of The System