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söndag 18 december 2011

ATF - On the hunt DEMO (2006)

01. On the hunt
02. All seeing
03. A nation devided
04. Ordo Ab Chao
05. Worth fighting for
06. Iron chin (The bruisers cover)

Many thanks to Brandon from the band for sending me this demo.

This is the first recordings by the band before Ross joined the band on drums but it sounds just as good as any of their later stuff.

Like most good bands this one ended before it even got started so i was pleasantly surprised to find three songs i had never heard before. Those of you who are familuar with the band will know what to expect from this demo. Lyrics about the new world order and conspiracies delivered by Luke over heavy bass and drums.

Best song is the "brand new" Ordo Ab Chao (basicly means "order through chaos") about lies being spread and the illuminati. Paranoia or truth? Hell if i knew.
Some really good stuff here not counting the Iron chin cover.

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