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lördag 31 oktober 2009

Limecell & Antiseen - Split 7'' (2002)

01. Antiseen - Destroyer (The Kinks cover)
02. Limecell - The seeker (The Who cover)

Released by Steel Cage Records in 2002.

Redneck punk goes mod.
A great combination actually and even if i cant stand Antiseen their contribution is actually a great song (not better then the original one though).
But Limecells side is pure happines. One of my favourite punk bands making a cover of one of the greatest british acts ever. And on top of that one of the best songs by that group.
Download this one i am sure you wont be disapointed.

Lyrics for Piss test by Limecell

The lyrics are simple and few but oh so great.

I dont drink and work
Dont smoke pott and work
Cant pop pills and work
Makes me feel like a jerk

My free time is my free time
Piss in a jar when you say its time
My free time is my free time
Id rather piss in you face give me some space

I dont drink and work
Dont smoke pott and work
Cant pop pills and work
Makes me feel like a jerk

My free time is my free time
Piss in a jar when you say its time
My free time is my free time
Id rather piss in your face give me some space

Limecell - If we cant rock its war (2001)

01. Dead man walking
02. P is for party
03. If we cant rock its war
04. Piss test
05. Pest
06. Get the bitch to do it
07. End it
08. Long way to go (Alice Cooper cover)
Plus a "hidden" track

Released on cd by Steel Cage records in 2001.

A new lineup for this record. Pat was replaced by Eric Perfect on drums and benny jumped in on backup guitar (giving the band a whole new faster sound).

This is my favourite record by the band and in my oppinion doesnt contain one bad track and the few that are recycled from their old albums are some of my old favourites.
Kevin is on fire on this record and drops some great vocals and even greater lyrics. From party songs with a urinal twist in P is for party to the day after when his boss wants him to give a Piss test. He smothes the party and beer lyrics off with a more mellow track about housecleaning and other things in Get the bitch to do it.
If you can find it then buy it.

Limecell - Destroy the underground (2000)

01. Drunk again
02. Flip flops and champagne
03. Said it before
04. U-3
05. No action
06. Crazy dave
07. Kiss ass
08. Just plain pissed
09. Hey looser
10. Love me like a reptile (Motörhead cover)
11. Roadkill
12. Bloodthirsty stalker

Released by Headache records in 2000.

After 4 years of a bunch off halfass splits, liverecords and dedication albums they finally released a new full-lenght. But this is far from the old sound and their Motörhead influences really shines through especially on the fifth track (just listen to the first 30 seconds and youll know what im talking about).
Even if i think this is their weakest release some tracks rise above (Roadkill and Drunk again).
Around the same time as this album was released Steve and Bob would start up another pure Oi! project called Sons of liberty but more about them later.

Limecell - Limecell (1996)

01. Pirate
02. Pest
03. Get over it
04. White trash
05. Ready to try
06. Crackhooker
07. Morning people
08. Summer vacation
09. Rosie palm
10. Hot for the slots
11. Dumber
12. Rat fink
13. Raped
14. Drunk until i die

First full-lenght by the band. Released in 1996 by Headache Records.

Still the same sound and a whole variaty of subjects. They start the album of by making a dedication to pirates and even make a lovesong for Rosie Palm (Lena Handén if you come from Sweden).
Best songs on the album are Ready to try, Pest and Dumber.

Limecell - Crack hooker 7'' (1995)

01. Crack hooker
02. Lets end it
03. Dept ahead
04. Drunk

Released by Black whole records in 1995.

This is their third EP and what a release it is. It features an early recording of one off my favourite tracks Crackhooker and also Limecells answer to the straight edge youthculture Drunk. More punk less R'n'R and this is their sound that i prefer the most.

fredag 30 oktober 2009

Limecell - Limecell 7'' (1994)

01. We need a raise
02. Marlboro miles
03. You're not punk, you're dirty
04. Lets do lunch

Released by Headache Records in 1994

Band from Philly formed by Kevin (vocals), Pat (drums), Bob (guitar) and Steve (bass) way back in 1993. Bob and Steve used to play in the Oi! band Arresting officers and joined up with Kevin that is Steves old brother that just got out of the marines. They all worked at the same warehouse loading trucks the first years the band was active and this was where a lot of the songs was thought up.
They took their name from an old torturesystem that prisons used back in the early 1900. They smeared lime all over the cell and hoosed the cell with the inmate in it and this created a gas that would get into the pores and create a feeling of thousand of knifes stabbing your body (sounds pleasant).
There songs are mainly about personal issues like work, drinking, and fucking and for a band that hates crusty punks and beggars they have gotten themselfs a wierd following of GG. Allin fankids and squatters all joining up around their fuck-all attitude. Steve the bass played said it himself in an interview "I dont down nobody for their political beliefs but i dont want to smell the fucks when they stand next to me".

The sound is very close to that of The wretched ones and if i have to pick a favourite track it has to be the scarry positive song Lets do lunch.
A strong first release.

Arresting officers - Land and heritage (1990)

01. Victory in our time
02. Celtic cross
03. Working class patriot
04. Lone wolf
05. Another blackout
06. Terrorist bombs
07. Your money or your life
08. Shes a warrior
09. Defend us in battle
10. The hammer and the raven
11. Stop red action
12. United skins for victory

Released by Rock-O-Rama Records in 1990.

(Updated 16 March 2012: Uploaded the album again with better coverart this time)

Second and last album by these Philly boys. The album title and cover will scare of most people but dont worry this is no album talking about racial genocide. Even if the lyrics are a bit harder on this album its just WP like most Oi! back in the days (hell even Guns and roses was into to that around this time).
Even if i liked the sound on the first album better and have a hard time digesting anything with lyrics about norse mythology its a solid album and tracks like Another blackout shows that they could have gone way further if they could have just dropped the politics.

After this album they broke up and Rock-O-Rama lost their only good American band (well maybe except for The Rouges).
Steve and Bob would a few years later start the nonpolitical band Limecell and Brian that had the most musical experience left the industi all together and became a police officer in Philladelphia (this worries me a lot since i know the lyrics for the song Deserve).

Lyrics for Disorderly conduct by Arresting officers

Well the suns going down and we're drunk again
We stumble on the train with a case in hand
Police wont stop us they never have
There will be many more beers and a place to crash
In between the cars of a speeding train
trying to take a piss on the undercar chain
Passengers pass with fear on their face
Without even trying were a public disgrace

Disorderly conduct! We're guilty as charged!
Disorderly conduct! `Cos now we went to far!
Disorderly conduct! 30 drunk Oi! skinheads!
Disorderly conduct! Locked up before the night's begun!

Well the subway slows and we're ready to run
Gotta make it to the party before the alcohols gone
Philly bootboys are gonna see some action
Conquering the city like general Patton
Crashing through the crowd and there forced to flee
Everythings a blur and i cant see straight
Someone said the enemy was in the sight
Looks like the party's over `cos its time to fight

Disorderly conduct! Were guilty as charged!
Disorderly conduct! `Cos now we went to far!
Disorderly conduct! 30 drunk Oi! skinheads!
Disorderly conduct! Looked up before the nights begun!

Well a couple more blocks 'til the battleground
But what are those lights and whats that sound?
Trapped like rats and the cops are comming
Gotta get away gotta keep on running
Im up against the car with cuffs on tight
They threw me in the van and they took my knife
Sign on the line and pay the fine
Gotta get some more beer and forget about this night

Disorderly conduct! Where guilty as charged!
Disorderly conduct! `Cos now we went to far!
Disorderly conduct! 30 drunk Oi! skinheads!
Disorderly conduct! Looked up before the nights begun!

torsdag 29 oktober 2009

Arresting officers - Patriotic voices (1988)

01. Evil has landed
02. Deserve
03. Left out
04. Slum river
05. Get the reds out
06. Disorderly conduct
07. Falling to bits
08. Dont you wish
09. Disarm never
10. Stars and stripes
11. Little terrors
12. Changing of the

Released by Rock-O-Rama Records in 1988.

(Updated 16 March 2012: Uploaded the album again)

Ok so this is the point of my "blogg-carrer" where i loose a lot of readers and get a lot of new once that i never really wanted in the first place. It is also that time and place where a lot of my friends will wonder if i have completely lost it to the "dark side" and them tough kids with strong political beliefs start googling my e-mail to find out my home adress. But when shit has to be done it has to be done.
This band is one of the greatest punk bands in history and what they did for todays street punk and Oi! is something no other band from US have done. What i could have left out was that they also did songs for a compilation album with Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack and Young bloods.
I will not try to defend the guys in any way. They where pro-white, they where nationalist and they made songs with facists tendensies. Basicaly they where as far to the right you can get without becoming nazi. But this was in 1988. Fucking 88 just look at the date. Get over it.
Why i have to upload such a political band to this non political site is that the members went on to play in some of todays best ppunkbands. Both Bob Shelfer and Steve McCarthy would later go on to play in Limecell and later on in Sons of Liberty.

Their drummer Brian also played in the whitepower band Break the sword before joining this band (which doesnt really give them any more points on the PC scale).

The sound is a one of a kind (atleast back in 1988) and you can so clearly hear where a lot of todays American Oi!bands have taken their inspiration. There is not a single bad track on the album and even if i might be tired of a hard week at work and not thinking straight i think i can say that the song Dont you wish is the most most groundbreaking song ever in US Oi! history.

måndag 26 oktober 2009

Pissed on arrival - Here we go again (2004)

01. Robbing banks
02. Big paychecks
03. American psycho
04. End of islam
05. Way of life
06. Out of touch
07. Criminal class
08. No feelings (Sex pistols cover)
09. Fuck communal mentality
10. Never to drunk to riot
11. Flawed
12. Dead
13. Keystone
14. Smokin
15. Here we go again
16. Never surrender (Blitz cover)
17. Lets go
18. 4321 (The adicts cover)

(Update 29 Jan 2012: Uploaded new and better version of the songs and fully scanned coverart. Cheers Hagbard)

Released by Brutus Records in 2004.

Band from Salt Lake City fronted by the beautiful and pissed of Angel (yes thats what she is called).
They released a demo around 2003 (all tracks included on this release) other then that this is all they did. They draw influences from both Oi! and streetpunk and the mix is more then ok.
What really makes the band stand up is Angel and the way she delivers the lyrics. Most punkband fronted by female vocalists often sound childish (Deadline) or retarded (Man's ruin) but she has a soft yet hard voice that sometimes remind me about Beki from Vice Squad back in the days.
Another part of my love for this album is their socialy aware and political lyrics that are far from politically correct but never to chocking (most bands seem to go the extra step just for the chockvalue).

The album features a tracklist of gangster-rap proportions. 18 tracks!!
They strike a blow against religion in End of islam and keep on punching the shit out of pc-punks, commies and liberal twats the whole album through (Fuck communal mentality, Flawed & Out of touch). For fans of old british punk this is a must have since they deliver 3 covers that are all equal to their original versions.
Favourite track is Never to drunk to riot.

söndag 25 oktober 2009

The bruisers - In the pit (2000)

01. Bloodshed
02. Societys fools
03. Never fall
04. Eyes of fire
05. Live for now (Iron cross cover)
06. Independence day
07. My pride
08. Nation on fire
09. Never fall (Live)
10. 21 years (Live)
11. Intimidation (Live)
12. Eyes of fire (Live)
13. Independence day (Live)
14. Bloodshed (Live)
15. Police oppression (Live)
16. American night (Live)
17. We will survive (Live)
18. In this country

Released by TKO Records in 2000.

Contains their earlier songs and liverecordings from 1992. Only new and rare songs that appear is a cover of an old Iron cross song and the last song called In this country which is the only of the old 1988 demotracks that never made on to any of their earlier records.
As much as i hate live-records or greatest hits albums TKO should have a lot of respect for releasing the songs that actually made a difference in the music-scene. All good old songs and 2 exclusive tracks is enough to make me happy.
This one is still for sale in online stores so hurry up and get it.

The bruisers - Molotov EP (1998)

01. These two boots of mine
02. Six of them
03. Molotov
04. Nomad
05. Intimidation (97 version)

Released by Cyclone records in 1998.

Dan Connors left the position as drummer and was replaced by John Dicicco and Keith Richards came back to replace Todd on guitar.

The last real record they released before the group split up. Not much new here, they swapped the radiopunk for streetpunk but it all sounds weak. Take the title-track for example that talkes about fighting on and throwing molotovs. What the hell are they fighting against? They talk about burning down the world but it seems they are just revolting for the sake of revolution.
Ok tracks but nothing new or really exciting to be gained here.

Since Al Barr was the only original member and the group had lost its spark he decided to disband the group to become the new vocalist in legendary Dropkick Murphys (Original vocalist Mike McColgan had quit the group the same year to become a firefighter in Boston. A few years later he would start the group Street Dogs).

The bruisers - Still standing up EP (1997)

01. Ode to Johny (Johnny Thunder cover)
02. Still standing up
03. Cant put your arms around a memory
04. Lunatic (Billy Joel cover)
05. Mainliner
06. Police oppression (Angelic upstart cover)

Released by Haunted town records in 1997 (Lost & Found made the European release with other artwork)

Before this album Jeff Morris (guitar), Robert Garceau (bass) and Keith Richards (backup guitar) left the band and the new lineup for the band was Scott Vierra on guitar (used to play in The System), Johnny Rioux on bass and former bandmember Todd Sealy returned to fill out the ranks.

This is the among the worst and most unimportant records i have ever heard. 3 completely unnecessary covers of 3 of the most overappreciated artists/groups to date. The rest of the tracks are just tired old radiorock (dont we all hate that).
This album marked the downfall of the group and what used to be a group of innovative artists that now sounded more like an assembled group of tired middleaged men.

The bruisers - Up in flames (1996)

01. All messed up
02. Fourty miles
03. Up in flames
04. Hard line
05. The gates of hell
06. Time is now
07. The way it goes
08. Chrome
09. Chase the wind
10. Bad lands
11. Better days
12. The end of the line

Released in 5000 copies by Lost & Found Records in 1996.

In 1995 Rick Wimert left the band but was replaced by Robert Garceau before they recorded this album.

If you can ignore the fact that Al Barr looks like the leadsinger for a german industry band on the cover and the fact that they dont even play anything simulair to punk anymore you have a real gem here.
This is blues inspired rock'n'roll at its best and shows how a band can develop and move away from their old sound but still make good music. Al Barr's singing is absolutely superb on this record and how it never really got any major radioplay across the globe is a mystery.
Some great tracks are Time is now, Up in flames, The way it goes & Bad lands.

lördag 24 oktober 2009

The bruisers - Gates of hell 7'' (1994)

01. Gates of hell
02. Tear it up

Released in 1000 copies by Bird records in 1994.

Not a trace of the old sound left and even if it might be good music it was a dissapointment to many hardcorefans when it was released.
It is straight up streetrock and featureas the old tired "lucky 13" styled punk. Gates of hell is a good track and all but not in any way as great as their older records.

The bruisers - Clobberin' time 7'' (1994)

01. Overthrow
02. No truce
03. Work together (The Oppressed cover)

Released in 500 copies by French recordlabel Bird Records in 1994.

Basicly this is 3 of the songs from their 8 track demo made in 1988. 4 tracks was released through Patriot records in 1989 and the last of the 8 was released on their last called In This Country was released in 2000 on their last "greatest hits" record.

If you liked their first 2 EP's this will fitt you perfectly. A great cover of the classic unity song by The Oppressed.

The bruisers - Cruisin' for a bruisin' (1993)

01. Till' the end
02. Greed
03. Raise yer glass
04. Borrowed time
05. Iton chin
06. Trouble
07. Dead end boys
08. 2 fists full of nuthin'
09. American night
10. Ollie vee (Buddy holly cover)

Released in 3000 copies on CD & cassette tape by Primitive Records
It was re-pressed in 5000 copies with new artwork in 1996 by Lost & found records and later on re-pressed by Tang! records with 5 live videos on digi.

Before this album Todd Sealy left the band and was replaced by Keith Richards on bass.

This album is far away from their old sound and marked the beginning of their new more commercial sound. The production value is way up and the sound is more streetpunk/rock'n'roll then Oi!. Being the most populair and wellknown albyum they ever released it contains many classic tracks such as Iron chin (covered by Discipline from Netherlands a couple of years later) and Till' the end that still to this day is one of the biggest commersial hits by an American skinhead band. My personal favourite is Trouble and it sounds more like they did before. Weakest in the bunch is the Buddy Holly cover and Dead end boys.

torsdag 22 oktober 2009

The bruisers - American night 7'' (1991)

01. American night
02. Brown paper bag

Released in 800 copies by Nirvana Records (part of Sonic Aggression Records) in 1991.

Before this record Scotty left the band to become a motorcycle mechanic he was replaced by Todd Sealy. Todd would leave the band directly after the release. Rick Wimert also replaced Crash on backup guitar.

Ok so a little bit more production on this EP but somehow it lacks the spirit on the first two. Brown paper bag might have clear vocals and more advanced riffs but it sounds childish and Al Barr sounds to Dropkick for my taste.
Maybe i miss Scotty on bass or the raw recordingstyle they had before, dont know what it is.

Lyrics for Eyes on fire by The bruisers

In days gone by we chose our side
Showed them we weren't afraid to step over the line
Standing tall we would look you in the eye
Cause what we hold true you could never deny
You don't understand what we chose to condemn
You're the one who has made it us against them
Our hearts turn black and our blood runs cold
When we see our country being bought and sold

With eyes of fire we see things today
You could never change us cause it's our way
With eyes of fire we see things today
You could never stop us it's too late

Long ago we learned it's our fight
To try to bring out what they hide from our sight
To show them they have not won our hearts and minds
With their pledges, promises, and campaign lies
With eyes of fire we see what we see
For this country, what it is, and should be
Where an honest man can get ahead and not just by
And say he loves his country with his head held high

With eyes of fire we see things today
You could never change us cause it's our way
With eyes of fire we see things today
You could never stop us it's too late

The bruisers - Independence day EP (1990)

01. Never fall
02. My pride
03. 21 years
04. Nation on fire (Blitz cover)
05. We will survive
06. Independence day
07. Eyes on fire

Released in 500 copies by Nirvana records (part of Sonic Aggression Records) in 1990.

A new drummer but still the same great sound.
Much respect to Sonic aggression for releasing this record, but come on 500 copies!?!?!
Great lyrics and the same great Oi! sound. Al Barr really stands out here he sounds more relaxed then on the previous record. Funny thing is he actually makes Blitz song Nation on fire sound even better then the original.
Not a single bad track on this record either but if i have to pick a favourite it has to be the title-track on this one to.

Lyrics for Intimidation by The bruisers

You can see there is fear on my face
but i wont run from you
Well thats right these are all my friends
and now what are you going to do
Go ahead and try to push us around
We will beat you black and blue
Cause we dont take any shit
especially from the likes of you

Intimidation is your game
well two can also play
From here on the battleline's drawn
and its you who's gonna pay
You think your right
you think we're wrong
Well time will surely tell
We'll never give in we'll keep on fighting
Gonna shove you back down your well

Intimidation is your game
But the Bruisers surely put you to shame
Intimidation is your game
But the Bruisers surely put you to shame
Intimidation is your game
But the Bruisers surely put you to shame
Intimidation is your game
But the Bruisers surely put you to shame, to shame

The bruisers - Intimidation 7'' (1989)

01. Intimidation
02. Anchords up
03. Society's fool
04. Bloodshed

Released by Patriot Records in 1989 and re-released by Aggression Records in 1991.

First release by the band and what a release it was. The best songs from the demo all combined on this classic EP.
Everything is tight and it has that perfect midtempo vibe that American Oi!bands are so famous of. I cant really pick a favourite track but the titletrack has by far some of the cockiest and brutal lyrics ever.
A classic no one should miss.

The bruisers Introduction

Way before Dropkick Murphys was even thought of and before being irish was considered "cool" by the suburban kids there was a band full of pride both in their country and their green roots.
Al Barr (frontman of Dropkick murphys) and Scotty Davies where old friends and had played in many local bands (DVA, VFW and NPD) but was tired of the lack of real Oi! in their local scene. They got together with Jeff Morris (that would later go on to play in Death & Taxes) and Rodger Shosa in 1988 and created what would be one of the most important bands in Americas punkscene.
They recorded a demo that got into the hands of Jack Kelly (frontman of Slapshot and Stars and stripes) and he ended up signing them to his new started label Patriot Records.
Not only did they release their first EP through his label but Jeff Morris and Scotty actually joined Stars and stripes since Jack didnt really have a whole band to play the songs live.

After a year Rodger Shosa left the band and was replaced by an old friend of the band and great drummer Dan Connors. They also got Crash as an extra guitarist and with this new lineup they recorded their second EP.
After this both Scotty and Crash left the band and was replaced by Todd Sealy on bass and Rick Wimert on backup guitar. They released their third EP and after a short while their new bass-player left and was replaced by Keith Richards (no not the one in Rolling stones).
This was their most longlasting group assembly and also their most active period.
They started to get of fame and played shows with bands such as Agnostic front, Sheer terror and The business.

After many releases and a tour through Europe Rick left the band and was replaced by Robert Garceau (Rick would die 2 years after).
The years went on and members left, joined, rejoined and rerejoined and after a while Al Barr was the only one really dedicated to the band so he left it to pursue his carrer in Dropkick Murphys

One of the most famous and legendary bands in punkhistory. This is quality music and should be given a chance even if your not into punk otherwise.

Stress cracks performing Men of troy

Live in Bomb shelter around 2004.

Stress cracks - Demo (2004)

01. Men of troy
02. Thru the cracks
03. Slit wrists
04. Frosty death
05. The abyss
06. Youth
07. Measures

Boston band created in 2003 by a former member of the hardcore band A-team.
They where active for about 3 years and never released any real material just 2 demos (all on this download).
Dont know what happened to them but one thing is sure they had a lot off potensial. Music is midtempo Oi! with a damn aggressive vocalist.

Many good songs and great quality for being a demo. Best tracks are Thru the cracks, Frosty death and The abyss.

Thanks for the help.

I want to thank Jay Icr and Chris K for helping me find some rare records on my wantedlist. Keep digging in the crates.
I will be a bit inactive from friday and a week on so dont go thinking that the site has died i just have a life and job outside this site (well something simulair to a personal life atleast).

tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Boot party - The suss 7'' (1998)

Tracklist:01. The suss
02. Johnnie smoothie
03. Firebomb

Released in 1998 by Vulture rock.

Last record released by the group (except for re-releases of their old albums).
This one contains The suss from their 1996 full-lenght and a demo version of Firebomb from the same album. Also contains Johnnie smoothie an old demotrack from the early days.
Not so much a good record as it is a collectors item. The previously unreleased track Johnnie smoothie isnt really much to have and Firebomb is better in the mastered album version.
Some of the members went straight into the group Soldier 76 so if you like this you know where to look next.

Boot Party - Now + Then 7'' (1996)

01. Working class revolt
02. Boot party
03. The tower

Released in 1996 by Dim records.

(Update 23 March: Uploaded the EP again and with full coverart this time.)

Damn good album featuring 2 old demo songs by the band. My all time favourite track by the group finishing the album off. Even if The tower might contain some lyrics about fagg-bashing its got some topnotch drumming and guitarplay.
Gotta love the cover.

Boot Party - Bricks to concrete (1996)

01. Working class revolt
02. The suss
03. Three strikes
04. Dead end job
05. Bricks to concrete
06. M.R.C.
07. Firebomb
08. Suburban nightmare
09. The boot in
10. Facets of freedom
11. Working class thug

Originaly released by Vulture rock in 1996 on vinyl but later rereleased on cd around 2000.

Listening to this album today it sounds a bit cliché but keep in mind that this is from 1996 and lyrics about "riots in the streets" and talking about being working class in every song was still not overdone by this time.
Even if time havnt treated this album good a song like Facets of freedom sound a bit childish today it was a milestone in Americas skinheadscene.
Best songs are Working class revolt, Firebomb and the instrumental track M.R.C.

måndag 19 oktober 2009

Boot Party - Yer fate 7'' (1995)

01. Yer fate
02. Oi! boys
03. Dead end job

Released by Vulture rock in 1995.

Probably the most wellknown unknown American Oi! band. Everybody know their songs but not much is known about them. For instance there was another skinhead band from Spartanburg with the same name that released a album called Headstomp. This is NOT the same group.
This band originates from Fresno California and released 1 album and 3 EP's. It consisted of members that would later go on to form the bands Soldier 76 and later on Pattons Legion.Original lineup was Will (vocals), Lars (guitar), Bo (Bass) and Chris (drums).
They played original patriotic Oi! and was one of the best selling groups in American Oi. The band was also wellknown for their large following at the concerts and it seamed that most nonpolitical skins in california by the time joined around their ranks creating groups such as Boot Party crew and Boot Party security.

This was their first proper release and it contains one of my favourite US Oi! tracks (Oi! Boys).
Classic slowtempo Oi! at its best.

söndag 18 oktober 2009

Hooliganism (2009)

There is nothing i hate more then a run of the mill hardcore band trying to promote themselfs as a skinhead band (well maybe being stabbed or getting gangraped but you get the idea). But here you have a clear hardcore band promoting themselfs as a hardcore band without trying to put any scenist labels to sound intresting and guess what their some of the best shit ive heard in years.
They originate from New Jersey and have shared the stage with many wellknown names such as Oxblood, The boils, Hub city stompers and The toasters.
They never relased any album or even a demo but i uploaded some of the few songs that are out there. Please download and give these kids a chance.

The lights are on (but no one is home)
Citizen slave
Love & a 45'
Thousand times insanity

Contact them at www.myspace.com/oihooliganismoi

Angry punk kids is the shit.

Found this muggshot on The Ratfinks guitarist.
These kids are not only pissed they are criminal to!
(Shaking my head in mature disapproval)

The Ratfinks - Detroit fuckers (2005)

01. Detroit fuckers
02. Fuckass
03. 9 to 5
04. Bro
05. Fuck religion
06. Emo fucks
07. Real boot boys
08. Punks n' skins
09. Forgotten
10. Working class
11. Another round
12. I wanna riot
13. D.D.S.

First and only album by this band. Released by Detroit Noise (never heard of them before) in 2005.

4 young punks and skins from Detroit playing new style Oi!core (reminds me of a bit of Fear City). Taking their bandname from slang for a person who is undesirable and obnoxious you can quickly get to grips of what were dealing with here.

The singing is growling and aggro mixed with uberspeeded drums and slapping bass. Add some lyrics like fuck religion, fuck the flag, fucking emo's and a song called Fuckass and you got yourself some pretty pissed punk kids.
The opening track is great but after that it just gets worse. Nothing is really bad but these guys are to punk on the verge of GG. Allin punk (and no thats not a good thing in my book).
If your into the more crusty part of punk then this will fitt you perfectly (i think) but ill have to pass.
(Love the oldschool cover though)
(Update 20/10 2009. Seems my uploaded file was broken. This is now fixed so the download should work fine now)

The allegiance - Dont bother me (1989)

01. We wont go away
02. America for sale
03. Rise above
04. Under my skin
05. Whatever happened to Oi!?
06. Here they come
07. It wont work
08. Power & glory
09. Ugly
10. Suburban slut
11. Deathtrap

Last record released by this band. Also this one on Rock-O-Rama.

This time they actually sound like Oi! but dont get me wrong they are far from good.
More racial ignorance, agonizing lyrical delivery and more reasons to despise them.
There is about 2 ok musical tracks (Deathtrap & Under my skin) but thanks to Dave Stallings on vocals and their horribly stupid lyrics they go straight down with the others.
It gets a higher rating then the other albums but thats only because of Brian Carlson on drums.

The allegiance - Rough justice (1988)

01. Angel
02. The retaliation
03. Rough justice
04. Old glory
05. Oppressed
06. Never stop the violence
07. Fuck the world

This record released by Rock-O-Rama in 1988 is basicly the demo they released a few months earlier called Skinhead. But the lazy sons of bitches from germany couldnt even help these poor bastards. It still sounds like crap and even if the 2 last songs have a bit more musical value then their earlier songs they both are so stupid and childish i actually prefered when i couldnt hear the vocals.
(Nice going on the cover Rock-O-Rama)

The allegiance - New noise DEMO (1988)

01. The retaliation
02. Oppressed
03. Old glory
04. New noise
05. Whatever happened to Oi!?
06. House of the rising sun (The animals cover)
07. Was it really worth it?

A band from Colombia that used to hang around Forced Reality back in the days.
They started up in 1986 as a 5-piece band but later reformed in 1988 with 3 members. Dave Stallings on vocals and guitar, Joe Gerlitzki on drums and Brian Carlson on drums.
Joe Gerlitzki used to play in a band called Warriors Pride and he also wrote the fanzine called Boots Brigade.
This is a band i cant imagine anyone seriously into music liking. They where ignorant, racist and most of all the WORST group to ever come out of the states.

This was their first demo and you would think people would seclude them from the scene after hearing it but no. The complete fuck-apes at german Rock-O-Rama records decided that this album was the "new noise" and actually wrote these guys a deal for 2 records. I cant distinguish none of the lyrics and i cant hear nothing that is even remotely musically interesting. The cover of The Animals House of the rising sun is a joke from beginning to end (and so is the rest of the demo).
Thsi band actully makes Rock-O-Rama's bastard child The mad hatters sound good.
Download and laugh.... Or cry...... Or look up their current whereabouts and make the world a better place.

torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Lyrics for Home by Counterattack

Lyrics for the song Home from Counterattacks 2004 album Step back.

I've been working all day and i wanna go home now
so just leave me on the floor i aint playing around
You can sniff the alcohol, you can tell where i've been
Leave me on the floor cause thats where i wanna be

Home is where the floor is
Home is where the floor is

I've been working all day and i just wanna fall down
so just leave me on the floor i aint making a sound
Been fooling around, been having some fun
Now its off to the bar cause im just done

Home is where the floor is
Home is where the floor is
Home is where the floor is
Home is where the floor is

Counterattack - Step aside (2004)

01. Most hated
02. Brick and stone
03. Step aside
04. Cracks in the armor
05. Opaque movements
06. Home
07. Good for nothing
08. Coast to coast
09. If i do
10. Let's roll

Second and last cd by Counterattack released by Reality clash records in 2004.

I think most thought that it was over for Counterattack when they announced that their bass-player would take over the singing after kicking out Aaron but actually Matt overshines him on most songs. Its the same singing style but Matt has a bit faster and softer voice and to be true Aaron never had much off a singing-voice to start with but he made it good by giving it his all (on the 2 Ep's atleast).

Great selection of songs and more versatile sound then before and if you never heard of them before this is the album to download.
The whole album reminds me of an old Swedish band called The franks (aka Franks bootboys).
Not a single bad song on the album in my oppinion but some stand taller then the rest.
Home is one of the most played tracks on my working playlist and hits the spot on the feeling i have in the afternoon when you started working at six in the morning.
If i do is a brave try to make more pop-sounding punk and has some of the most personal and brave lyrics from an otherwise "over-macho" genre.
They released a Ep for their last show together in 2006 called The last stand but because i live in Sweden and it was only pressed in 500 copies it was sold out everywhere before i got a chance to import it.

Counterattack - State of affairs (2002)

01. State of affairs
02. Sledgehammer
03. Dave's song
04. Brother move on
05. Idiot box
06. Give a damn
07. Choose your weapon
08. Slavery
09. 21 guns
10. Skinhead

Their first cd released by Reality clash records in 2002.

As tensions grew in the band they got the chance to release their first full-lenght. After this record Aaron was kicked out of the group because of musical differences and personal conflicts with other bandmembers.

There is slow Oi! and there is sloooow Oi!. This being the last one i wonder what the hell they where thinking. Sounds like they did a punkversion of hiphops "screwed & chopped".
Most tracks are great but they have turned down the tempo so much that it actually sounds musically challenging to play the songs.
Just download and compare the new version of Sledgehammer with their old one and youll see what i mean.
Even if the album was a let down it has some tracks way better then all gereric shit other American bands released around this time.
The self-titled track being the best in the bunch and you can almost hear how Adam is holding the drums back not to get off beat (maybe this was the reason for Aaron leaving).

(Update 2009/12/26) Aaron was kicked from the band before this release and it is actually an old friend of the band called AD that is doing the vocals. (Sorry Aaron if i bashed you for something you didnt record) Thanks to Ethan for the information.

Records i am looking for..

I added a new adition to the site at the far bottom.
I will here list all records i have missing in my collection. I will add more as time goes by but these are the ones that are sought after the most right now since its these groups i am trying to finish for the site.
If you have any of these rarities on casette/vinyl/cd i am willing to buy or trade them. If you have them on mp3 it would be a great contribution for the site.

Keep digging in the crates


Counterattack - Counterattack 7'' (2002)

01. No regrets
02. Cloak and dagger
03. Broken man
04. Widow maker

Second EP released by DSS Records in 2002.

Aaron is on top on the vocals but this time Jon has to do guitar duty on his own after Phil got booted from the group.
Same sound as the year before but i can hear some influences from Templars and i must say that the guitars sound even better without Phil.
Best tracks are Cloak and dagger and the hatefilled song Widow maker. A song about Mumia Abu-Jamal that gunned down a policeman in 1981 and still to this day is fighting his death sentence on death row. But unlike most of the songs about this man Counterattack turns the table and asks how a murderer can become a icon of freedom and how liberals can just ignore the fact that this guy killed an honest working man and turned his family into ruins.

Counterattack - Fight back 7'' (2001)

01. Soldier
02. Counterattack
03. Sledgehammer

Counterattacks first EP released by Reality Clash records in 2001.

Band from Washington DC formed back in 2000 by Adam (Drums) and Matt (Bass). Tired of uninspired punkbands playing overproduced streetpunk and branding it as Oi! they wanted to create real Oi! but still put their own edge on it. They recruited Phil (Guitar), Jon (Second guitar) and last but not least their vocalist Aaron.
With this lineup they went into the Rot-On recording studios to record this EP.

Drawing heavy influences from the legendary NY group First strike they deliver some classic yet very original sounding tunes. And Aaron the vocalist has a very unique sounding voice and way to deliver the lyrics. A style that many Oi! groups have tried to do but failed misserable (Siege).
All tracks are good but the selftitled track is the best and i wish that i could have gotten the chance to see them play this song live.

onsdag 14 oktober 2009

Anti-pacifist - Antipacifist EP (1999)

01. Virus
02. National identity
03. Antipacifist
04. Proletarian

(re-uploaded 11 November 2011 with full artwork scans this time)

A maxi-EP released by Dim Records in 1999.

Completely forgotten 4-piece band from Long beach in California playing typical SoCal tempoed punk.
This is the first and only release by these one"hit"wonders.
Not the greatest soundquality and maybe not the greatest band but a rare recording with some listeningvalue.
These guys have great rhytm in their songs and especially on the track National identity.
Other then that this is only for the Oi! hardknocks since i cant see any streetpunk kid finding this even a remote bit good.

tisdag 13 oktober 2009

Lyrics for Lonesoldier by Lonesoldier

Cant sleep, haven't slept for days because of things i cant forget
Had a life i had a name but today i cant even get a cigarette
See you looking at me in dusgust i wont allow it anymore
Your moving forward while im still at war

Dead inside for the last 30 years
Watched them flee as they bled
Forgotten, everyone disappeared
The bombs explode the war is still in my head

I came back, hippies yelled at me Your a killer and you gotta pay
They spit on me, i swung on them and the judge sent me away
I hear the boys in the back of my head, they say Show them what were about
Just get in my way and i will take you out

Dead inside for the last 30 years
Watched them flee as they bled
Forgotten, everyone disappeared
The bombs explode the war is still in my head


I never really came back the same, sometimes i see things that shouldnt be there
Lock and load im in combat mode, i hear the footsteps comming up the stairs
Tell me what you see inside these eyes, i lost my mind but im driven by hate
I must defend. There is no end. I only hope its not to late

Lonesoldier & Nation of suspects - Split 7'' (2005)

01. Lonesoldier - Lonesoldier
02. Lonesoldier - No mans land
03. Nation of suspects - The 8th song
04. Nation of suspects - Wages of war

Second release by American defence records an last release by both bands featured.

Lonesoldier has now gone totally into hardcore but still deliver good music. Nation of suspects on the other hand sounds the same and is still re-using songs from their old demo and i wouldnt be surprised if they today would release a greatest hits including their entire carrer (which would only include their first demo since they never released any new song after that on any of their records),
If Lonesoldier would have released this as a 2 track 7'' it would have gotten a higher grade but to bad they had to include Nation of suspects.

Lonesoldier - Lonesoldier DEMO (2004)

01. Grendel
02. Showdown
03. Graves
04. Identity

Second demo from the Cali band Lonesoldier.
A bit fatser and a bit more HC then on the first demo but i dont mind cause the drummer finally seems to be finding the rhytm on this one.
They start of the demo with a dedication to the old Danish partycrasher Grendel from old scandinavian mythology (that sort of reminds me about a certain friend of mine when he has to many beers in his belly.... Anders.L......) but the best track is by far Identity.
This demo was supposed to be released by American defence records but instead they re-released the 2004 Ep by Nation of suspects (nice going).

Lonesoldier - Keep 'em firing DEMO (2003)

01. Soldiers of a lost cause
02. Father song
03. Freedom of speech
04. Fuck L.A.
05. U.S. skins
06. Thanks for the memories

Another band from Californias starving skinhead-scene. This is also hardcore influenced Oi! but without losing the punkfeeling.
These guys never released any real record just 2 demos and a split EP with the somewhat overrated Nation of suspects.
These guys are all American boys with conservative and patriotic lyrics and one of the best artworks for a demo i have ever seen (Not just hats of for the flag but sleves up to).
Great lyrics but maybe not so great performance (thinking of Fuck L.A.) but its a demo so i will cut them some slacks.
Best song on the demo is Freedom of speech and U.S. skins.
(Dont burn the flag around these guys)

Nation of suspects - Liberals can die EP (2004)

01. Brother to brother
02. Liberals can die
03. United not devided
04. America 2 - Iraq 0

Released by American defence records in 2004.

First release ever by American defence records and also first real release by the band.
All tracks was on the original demo but this time they have been a bit poolished. Bit of a poolished turd if you ask me.
And whats up with the songtitle America 2 - Iraq 0? Yeah invading a country and siezing the government might be a win but what if its only 1 team playing? Is it still a victory?

Nation of suspects - Retaliation DEMO (2003)

01. S.Y.C.
02. Liberals can die
03. Brother to brother
04. Wages of war
05. The 8th song
06. Stomp St. Pete proud
07. American disgrace
08. United not devided
09. America 2 - Iraq 0
10. Knee deep in the dead

Selfreleased demo from 2003

(Update March 2010. First of all they are not from California but actually Florida. The Travis of this band is not the same Travis that started the recordlabel American Defence.)

A bunch of skinheads from California playing what they call Americore (its just Oi!core with a flashy name).
Not one of the most important groups over there but important for the fact that they had the first release by American Defence Records and the company was co-started with the vocalist Travis after being tired of no one signing this group cause of the uberpatriotic lyrics.
That recordlabel wasnt one of most longlived ones but they released a whole lot of good Oi! the years they where in business.

The group comming from a big city with a big skinhead problem they are proud to call themselfs some of the only "real" skinheads form Cali. Majority can be devided into four groups. First and biggest is the PC-punk scene slandering the flag and secluding bands that dont "fitt in". Second is the white power skins but often here more into drugdealing and gangactivity. Also trads and original sharps (not the commie offspring) that often get together with the fourth group rightwinged antiracist skins (when the nazis start acting up).
Nation of suspects being from the last group are stongly antiracist and see themselfs as the defenders of the American way of life against nazis, commies and shady Europeans (being me).
Travis the vocalist in an interview with Pure Impact says it himself
"-Buy our records. Join the "right wing conspiracy", and take America back. Racial and ultra liberal politics have no place in the American skinhead scene, they both seek to destroy the American way of living, they are both internationalist, and both socialist. Stop supporting extremist politics, America is the land of the free, not the land of Hitler or Marx. American soldiers didn't die on French beaches so you could corrupt our country from the inside 60 years later, they didn't die for racists, they didn't die for the communists, they died to preserve freedom from tyranny."

Ok bigmouthing is one thing but how good is it? Maybe im the wrong man to review this since its basicly hardcore and not Oi! but i cant say i dislike them since Travis has a great voice and musically its sounds like most other hardcore to me.
Being a demo and all its ok but i wish they could slow it down a bit and add some clear choruses to the damn songs. Probably its just me getting old.
Anyway atleast 1 good song out of the bunch (United not devided).

måndag 12 oktober 2009

United blood and Pressure point - Split 7'' (1998)

01. Pressure point - Police on my back
02. Pressure point - Boots 'n' booze
03. United blood - Crossfire
04. United blood - Drunk last nite

Released by Coldfront Records in 1998.

A split with fellow Californians in Pressure point (i will cover this group later on so i skip the introduction for now).
Even if any album featuring United blood is unique its the early version of Boots 'n' booze by Pressure point that makes this album so special to me. Its ten times better then the mastered version they would include on one of their later albums.
Crossfire has one of the best chorus+guitar integrations in any punksong and is a solid song altogether.
Even if i dont like the "Dropkick murphy barsinging" song that ends the album i know most of the people will rate it as the best song on the album. As we say in Sweden "musical taste is like the asschecks..... devided".

United blood - Sons of liberty 7'' (1997)

01. Sons of liberty
02. Brainwashed
03. Raise your pint

Released by Cheetah's Records in 1997.
United blood (dont know if its a tribute to the old NYHC crew) is a band playing classic Oi! with r'n'r influences. Originating from the hardcorescene in California and consisting of the former singer for HC band Special Forces Orlando Xavier aka "The Ox". Israel Branson of Special forces is also playing guitar in this band but dont worry this is nothing like their old band this is pure Oi! and sounds a bit like the New York scene of the same era.
"The ox" also sounds very simulair to Eddie Bastard from Patriot especially on the title-track.

This record is a real rarity and i know a lot of people never heard of them before and if you havnt you are missing out on some solid American Oi!.
The first song is a dedication to the nation, constitution and the fight for freedom (for whatever and wherever that fight is taking place?).
Brainwashed is the best track on the ep and is a message to everyone pissing their life away in front of the tv (or making bloggs) and is followed by Raise your pint with a more classic Oi! message and singalong choruses.