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söndag 18 oktober 2009

Hooliganism (2009)

There is nothing i hate more then a run of the mill hardcore band trying to promote themselfs as a skinhead band (well maybe being stabbed or getting gangraped but you get the idea). But here you have a clear hardcore band promoting themselfs as a hardcore band without trying to put any scenist labels to sound intresting and guess what their some of the best shit ive heard in years.
They originate from New Jersey and have shared the stage with many wellknown names such as Oxblood, The boils, Hub city stompers and The toasters.
They never relased any album or even a demo but i uploaded some of the few songs that are out there. Please download and give these kids a chance.

The lights are on (but no one is home)
Citizen slave
Love & a 45'
Thousand times insanity

Contact them at www.myspace.com/oihooliganismoi

5 kommentarer:

  1. These guys kinda remind me of Murphy's Law. Especially the guitars and vocals..idk, maybe it's just me. ;)

  2. This blog is awesome! If I may have a request, it would be some material from Boot Party.

  3. Yes you are right. Hope they release something more.

  4. These guys are losers, punk rock idiots. Laughing stock of the scene!