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tisdag 13 oktober 2009

Lonesoldier - Keep 'em firing DEMO (2003)

01. Soldiers of a lost cause
02. Father song
03. Freedom of speech
04. Fuck L.A.
05. U.S. skins
06. Thanks for the memories

Another band from Californias starving skinhead-scene. This is also hardcore influenced Oi! but without losing the punkfeeling.
These guys never released any real record just 2 demos and a split EP with the somewhat overrated Nation of suspects.
These guys are all American boys with conservative and patriotic lyrics and one of the best artworks for a demo i have ever seen (Not just hats of for the flag but sleves up to).
Great lyrics but maybe not so great performance (thinking of Fuck L.A.) but its a demo so i will cut them some slacks.
Best song on the demo is Freedom of speech and U.S. skins.
(Dont burn the flag around these guys)

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