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torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Counterattack - Step aside (2004)

01. Most hated
02. Brick and stone
03. Step aside
04. Cracks in the armor
05. Opaque movements
06. Home
07. Good for nothing
08. Coast to coast
09. If i do
10. Let's roll

Second and last cd by Counterattack released by Reality clash records in 2004.

I think most thought that it was over for Counterattack when they announced that their bass-player would take over the singing after kicking out Aaron but actually Matt overshines him on most songs. Its the same singing style but Matt has a bit faster and softer voice and to be true Aaron never had much off a singing-voice to start with but he made it good by giving it his all (on the 2 Ep's atleast).

Great selection of songs and more versatile sound then before and if you never heard of them before this is the album to download.
The whole album reminds me of an old Swedish band called The franks (aka Franks bootboys).
Not a single bad song on the album in my oppinion but some stand taller then the rest.
Home is one of the most played tracks on my working playlist and hits the spot on the feeling i have in the afternoon when you started working at six in the morning.
If i do is a brave try to make more pop-sounding punk and has some of the most personal and brave lyrics from an otherwise "over-macho" genre.
They released a Ep for their last show together in 2006 called The last stand but because i live in Sweden and it was only pressed in 500 copies it was sold out everywhere before i got a chance to import it.

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  1. Cool, don't have this. Sounds like a good one...thank you very much, sir.

  2. The link on this gave me the "State of Affairs" album...

  3. Sorry Jay.
    I changed the links so it should work now.
    Uploaded a lot today and lost myself in all the links.

  4. No worries! I waited 5 years to hear it...a few more hours won't kill me. :)

    Oh, and I gave it a quick listen. Good stuff! Thanks again.

  5. OI OI Bernhard! please re-up all the Counterattack. thanks for your dedication we appreciate ya.

    Timmy Jak

  6. Please re-up this one!