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torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Counterattack - Counterattack 7'' (2002)

01. No regrets
02. Cloak and dagger
03. Broken man
04. Widow maker

Second EP released by DSS Records in 2002.

Aaron is on top on the vocals but this time Jon has to do guitar duty on his own after Phil got booted from the group.
Same sound as the year before but i can hear some influences from Templars and i must say that the guitars sound even better without Phil.
Best tracks are Cloak and dagger and the hatefilled song Widow maker. A song about Mumia Abu-Jamal that gunned down a policeman in 1981 and still to this day is fighting his death sentence on death row. But unlike most of the songs about this man Counterattack turns the table and asks how a murderer can become a icon of freedom and how liberals can just ignore the fact that this guy killed an honest working man and turned his family into ruins.

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  1. OI OI Bernhard! please re-up all the Counterattack. thanks for your dedication we appreciate ya.

    Timmy Jak