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måndag 26 oktober 2009

Pissed on arrival - Here we go again (2004)

01. Robbing banks
02. Big paychecks
03. American psycho
04. End of islam
05. Way of life
06. Out of touch
07. Criminal class
08. No feelings (Sex pistols cover)
09. Fuck communal mentality
10. Never to drunk to riot
11. Flawed
12. Dead
13. Keystone
14. Smokin
15. Here we go again
16. Never surrender (Blitz cover)
17. Lets go
18. 4321 (The adicts cover)

(Update 29 Jan 2012: Uploaded new and better version of the songs and fully scanned coverart. Cheers Hagbard)

Released by Brutus Records in 2004.

Band from Salt Lake City fronted by the beautiful and pissed of Angel (yes thats what she is called).
They released a demo around 2003 (all tracks included on this release) other then that this is all they did. They draw influences from both Oi! and streetpunk and the mix is more then ok.
What really makes the band stand up is Angel and the way she delivers the lyrics. Most punkband fronted by female vocalists often sound childish (Deadline) or retarded (Man's ruin) but she has a soft yet hard voice that sometimes remind me about Beki from Vice Squad back in the days.
Another part of my love for this album is their socialy aware and political lyrics that are far from politically correct but never to chocking (most bands seem to go the extra step just for the chockvalue).

The album features a tracklist of gangster-rap proportions. 18 tracks!!
They strike a blow against religion in End of islam and keep on punching the shit out of pc-punks, commies and liberal twats the whole album through (Fuck communal mentality, Flawed & Out of touch). For fans of old british punk this is a must have since they deliver 3 covers that are all equal to their original versions.
Favourite track is Never to drunk to riot.

4 kommentarer:

  1. The guy that wrote most of these songs is my guy Royce that started this band back in 1999-2001. I have a tape somewhere around here with the original vocalist Michael (also my guy) before Angel stepped in a made it what it is/was then. Pretty damn good stuff. It's a good thing Angel and and the band carried on after Royce got sentenced to 8 years in prison.

  2. Damn. Had no idea. Let me know if you ever find that demo.

  3. http://punksnotred.org/en/music/98-pissed-on-arrival

    i see these guys ripped your review

    1. It's not ripping. My word is final, global and ultimate haha