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torsdag 1 oktober 2009

Smash points - Smash points (2006)

01. Accusations
02. Racecar-darkworld
03. Don't need you
04. Love song for hate victory
05. To hell with you
06. Right to choose
07. Death or victory
08. Napoleon dynamite
09. Put your guns down
10. Your only innocent once
11. People that died (Jimmy Carrol Band cover)

(Update 05 sep 2011: Eddie did NOT produce the album but was supposed to. His and the bands scedules clashed and in order to finish the album he was left out. John the drummer for this band used to play in Bootparty Spartanburg before and went on to play for Deflicted after this band broke up.)

Released by Step-1 Music in 2006 and produced by no other then Eddie bastard from Patriot.
This South Carolina band made a name for themselfs when they toured as a backup band for Condemned 84 on their American tour.
I must admit i never heard of them before 'till i picked up the American skinheads armed with the truth Vol.2 album two years ago.

They describe themselfs as "4 pissed of people tired of putting up with your bullshit telling you through music to fuck off and die!" but they aint all that pissed off.
11 tracks loaded with humor and that good ol' American dont give a fuck approach to most things serious. Its a nice blend of hardcore and punk but i cant really hear that its Patriots frontman behind the productions.
Favourite tracks are Right to choose, Accusations, Death or glory and the nerd tribute Napoleon Dynamite.
As far as i know the only release by the band.

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  1. Very nice! I remember trying to find this a few years back with no luck (in shops and online). I had COMPLETELY forgotten about it. Thanks much, sir!