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söndag 25 oktober 2009

The bruisers - Molotov EP (1998)

01. These two boots of mine
02. Six of them
03. Molotov
04. Nomad
05. Intimidation (97 version)

Released by Cyclone records in 1998.

Dan Connors left the position as drummer and was replaced by John Dicicco and Keith Richards came back to replace Todd on guitar.

The last real record they released before the group split up. Not much new here, they swapped the radiopunk for streetpunk but it all sounds weak. Take the title-track for example that talkes about fighting on and throwing molotovs. What the hell are they fighting against? They talk about burning down the world but it seems they are just revolting for the sake of revolution.
Ok tracks but nothing new or really exciting to be gained here.

Since Al Barr was the only original member and the group had lost its spark he decided to disband the group to become the new vocalist in legendary Dropkick Murphys (Original vocalist Mike McColgan had quit the group the same year to become a firefighter in Boston. A few years later he would start the group Street Dogs).

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