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lördag 31 oktober 2009

Limecell - If we cant rock its war (2001)

01. Dead man walking
02. P is for party
03. If we cant rock its war
04. Piss test
05. Pest
06. Get the bitch to do it
07. End it
08. Long way to go (Alice Cooper cover)
Plus a "hidden" track

Released on cd by Steel Cage records in 2001.

A new lineup for this record. Pat was replaced by Eric Perfect on drums and benny jumped in on backup guitar (giving the band a whole new faster sound).

This is my favourite record by the band and in my oppinion doesnt contain one bad track and the few that are recycled from their old albums are some of my old favourites.
Kevin is on fire on this record and drops some great vocals and even greater lyrics. From party songs with a urinal twist in P is for party to the day after when his boss wants him to give a Piss test. He smothes the party and beer lyrics off with a more mellow track about housecleaning and other things in Get the bitch to do it.
If you can find it then buy it.

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