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tisdag 13 oktober 2009

Nation of suspects - Retaliation DEMO (2003)

01. S.Y.C.
02. Liberals can die
03. Brother to brother
04. Wages of war
05. The 8th song
06. Stomp St. Pete proud
07. American disgrace
08. United not devided
09. America 2 - Iraq 0
10. Knee deep in the dead

Selfreleased demo from 2003

(Update March 2010. First of all they are not from California but actually Florida. The Travis of this band is not the same Travis that started the recordlabel American Defence.)

A bunch of skinheads from California playing what they call Americore (its just Oi!core with a flashy name).
Not one of the most important groups over there but important for the fact that they had the first release by American Defence Records and the company was co-started with the vocalist Travis after being tired of no one signing this group cause of the uberpatriotic lyrics.
That recordlabel wasnt one of most longlived ones but they released a whole lot of good Oi! the years they where in business.

The group comming from a big city with a big skinhead problem they are proud to call themselfs some of the only "real" skinheads form Cali. Majority can be devided into four groups. First and biggest is the PC-punk scene slandering the flag and secluding bands that dont "fitt in". Second is the white power skins but often here more into drugdealing and gangactivity. Also trads and original sharps (not the commie offspring) that often get together with the fourth group rightwinged antiracist skins (when the nazis start acting up).
Nation of suspects being from the last group are stongly antiracist and see themselfs as the defenders of the American way of life against nazis, commies and shady Europeans (being me).
Travis the vocalist in an interview with Pure Impact says it himself
"-Buy our records. Join the "right wing conspiracy", and take America back. Racial and ultra liberal politics have no place in the American skinhead scene, they both seek to destroy the American way of living, they are both internationalist, and both socialist. Stop supporting extremist politics, America is the land of the free, not the land of Hitler or Marx. American soldiers didn't die on French beaches so you could corrupt our country from the inside 60 years later, they didn't die for racists, they didn't die for the communists, they died to preserve freedom from tyranny."

Ok bigmouthing is one thing but how good is it? Maybe im the wrong man to review this since its basicly hardcore and not Oi! but i cant say i dislike them since Travis has a great voice and musically its sounds like most other hardcore to me.
Being a demo and all its ok but i wish they could slow it down a bit and add some clear choruses to the damn songs. Probably its just me getting old.
Anyway atleast 1 good song out of the bunch (United not devided).

3 kommentarer:

  1. Band is from Tampa, Florida. Travis from ADR and Travis from NOS were 2 differnt people. NOS were not "anti-racist" What are these 4 groups in Tampa you are talking about? Did you just make this stuff up? Anyways NOS sucked bad.

  2. That was taken from an interview and sorry for writing anti-racist it was supposed to say non-racist. If you are saying that NOS was a racist band then back that statement up with lyrics or something said by any of the bandmembers.

  3. These guys were at their best when covering Stars and Stripes. And when they were drunk.