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torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Counterattack - Fight back 7'' (2001)

01. Soldier
02. Counterattack
03. Sledgehammer

Counterattacks first EP released by Reality Clash records in 2001.

Band from Washington DC formed back in 2000 by Adam (Drums) and Matt (Bass). Tired of uninspired punkbands playing overproduced streetpunk and branding it as Oi! they wanted to create real Oi! but still put their own edge on it. They recruited Phil (Guitar), Jon (Second guitar) and last but not least their vocalist Aaron.
With this lineup they went into the Rot-On recording studios to record this EP.

Drawing heavy influences from the legendary NY group First strike they deliver some classic yet very original sounding tunes. And Aaron the vocalist has a very unique sounding voice and way to deliver the lyrics. A style that many Oi! groups have tried to do but failed misserable (Siege).
All tracks are good but the selftitled track is the best and i wish that i could have gotten the chance to see them play this song live.

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  1. OI OI Bernhard! please re-up all the Counterattack. thanks for your dedication we appreciate ya.

    Timmy Jak