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torsdag 22 oktober 2009

The bruisers Introduction

Way before Dropkick Murphys was even thought of and before being irish was considered "cool" by the suburban kids there was a band full of pride both in their country and their green roots.
Al Barr (frontman of Dropkick murphys) and Scotty Davies where old friends and had played in many local bands (DVA, VFW and NPD) but was tired of the lack of real Oi! in their local scene. They got together with Jeff Morris (that would later go on to play in Death & Taxes) and Rodger Shosa in 1988 and created what would be one of the most important bands in Americas punkscene.
They recorded a demo that got into the hands of Jack Kelly (frontman of Slapshot and Stars and stripes) and he ended up signing them to his new started label Patriot Records.
Not only did they release their first EP through his label but Jeff Morris and Scotty actually joined Stars and stripes since Jack didnt really have a whole band to play the songs live.

After a year Rodger Shosa left the band and was replaced by an old friend of the band and great drummer Dan Connors. They also got Crash as an extra guitarist and with this new lineup they recorded their second EP.
After this both Scotty and Crash left the band and was replaced by Todd Sealy on bass and Rick Wimert on backup guitar. They released their third EP and after a short while their new bass-player left and was replaced by Keith Richards (no not the one in Rolling stones).
This was their most longlasting group assembly and also their most active period.
They started to get of fame and played shows with bands such as Agnostic front, Sheer terror and The business.

After many releases and a tour through Europe Rick left the band and was replaced by Robert Garceau (Rick would die 2 years after).
The years went on and members left, joined, rejoined and rerejoined and after a while Al Barr was the only one really dedicated to the band so he left it to pursue his carrer in Dropkick Murphys

One of the most famous and legendary bands in punkhistory. This is quality music and should be given a chance even if your not into punk otherwise.

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