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tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Boot party - The suss 7'' (1998)

Tracklist:01. The suss
02. Johnnie smoothie
03. Firebomb

Released in 1998 by Vulture rock.

Last record released by the group (except for re-releases of their old albums).
This one contains The suss from their 1996 full-lenght and a demo version of Firebomb from the same album. Also contains Johnnie smoothie an old demotrack from the early days.
Not so much a good record as it is a collectors item. The previously unreleased track Johnnie smoothie isnt really much to have and Firebomb is better in the mastered album version.
Some of the members went straight into the group Soldier 76 so if you like this you know where to look next.

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  1. Hey, I sent you an email to the address on the page. Let me know if you got it and the link works. Hopefully I got it right.

    Cheers, Jay.

  2. hey could you re-up this one and yer fate thanks mate